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Ad of the Day: Smart Car Takes on Cinematic Clichés in a Peppy New Campaign

Driving off the beaten path

Why do epic car chases always happen in slow motion? You won't get the answer to that, but the trope will at least be addressed in the latest amusing campaign…

Ad of the Day: Dove Does the Mannequin Challenge, but Turns It Upside Down

A move in the right direction?

For the latest installment of its iconic "Real Beauty" campaign, Dove tweaks the bizarrely popular Mannequin Challenge meme. A group of diverse women invade a clothing boutique and turn the challenge…

Ad of the Day: Grandma Becomes a Lyft Driver in Oscar Winner's Lovely Animated Short

John Kahrs' 'June' tries to capture the spirit of ridesharing

Ridesharing apps like Lyft and Uber have spent plenty of time trying to show not just how effective they are at getting you around town, but how the drivers themselves…

Ad of the Day: Tinder Is Now on Apple TV, and Your Living Room Will Never Be the Same

What's more festive than hookup by community?

Running out of shows to binge-watch with your fam? Here's entertainment that literally never ends. Today in "How to make your holidays even weirder than they're going to be already," Tinder…

Ad of the Day: Nike Rips Into TV and Social Media in Ads About Getting Outside to Run

W+K's 'Time Is Precious' wonders if you're spending it wisely

Television is enjoying a golden age, and social media is empowering and entertaining us like never before. Unless they're actually slowly killing us, Nike seems to suggest in this stressful,…

Ad of the Day: Beats by Dre's All-Star Athletes Rock Out to White Stripes' 'Seven Nation Army'

23 global superstars in one high-octane spot

Beats by Dre has a proud history of tapping into sports superstars, going back to "The Game Before the Game" with Brazilian soccer star Neymar and the "Hear What You…

Ad of the Day: If Men Breastfed, It Would Be a Testosterone-Driven Pissing Contest

Ad for breast pumps shows a frightening gender reversal

There'd be hair in the milk. That was our recurring thought while watching Naya Health's "If Men Breastfed," a bizarre Facebook video in which male nipples finally serve a practical purpose.  But…

Ad of the Day: Kids Act Out Romeo & Juliet in Apple's Charming New iPhone 7 Spot

And it sure looks great

Wherefore art thou, iPhone 7? Here's a charmer for the digital scrapbook. In its ongoing efforts to convince us the incremental changes of the iPhone 7 are actually quite magical, Apple…

Ad of the Day: Chatbooks' Harried Mom Returns in 2016's Most Honest Holiday Ad Yet

Stuck in gift hell? Here's something everyone will love

How does a real mom tackle the holidays? By hiding from the kids behind a locked door, huffing cocoa powder, reliving last year's epic gift fails and using crumpled wrapping…

Ad of the Day: This Very Sweet Holiday Ad Follows a Man on a Mission to Learn English

Poland's Allegro adds value to the season

Allegro, the most popular online marketplace in Poland, gives us "English," a holiday story about an elderly Pole who orders a complete "English for Beginners" set through the auction service.  Our…