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AOL's Branded Skip Lets You Avoid Ads If You Take a Quick Survey First

Builds 5 new video formats

AOL's new skippable video ads come with the option to view them or take a brand survey. The Web company is calling its new format Branded Skip ads, and it…

Judge Won't Shut Down Dish's AutoHop

Fox intends to appeal decision

A U.S. District Court Judge in Los Angeles Wednesday declined to grant Fox Broadcasting's request to shut down Dish Network's AutoHop service, a DVR that allows viewers to skip commercials…

AutoHop Case Will Hop to California

California venue preferred by broadcasters

A federal judge in New York gave broadcasters their first win in the legal battle over Dish Network's AutoHop service by ruling that the case should be tried in California…

TV Nets Sue Dish Over Auto Hop

'We had no choice,' Fox said

You could see the lawsuits coming the second Dish Network announced Auto Hop, a feature that allows viewers to skip commercials entirely when they play a program back on their…