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T-Mobile Recruits Its Own Customers in Latest Attack on Rivals

Poaching from Sprint

T-Mobile is looking to take advantage of Sprint's broken "Framily," encouraging its customers to recruit rival customers with the promise of faster data for free for a year. T-Mobile’s promotion,…

Get Your Geek On

At CES, the next wave of gadgets meets the media that power them (Apple and Microsoft be damned)

Hip tech-centric events like SXSW and TED have muscled into its territory, Microsoft is bailing and Apple has always stayed home. And yet, the Consumer Electronics Show has still got…

Analysts: iPhone 5 Needs Improved Technology

Smaller LTE chips should be out this spring

By now, the surprise of getting an iPhone 4S instead of the highly anticipated iPhone 5 has probably worn off, but the question still remains: Why is Apple waiting to…

Dish Planning 4G Wireless Network, FCC Documents Show

The company has been buying up spectrum

Dish Network has been buying up broadband spectrum during the past year, acquiring nearly $3 billion worth. The satellite TV provider has remained mostly mum on the subject, but according…