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Big Game Ad Report Card

6 of the Top 10 Brand Posts on Facebook Are About Sports ESPN, Budweiser, CBS Sports are big winners so far this year

While Facebook’s controversial algorithm changes late last year have given marketers migraines, a few heavy hitters have powered through and scored huge numbers. Social vendor Shareablee reeled in stats for the…

September 15 10:29PM

These Are the NFL's 7 Social Branding MVPs Athletes’ performance online almost as important as on the field

The NFL season has yet to begin, but Russell Wilson, the reigning Super Bowl champion quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks, is already retweeting sponsors like Braun. The 25-year-old represents a…

August 31 7:07PM

Mophie Selects a Creative Agency Deutsch L.A. becomes the brand's first lead shop

Deutsch L.A. has won a pitch to become the first lead agency for Mophie, a smart phone case maker with plans to advertise on next year's Super Bowl, according to…

August 27 1:06PM

TV’s Top 5 Naked Moments Shows that give viewers an eyeful are hardly anything new

While the tube is featuring plenty of flesh these days, nudity on TV is nothing new—especially if your parents had a subscription to Skinemax. But eventually, broadcast as well as…

August 24 7:45PM

Fans Tell the Story in NFL's New Campaign and Contest Free Super Bowl tickets will go to community group as large as 62

Nearly half of American sports fans call pro or college football their favorite sport. For the second season in a row, the NFL will invite millions of fans to share…

August 1 10:45AM

The 10 Most Viral Ads of 2014 (So Far) The World Cup, the Super Bowl and other spots that caught fire

Score one for world football over the American kind. Perhaps not surprisingly, given the global nature of the tournament, four World Cup ads—including two from Nike—appear on Unruly Media's new list…

July 10 6:56AM

Chobani Gets Sued in a Case That Hinges on a Tweet Author cites Twitter message in trademark infringement claim

Chobani and its agency Droga5 are being sued by inspirational author Dov Seidman, who is claiming the yogurt infringed on his trademark while lifting core concepts from his 2011 book,…

June 4 6:17PM

How Do You Find the Right Scream for an Angry Goat in Your Ad? Tunewelders will go to any length to find pitch-perfect melodies and organic sounds

Getting the right scream for an angry goat in a Doritos crowdsourced Super Bowl spot was just part of the job for the musicians at Tunewelders, a 5-year-old music production…

April 8 6:07AM

TBS Primes the Pump for Its First Final Four Turner net’s marketing push designed to help fans break a 32-year habit

As TBS gears up to host its first-ever Final Four, the Turner network is pulling out all the stops on the promotional front. In a sense, the TBS marketing team’s…

April 4 4:54PM

A Candid Conversation With 5 Women Leaders of Advertising and Media The triumphs and trials of smashing the ceiling

Two years ago, Anne-Marie Slaughter wrote a provocative essay in The Atlantic called “Why Women Still Can’t Have It All.” The piece, which sparked a national debate about the impossibilities…

March 30 8:57PM

Innocean USA Hires a Chief Growth Officer Chad Saul reenters the agency fold after MDC

Chad Saul is getting grounded again. After more than a year of working at a holding company (MDC Partners) and consulting, Saul this week joins Innocean USA as chief growth officer,…

February 17 7:00AM

Esurance Hands Out That $1.5 Million, Releases Mind-Boggling Stats From Twitter Stunt

Despite not actually airing a commercial during the Super Bowl on Sunday, Esurance had an extraordinarily successful night, thanks to its #EsuranceSave30 sweepstakes on Twitter. The company snagged the first ad…

February 6 5:01PM

Motel 6 Apparently Aired the Greatest Radio Ad of the 2014 Super Bowl

All this talk about the TV commercials on the Super Bowl, but who could forget about the radio commercials? Well, almost everyone. But not WestwoodOne, which aired the game on…

February 6 4:44PM

Young Bilingual Singers in Coke's 'It's Beautiful' Ad Aren't So Conflicted About America

Using children in politically tinged advertising is often problematic. Some would say it's tantamount to propaganda. Still, the kids who sang "America the Beautiful" in other languages for Coca-Cola's Super…

February 6 1:14PM

New Girl, Brooklyn Nine-Nine Come Back Down to Earth Super Bowl sugar rush wears off quickly

For all the hype afforded it, the Super Bowl does a pretty lousy job at series promotion. According to Nielsen fast national data, the two shows that aired immediately after Super…

February 5 8:00PM

How Portlandia's Social Effort Pounced on Lame Super Bowl Game Grew Twitter following by 25%

Super Bowl XLVIII, a bona fide bore, improbably ended up being the most-viewed TV program in American history. But perhaps it was the perfect storm for social media marketing, as…

February 5 5:32PM

Many Brands Who Held Back Super Bowl Ads Struggle on YouTube

In recent years, the trend among Super Bowl advertisers has been to tease their spots on the Web days or even weeks before the game—even advertising their impending ads. That…

February 5 4:15PM

Here's That Coke Ad, Now in Klingon, Dothraki and Pig Latin

If there's one good thing to come out of the recent lunatic-fringe freakout over Coca-Cola's multilingual Super Bowl ad, it's definitely this parody featuring languages that didn't quite make the…

February 5 1:51PM

Super Bowl Push Doesn’t Boost The Following Ratings hit a new low despite in-game promo support

The crush of Super Bowl promos Fox aired in support of The Following didn’t appear to give it much of a boost, as Monday night’s installment delivered the lowest ratings…

February 4 2:28PM

Super Bowl Averages Over Half Million Streamers Per Minute

Last night's Super Bowl did surprisingly well in the ratings, considering it was a blowout from the start.  The game averaged 115.5 million viewers, according to Nielsen. And Fox says…

February 3 5:49PM

Spam Accounts Swarm In as Esurance Giveaway Sparks 3 Million Tweets

Esurance definitely pulled off a last-second marketing coup at the close of last night's Super Bowl, but now spammers are seizing the moment as well. More than 100 fake Esurance accounts…

February 3 5:46PM

Nielsen Overturns Earlier Call: Super Bowl XLVIII Is Most-Watched, Ever Blowout scares up a record 112.2 million viewers

In retrospect, it was over before it started, but Super Bowl XLVIII still managed to draw more viewers than any other broadcast in U.S. television history. According to Nielsen live-plus-same-day data,…

February 3 5:36PM

Poll: Was JCPenney's Super Bowl Stunt on Twitter a Big Win or Just Lame? Social data has JCP trailing only Budweiser among all brands

Per Salesforce ExactTarget Marketing Cloud's data, JCPenney was the second-most mentioned brand on social media platforms during last night's Super Bowl, trailing only Budweiser. The King of Beers garnered 192,527…

February 3 3:34PM

Why Casting the Right Actor Is Essential John Tejada with your daily Adweek headlines

Today, we look at the top 10 ads from Super Bowl XLVIII, why SundanceTV cast Elisabeth Moss, and Jason Momoa. Also, the social media controversy around Coke's "It's Beautiful" spot.  Links: The 10…

February 3 3:31PM

Ad of the Day: Here's the Commercial That Apple Almost Ran on the Super Bowl A day in the life of its products

There was lots of speculation in recent weeks that Apple might be running a Super Bowl commercial this year to mark the 30th birthday of Macintosh—and of the Super Bowl…

February 3 2:16PM

Ratings ‘Falter’ as Super Bowl Disappoints It’s all relative; blowout still delivers 96.9 million viewers

It may have been the least competitive Super Bowl in recent memory, but Fox’s coverage of last night’s Seahawks-Broncos blowout still appears to have delivered massive ratings. According to preliminary Nielsen…

February 3 2:10PM

Infographic: Budweiser Wins the Hashtag Super Bowl Top 10 list also bodes well for Honda and Fox's 24, too

The dozens of Super Bowl advertisers last night wanted their ads to reverberate on Twitter. But as the triumphant Seattle Seahawks unmercifully showed the Denver Broncos on the playing field…

February 3 1:04PM

The Year's Bleakest Super Bowl Ad Ran in Utah, and Is Tough to Watch

Every region had its own odd selection of local ads during last night's Super Bowl, but Utah surely takes the prize for most uncomfortable viewing-party moment. In an eerily quiet and…

February 3 12:54PM

Georgia Lawyer Makes the Year's Most Ridiculously Badass Local Super Bowl Ad

If you weren't bowled over by any of the Super Bowl commercials last night, well, you weren't watching in Savannah, Ga. The folks there, as Tenacious D would say, had…

February 3 12:06PM

The 10 Best Ads of Super Bowl XLVIII In a game that lacked drama, at least some of the commercials delivered

When the Super Bowl is a blowout, you need the commercials to pick up the slack. The good news from Sunday night: On the whole, the ads were stronger than…

February 3 10:31AM

Seinfeld 'Reunion' on Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee

Last week, Jerry Seinfeld stirred things up by hinting that some sort of Seinfeld reunion was in the works. But he was emphatic that the reunion: a) wasn't a Super…

February 2 10:20PM

Some 'Real Americans' Don't Like Coke's Super Bowl Spot #AmericaisBeautiful gets hijacked

America is a diverse place, with a wide diversity of opinions on what it means to be an American. As Coke is quickly finding out. The brand's touching It's Beautiful Super…

February 2 9:40PM

JCPenney Isn't Drunk Tweeting the Super Bowl—It's Wearing Mittens Stunt causes buzz and goads Kia Motors and Doritos

Nicely played, JCPenney. In the last hour, the retailer's Twitter account has tweeted messages that appeared to be typed by an intoxicated individual. But it was all just a Super Bowl…

February 2 8:52PM

Terry Bradshaw to Sit Out Super Bowl Fox analyst’s father passes away at 86

Fox studio analyst Terry Bradshaw will sit out the network’s coverage of Sunday’s Super Bowl, as he mourns the passing of his father, William Marvin Bradshaw. The elder Bradshaw passed away Thursday,…

February 2 7:09PM

Tide Will Try to Hijack Butterfinger's Super Bowl Spot With Vines Detergent's raid includes 10 to 20 social videos

In what promises to be an active four hours of social media branding, Tide is going to really get its Vine on during the Super Bowl tonight, Adweek has learned.…

February 2 6:24PM

Esurance Buys First Ad After Super Bowl, Will Give the $1.5 Million in Savings to a Viewer

Esurance is doing a fun little stunt tonight that should get some attention. The online insurance company has bought the first commercial slot after the the final whistle of the Super…

February 2 5:36PM

Audi and The Onion's Snapchat Super Bowl Goes for Quick Laughs For peeps who want something more than football on Sunday

Audi's Super Bowl plans are extensive, including a 60-second spot and a social media war room on both coasts. The carmaker's efforts also include Snapchat while teaming up with The…

January 31 11:29PM

Bud Dominating Pre-Super Bowl Engagement

When it comes to the pre-Super Engagement Bowl, the game is already over, and Budweiser won by two touchdowns. Though Axe played admirably. At least, that's according to data compiled by…

January 31 6:16PM

H&R Block Supplants Super Bowl Spot With a Ton of YouTube Ads Will dominate preroll on Sunday

Even though it's Super Bowl weekend, it's still tax season. Thus, H&R Block has purchased YouTube preroll ads that will run against every big-game spot that's repurposed on the social…

January 31 6:02PM

Adweek Will Be Grading Every Super Bowl Ad as It Airs, and You Can Too Join us tonight for real-time report cards

Everyone has an opinion on the Super Bowl commercials. Now, you have a place where can grade every one of them—with a single click. Adweek is launching a special site for…

January 31 5:52PM

Q&A: GoldieBlox Founder Debbie Sterling on Scoring a Super Bowl Spot

Most businesses can only dream of growing big enough one day to advertise in the Super Bowl. So when an 18-month-old startup finds itself running an ad in the game…

January 31 5:25PM

Here's the Groovy Little Pepsi Ad That Will Launch Sunday's Halftime Show

Pepsi famously dialed back its volume of TV ads for this year's Super Bowl to focus on its sponsorship of the halftime show. Here's the ad from Mekanism that will…

January 31 4:59PM

Anheuser-Busch Is the Super Bowl’s Top Sponsor Beer giant has spent $149 million in the big game since 2009

The King of Beers also rules the Super Bowl. According to Nielsen, Anheuser-Busch was the top spender in the last five Super Bowls, ponying up $149 million between 2009-2013. That the…

January 31 4:54PM

The Second Screen Super Bowl Brands bet big on hashtags to convert television viewers into a social media audience

As those $4 million, 30-second ads flash across flatscreen TVs this Super Bowl Sunday, brands that bet big on the final NFL game of the season will be more focused on…

January 31 3:54PM

At Last, Chrysler Confirms Super Bowl Appearance 3 new ads to break during game, at halftime

Chrysler finally acknowledged its return to the Super Bowl today, saying that it will unveil three new ads. In a two-sentence statement, the automaker—now known corporately as Fiat Chrysler Automobiles—said the…

January 31 3:28PM

A Walk Down Super Bowl Boulevard Wearing Google Glass Adweek cyborg Chris Heine visits the midtown mayhem

For those who haven't had the opportunity to try Google Glass, the wearable device can safely be described as a work-in-progress when it comes to utilities. But boy, does Glass…

January 31 3:15PM

Guy Has the Wildest Night of His Life in Bud Light's Super Bowl Campaign Extended video rolls out online

What were Don Cheadle and Arnold Schwarzenegger doing in those goofy Bud Light Super Bowl teasers? All is revealed this morning in this extended version of the content from BBDO…

January 31 12:49PM

We Ask an Expert: Why Do Dogs Dominate the Super Bowl?

With a cute canine-powered commercial from Budweiser chewing up its competition ahead of the big game, I decided to ask dog expert Brian Hare why a pooch is so often…

January 31 12:29PM

Budweiser Gives a Single Soldier a Hero's Welcome Home in Super Bowl Spot

UPDATE: Anheuser-Busch released the 60-second spot on Friday morning, along with a longer five-minute documentary. See both videos below. Anheuser-Busch InBev is certainly personalizing its Super Bowl commercials this year. While…

January 31 11:52AM

GoPro's Super Bowl Ad Looks a Lot Like Red Bull, Circa 2012

When we heard GoPro was going to be a Super Bowl advertiser again this year, we were prepared for something epic. And while the event the camera brand chose to…

January 31 10:45AM

Ad of the Day: Finally, an AAA Commercial You Wouldn't Want Towed Away 'Emma' has heart and soul

Who knew an ad about an automobile club could be graceful and stylish? The Richards Group's latest commercial for The Auto Club Group (the second-largest AAA club in North America) uses…

January 31 9:58AM

Russell Wilson Isn't Peyton Manning. And to the Companies He Endorses, That's Just Fine American Family Insurance preps ad for Sunday

Peyton Manning is one of the top 10 commercials endorsers of all time in the sports world. But what about the other quarterback starting on Sunday? Seattle Seahawks QB Russell Wilson…

January 31 9:37AM

T-Mobile Teams With Tim Tebow in Super Bowl Surprise BSSP, Publicis split game day work with unsigned QB

T-Mobile, the self-proclaimed "Uncarrier," is taking a contrarian approach to its Super Bowl marketing, too, waiting until the big weekend to reveal its commercials featuring Tim Tebow. The wireless carrier revealed…

January 31 9:35AM

GoldieBlox Wins a Spot in Sunday's Super Bowl Despite song controversy, startup gets ad slot from Intuit

Two years ago, GoldieBlox didn't exist. This Sunday, the fledgling game company will be a national Super Bowl advertiser, rubbing shoulders with behemoth brands like Coca-Cola, Budweiser and Toyota. It's been…

January 31 8:33AM

Thanks to Oreo, More Marketers Will Be Huddled Up in Super Bowl War Rooms Six agencies and brands are watching and waiting

Only days ago, skeptics might have thought Oreo's famous Super Bowl tweet last year was a fluke, due to so many real-time marketing misses following the cookie brand's big moment. But Arby's…

January 31 7:01AM

Mad Men Get Real About the Super Bowl Ad Does the big spot die or does it adapt?

Does the big Super Bowl ad die or adapt? Deutsch's Brent Vartan, Digital Pulp's Gene Lewis, Grey's Tor Myrrhen and Crossmedia's Kamran Ashgar weigh in.

January 30 6:31PM

Stamos, Saget and Coulier Going All Out for Full House Super Bowl Reunion

As the clock ticks toward the Super Bowl kickoff, few people are working the pre-promotion circuit quite like John Stamos, Bob Saget and Dave Coulier. The former Full House co-stars…

January 30 3:57PM

The Oreo Guy: How to Win the Big Game 360i's Adam Kerj explains how Super Bowl ads should evolve

360i's Adam Kerj, the man behind the Oreo blackout tweet, explains how Super Bowl ads should evolve.

January 30 3:49PM

Heinz Ketchup Hums Itself a Happy Tune in Its Return to the Super Bowl See the musical ad by Cramer-Krasselt

Heinz Ketchup walks the line between humorous and heartfelt in its first Super Bowl ad in 16 years, an extended version of which hit the web Thursday. The spot (see it…

January 30 2:22PM

Dunkin' Donuts' New Vine Spots Play on Super Bowl Memories Coffee brand's social drive keeps matriculating down the field

Dunkin' Donuts, which has scored social-media points all football season with its Vine-ESPN play, is extending that initiative through Super Bowl weekend with a dedicated push.  The brand last night published…

January 30 1:43PM

Silverado's Super Bowl Ad Is a Livestock Love Connection

Sure, most Super Bowl ads feel like they're just a bunch of bull, but that's the literal and likable truth of Chevrolet's game day ad for the Silverado. "Romance" puts a…

January 30 1:32PM

Anna Kendrick Isn't 'Beer Commercial Hot' but Is Hilarious in Newcastle's Super Bowl Campaign

Newcastle Brown Ale, which didn't buy airtime in Sunday's Super Bowl but is doing a wonderfully silly campaign about how it almost did, rolled out more content from Droga5 this…

January 30 1:16PM

Chrysler Is Mum About Rumors of a Bob Dylan Super Bowl Ad No comment on Billboard report

Chrysler is not discussing reports that it has bought time on Sunday's Super Bowl and will air an ad starring Bob Dylan. None other than Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne hinted to…

January 30 12:29PM

Villains Revel in Their Britishness in Jaguar's Super Bowl Ad

As Super Bowl ads continue to roll out days before the event, Jaguar has joined the trend and released its first game day spot, "Rendezvous." The 60-second ad from Spark 44…

January 30 6:36AM

Ellen DeGeneres Is a Dancing Goldilocks in Beats Music's Super Bowl Ad

Ellen DeGeneres will be among the parade of celebrities in this Sunday's Super Bowl, as she dances with bears and wolves in a stylish and amusing Goldilocks and the Three…

January 30 6:10AM

Infographic: Will Super Bowl Advertisers Put Hashtags and Facebook URLs in Their Spots? Fewer than half did in 2013

Remember when including a Facebook URL, Twitter hashtag or branded website was all the rage with Super Bowl advertisers (and TV marketers in general)? Per StarStar's numbers, during last year's big…

January 29 6:33PM

Social Media Center to Help New York Deal with Super Bowl Mayhem Host committee unveils a 45-person operation

The NY/NJ Super Bowl Host Committee will lean on social media to deal with the 400,000 visitors coming into the Greater New York City this week. Just off the corner…

January 29 5:03PM

Pro Sports Leagues Targeted in Tax Reform Movement Taxing NFL and NHL could add $109 million to federal revenue

Professional sports leagues like the National Football League and the National Hockey League are getting swept up in the move towards tax reform in Congress. Two bills introduced in the the…

January 29 3:20PM

Budweiser Set to Charm the World With Its 'Puppy Love' Super Bowl Ad A worthy sequel to 'Brotherhood'

We hadn't seen any major breakout hits among the 2014 Super Bowl teasers and full ads this week. But this 60-second Budweiser spot from Anomaly, released Wednesday morning, is destined…

January 29 10:41AM

Super Bowl Fans Are More Sophisticated Than the Typical Fantasy Football Player Comparing the demos

Super Bowl fans may like their beer and nachos, but did you know they’re also interested in the finer things? With the big game coming up, ad tech company Digilant…

January 29 7:17AM

Ad of the Day: Cheerios Brings Back Its Famous Interracial Family for the Super Bowl And a wonderful sequel it is

Sorry, knuckle draggers. If you couldn't handle the sight of a—gasp—interracial family in last year's famous Cheerios commercial, here's some bad news. You'll have to sit through a sequel during…

January 29 6:28AM

Media Thought Leaders Talk About the End of the Big Super Bowl Ad When is it all over?

TVGN's Brad Schwartz, Ghost Robot's Zach Mortensen, Wired's Howard Mittman and Mindshare's David Lang on the big spot in the Big Game.

January 28 8:54PM

Chobani Mixes a Bear With Bob Dylan in Its Super Bowl Ad 'Ransacked' is first big ad from Droga5

Chobani's foray into the Super Bowl mixes a bear with Bob Dylan. In "Ransacked," the first ad from new lead agency Droga5, the bear ambles into a country store in a…

January 28 1:51PM

Kia, Toyota Push Out Their 2014 Super Bowl Commercials The Matrix and the Muppets

Following Volkswagen earlier today, and Audi and Hyundai yesterday, two more automakers released their 2014 Super Bowl spots Tuesday—with Toyota rolling out its 60-second ad with the Muppets and Terry…

January 28 1:49PM

Ad of the Day: Volkswagen Gets Its Wings in 2014 Super Bowl Commercial Spot pushes vehicles' longevity

Volkswagen of America's minute-long 2014 Super Bowl spot from ad agency Argonaut, released online this morning, sports a pretty lofty concept: Every time a VW vehicle hits 100,000 miles, a…

January 28 11:33AM

A Real Woman Will Quit Her Real Job in GoDaddy's Second Super Bowl Ad

GoDaddy will try a real-world prank/stunt in the second of its two Super Bowl commercials this Sunday, as a woman will quit her job in front of the world to…

January 28 10:42AM

Fox Sports 1 Plants Its Flag but Has a Long Way to Go Adding rights is key to growing its audience

As Fox Sports 1 approaches its first six months on air, Fox Sports Media Group evp of marketing Robert Gottlieb has reason to be proud: household penetration is strong, awareness…

January 28 7:00AM

Hilarious Bad NFL Lip Reading Soars Pre-Superbowl

"You smell great," said Patriots coach Bill Belichick to one of his players. "Is that pine?" Ok, so maybe that's not actually what the famously cantankerous coach said. But that's what…

January 28 1:00AM

10 Super Bowl Ads Bound to Score (or Fumble) A preview of the good, the bad—and the Ahnold

The Super Bowl doesn’t just give lovers of advertising something to look forward to every year—it also largely determines which ads we’ll still be talking about a year later. At their…

January 27 10:42PM

Apparel Brands Are Gearing Up in the Hopes of a Cold, Snowy Super Bowl When bad weather generates buzz

The media have already made much of the fact that Super Bowl XLVIII will be the first in game history to be played outdoors in a cold-weather city (specifically, in…

January 27 10:31PM

Women Are the Dominant Media Voice During the Super Bowl Ignore our tweets at your own peril

Bow your heads, folks. Let’s have a moment of silence for the end of an era— that of Monday-morning quarterbacking. How antiquated it seems to have to wait until the…

January 27 10:26PM

Digital Gurus Discuss the Death of the Big Super Bowl Ad When is it all over for the big spot in the big game?

When Does the Super Bowl Ad Die? Part 1: Ask The Digital Guys

January 27 8:04PM

Mutant 'Doberhuahuas' Attack the World in Audi's Super Bowl Ad

Audi's 2014 Super Bowl ad, like the mutant animal it imagines, is a bit of an odd beast. Following two teasers, the automaker on Monday released the full spot, from Venables…

January 27 3:16PM

Pepsi Gives the Grammys Its Own Halftime Show in Lengthy Song and Dance

Super Bowl halftime sponsor Pepsi decided to get an early start on Sunday night when the gridiron met the Grammys for an NFL-style extravaganza featuring the musical stylings of football…

January 27 1:47PM

Cancer-Stricken Fan Thanks the Denver Broncos in Amazing Newspaper Ad

All the pre-game hype and multimillion-dollar TV buys can't put the Super Bowl and sports fandom in perspective as sharply as this newspaper ad from Kara Christian, a 58-year-old Denver…

January 27 1:21PM

Ad of the Day: Hyundai's Two Super Bowl Ads Are Simple, Cute and Fun Johnny Galecki's commercial debut

Sometimes it's the understated celebrity cameos that do the trick on the Super Bowl. Johnny Galecki certainly fits the bill, and has picked a good time to make his commercial acting…

January 27 12:05PM

Squarespace Unveils Its Full Super Bowl Spot, and It Sure Is Depressing

The Internet is Times Square pre-Giuliani, says Squarespace's Super Bowl ad—the full version of which went live Monday online, a week and a half after a teaser rolled out. The spot,…

January 27 11:12AM

Check Out How Brands Are Going Big for Super Bowl XLVIII New York is a marketing extravaganza

If you are coming to New York for the Super Bowl, get ready to see some elaborate branding as you walk the city's streets. Adweek photographers shot the scene for…

January 26 9:57PM

Marketers Are Pushing Hard to Be Seen at This Year’s Super Bowl A look at some main activations around the city

Bud Light’s Rob McCarthy huddled with his marketing team in New Orleans on the eve of last year’s Super Bowl­—but last-minute strategizing for the Big Easy blowout was not on…

January 26 9:56PM

Ex-Minnesota Vikings Punter Chris Kluwe Is Hoping for Some Boycotts in Sochi Will sponsors step up?

Chris Kluwe, former punter for the Minnesota Vikings, argues that American consumers and sports fans worldwide should boycott corporate sponsors of the upcoming Olympics because of Russian anti-LGBT laws. Kluwe…

January 26 9:55PM

From the Clio Archives: Top Super Bowl Spots From thirsty bugs to the Vader kid, these Big Game ads got big nods

It’s an understatement to say sports marketing has exploded over the last decade—up to nearly $150 billion this year, according to PwC. Athletes are bona-fide superstars, around which so much…

January 26 9:54PM

NFL’s Presence Continues to Grow Among Women, and Marketers Are Taking Note Shape magazine is co-hosting a big bash

Football isn’t just for guys, and marketers are getting wise to it. Joining the lineup of historically testosterone-fueled Super Bowl parties this year is one co-hosted by Shape, a women’s magazine;…

January 26 9:53PM

Fox Sports’ Erin Andrews Discusses Her Dream Come True of Covering the Super Bowl Rooting for bad weather at Sunday’s big game

Specs Who Erin Andrews Age 35 New gig Sunday marks Andrews’ first stint as a Super Bowl sideline reporter. Continuing gig Fox Sports reporter and studio host, Fox College Saturday (FS1) How does the Super…

January 26 9:51PM

Oikos Super Bowl Ad Likely Won't Satisfy Full House Fans

If Dannon's Super Bowl ad teaser left you hoping for a Full House-themed spot in the big game, you're probably going to be disappointed. The Oikos Greek yogurt ad starring John…

January 26 4:02PM

SodaStream Super Bowl Ad Rejected Again for Calling Out Coke and Pepsi

UPDATE: Throwing around words like "uncensored" and "banned," SodaStream has now posted the original cut of its Super Bowl spot on YouTube. Watch it below. In what has apparently become an…

January 25 11:05AM

Poll: Who Is the Best Super Bowl-Winning QB Brand Endorser Ever? Vote for your favorite

According to marketing firm Steiner Sports, there are seven Super Bowl-winning quarterbacks that—out of the few dozen in history—stand out as brand endorsers. Check out the list below, including each…

January 24 3:31PM

U2 Will Debut New Single in Super Bowl Ad as AIDS Fundraiser Co-sponsor Bank of America to donate $1 per download

Rumors have been fluttering around fan sites for weeks, but now it's official: U2 will star in a Super Bowl ad co-sponsored by Bank of America and Bono's high-profile nonprofit,…

January 24 1:28PM

Stephen Colbert Is Excited That You're Excited for His Wonderful Pistachios Ad on the Super Bowl

As celebrity Super Bowl endorsers go, Stephen Colbert is somewhat unique because he's actually funny. He's amusing even in the few seconds of the teaser below for his Wonderful Pistachios…

January 23 4:32PM

Sarah McLachlan Pleads for Audi's 'Misunderstood' Doberhuahua

Perhaps known as well these days for her heartbreaking animal PSAs as for her 1990s hit singles, Sarah McLachlan shows in a new Audi Super Bowl ad teaser that she doesn't…

January 23 2:05PM

Yellow Gets the Starring Role in M&M's Super Bowl Spot

A year after the Red M&M belted out Meat Loaf's "I'd Do Anything for Love (but I Won't Do That)," it's Yellow's turn to take the spotlight during the Super…

January 23 11:53AM

Newcastle Brown Ale's Super Bowl Ad Teaser Is the Best You'll See This Year

God bless Newcastle Brown Ale. As much as we all enjoy advertising when it's good, so much of it—as Newcastle would say—is bollocks. The British brewer (with help from Droga5)…

January 23 9:04AM

The Muppets Mentor Terry Crews in Toyota's Super Bowl Ad

After watching Terry Crews scream his way through many an Old Spice ad, it's hard to imagine him as boring. But that's the premise of Toyota's upcoming Super Bowl ad…

January 22 2:46PM

GoDaddy Unveils the First Super Bowl Ad of Its Post-Sleaze Era Pumped-up Danica just wants a spray tan

GoDaddy, which this fall promised no more sleazy Super Bowl commercials, still shows plenty of skin in its first ad for this year's game—but it's mostly male, and it's absurdly…

January 22 12:26PM

USA Today Expands Super Bowl Ad Meter To show how ads resonate by audience type

USA Today is expanding its Super Bowl Ad Meter program this year, adding a layer of analysis to show how well the high-stakes ads performed by audience segment. Last year, the…

January 22 11:35AM

CarMax Re-creates Its Super Bowl Ad Shot for Shot With Puppies

It's the eternal Super Bowl conundrum: Make a funny ad with people, or make a funny ad with puppies? If you're CarMax, you do both. For its first Super Bowl appearance…

January 22 9:47AM

Volkswagen Pledges to Put Everything You Love in One Super Bowl Ad

If you like puppies, bikinis, babies, dinosaurs, pirates, Carmen Electra and Abraham Lincoln, then have I got the Super Bowl ad teaser for you. Volkswagen, always a highly anticipated advertiser in…

January 21 11:24AM

Dannon's Super Bowl Ad Will Be a Full House Reunion

Have you dared to dream that a reunion of the Full House uncles might someday be in the cards? Well, in the immortal words of a young Michelle Tanner, "You…

January 21 10:40AM

Bruno Mars Isn’t a Superstar Like Other Super Bowl Alumni, and That’s Why He’s the Perfect Choice An accessible human brand

The Super Bowl has long been America’s game and the leader in using spectacle to engage sports fans. As the event has grown in size and grandeur, it has thrilled…

January 20 11:16PM

Bud Light Teases Super Bowl Ads With Arnold, Reggie Watts, Don Cheadle

Just a day after we learned that Arnold Schwarzenegger would appear in one of Bud Light's Super Bowl ads, Anheuser-Busch InBev has released six teaser clips for the celebrity-stacked spots. The…

January 18 2:38PM

Arnold Schwarzenegger Will Make a Super Bowl Ad Appearance for Bud Light A-lister confirmed for celebrity-packed spot

UPDATE: Bud Light has released teaser clips for its Super Bowl ads from BBDO, revealing that Arnold Schwarzenegger is one of several celebrities who will surprise an "unsuspecting guy" at…

January 17 12:12PM

The Web Is One Sketchy Place in Squarespace's Super Bowl Teaser

Website design service Squarespace has posted a teaser for its Super Bowl ad, which paints a pretty dreary picture of today's Internet. Opening on a face-swapped baby, which is creepy enough,…

January 16 5:25PM

Axe Brings a Message of Peace to the Gender Wars, and the World, in Super Bowl Spot 'Make love. Not war' is a farewell to smarm

Axe, the Unilever men's personal-care brand known for inciting controversy in the gender wars with ads often deemed sexist, wants everyone to just get along in its 30-second Super Bowl…

January 15 12:15PM

A-B Uses the Super Bowl to Refresh Bud Light New campaign from BBDO replaces 'Here we go'

The long-awaited repositioning of Bud Light is nearly here—and parent company Anheuser-Busch InBev will use the most-watched program on television to roll it out. Three new Bud Light ads will air…

January 15 1:00AM

Chocolate and Peanut Butter Try Couple's Therapy in Butterfinger's Racy Super Bowl Campaign

Sorry, Bart. It looks like Butterfinger's first Super Bowl ad will have a theme better suited to those over 18. The Super Bowl spot, by ad agency Dailey and director Clay…

January 14 10:41PM

Actors Behind Loki and Lord Blackwood Join Jaguar's Villainous Super Bowl Ad Spot to star Tom Hiddleston, Mark Strong and Ben Kingsley

Jaguar and agency Spark 44 have revealed the full cast of conniving characters for their upcoming Super Bowl ad, a celebration of British Villains titled "Rendezvous." While legendary actor Ben Kingsley's…

January 14 10:45AM

Kia Preps a Matrix Spoof With Laurence Fishburne for the Super Bowl David&Goliath :60 pushes K900 sedan

The Matrix may be 15 years old, but the reality is, advertisers still love it. Less than a year after GE recruited Agent Smith (actor Hugo Weaving) for its "Brilliant Machines"…

January 13 1:42PM

American Idol Is Ramping Up Its Football Presence Campaign extends well beyond Fox’s broadcast signal reach

As Fox’s American Idol suits up for its 13th season, football fans should brace themselves for a full-on charm offensive. While a rash of promos featuring Idol hopefuls and a kinder,…

January 12 10:29PM

Jaguar's Super Bowl Teaser Reveals Its First British Bad Guy, Ben Kingsley

Lunging out of the gate a bit earlier than its rival automakers, first-time Super Bowl advertiser Jaguar has launched a teaser clip for its game-day ad and a related microsite…

January 12 4:16PM

Web Design Company Will Have Ads During Super Bowl Alongside Global Brands Squarespace makes a bold move

Website design and management service Squarespace confirmed to Adweek today that it will be a national advertiser in this year's Super Bowl. Amid a field of global brands and top-tier ad…

January 10 4:21PM

Life and Taxes: TurboTax Celebrates Your Milestones in Super Bowl-Bound Campaign

Don't think of your tax return as an annual blood sacrifice to our merciless bureaucratic overlords. Think of it more as a delightful recap of your exciting and eventful life! That's…

January 7 4:31PM

Heinz Ketchup Returns to the Super Bowl After 16 Years With an Ad About Happy Memories Cramer-Krasselt preps :30

America's favorite sporting event is about to get reacquainted with America's Favorite Ketchup. Heinz Ketchup will return to the Super Bowl on Feb. 2 with a 30-second commercial from Cramer-Krasselt in…

January 7 3:37PM

Stephen Colbert Gets Crackin' as Super Bowl Star for Wonderful Pistachios

At this year's Super Bowl, Wonderful Pistachios will take a break from its usual "what's hot this minute" approach and feature a star with a bit more lasting power: Stephen…

January 7 12:31PM

Jaguar Taps Gawker Ad Division for Help in Creating 'Evil' Super Bowl Ad Blog network joins forces with agencies Spark 44, Mindshare on campaign

When Jaguar needed help learning how to be evil, there was only one logical place to turn: Gawker. The famously acerbic blog network has been working with brands for years through…

January 6 11:27AM

Doritos Picks 5 'Crash the Super Bowl' Finalists, and There's Already a Clear Winner

You've got to hand it to "Finger Cleaner" for nailing an edgy, icky tone that really sticks out among the five finalists in Doritos' annual "Crash the Super Bowl" contest…

January 6 10:10AM

Danica Patrick Gets Mega-Buff for GoDaddy's Super Bowl Ad

GoDaddy may say it has "matured" as a Super Bowl advertiser, but for now it appears to be spokeswoman Danica Patrick who has actually grown.  Sporting a rather lifelike muscle suit,…

December 20 9:56AM

Audi Revs Up Another Super Bowl Spot 60-second ad for the A3 sedan to air after halftime show

Audi is gearing up for its seventh straight Super Bowl appearance, signing on for 60 seconds of airtime in what may well be one of the most-watched segments in the…

December 13 3:17PM

Hyundai, in a Shift, Will Use Celebs in a Super Bowl Ad It features 'nice' banter between a man and woman

Hyundia Motor America typically eschews celebrities in its Super Bowl ads. Not this time. One of the two 30-second ads that lead creative agency Innocean USA is developing for the Feb.…

December 12 6:57PM

Fox’s National NFL Games Are the Biggest Draw on TV Afternoon broadcasts up 24 percent versus prime-time showcase

Sunday Night Football may rule the prime-time roost, but it’s the late national games on CBS and Fox that boast TV’s biggest deliveries. According to Nielsen live-plus-same-day data (Sept. 5-Dec. 9),…

December 11 4:58PM

Super Bowl Ad Tracker: What to Expect in the 2014 Game Everything we know, updated continually

Welcome to Adweek's Super Bowl Ad Tracker, where we post everything we know about the advertising planned for the 2014 game. Priced at a whopping $4 million per 30 seconds,…

December 10 10:23AM

Chobani Will Make Its Super Bowl Ad Debut in 2014 Greek yogurt brand to launch first campaign from Droga5

Chobani, a brand largely credited with sparking America's recent obsession with Greek yogurt, plans to expand its brand reach even farther with its first-ever Super Bowl ad appearance in 2014. “Our…

December 9 10:45AM

Virgin America, StubHub Hook Up for Flying Super Bowl Tailgate Party 'Big Game Plane'

Virgin America airline partnered with StubHub to pitch perhaps the only Cyber Monday deal having nothing to do with the holidays: a package for 40 well-heeled friends that includes tickets…

December 6 3:43PM

Fox Sells Out the Super Bowl In-game spots fetch $4 million per :30

Fox has sold the last of its available in-game Super Bowl spots, securing an average rate of $4 million per 30 seconds of airtime for the Feb. 2 broadcast. Media buyers…

December 4 2:11PM

Fox Preps The Following for Post-NFC Championship Game Slot No Super Sunday debut for Rake as history suggests that’s a dicey strategy

Fox is changing course on its new drama series Rake, bumping it from the plum post-NFC Championship Game spot on Jan. 19 in favor of the returning thriller The Following. Last…

November 22 3:50PM

Which of These Four Small Businesses Deserves a Free Ad on the 2014 Super Bowl?

Four finalists have emerged in software company Intuit's "Small Business Big Game" contest, which will give one lucky small business a commercial in the 2014 Super Bowl. All four companies will…

November 12 12:29PM

The Daily Meal's Super Bowl Party Plans Shape Up Food site partners with The 50 Yard Lounge

The Super Bowl is coming to New York next year. And The Daily Meal already has dinner plans. The food centric site, part of Spanfeller Media Group, has partnered with The…

November 5 1:00PM

Go Daddy Promises No More Sleazy Super Bowl Ads 'We've matured,' says the CMO, as they prep two :30s

A Super Bowl without any racy Go Daddy commercials? You'd have to rewind a decade to see that—or just fast-forward to this winter's game. The Web-hosting company said Thursday that it…

October 31 10:58AM

Does Real-Time Marketing Work? Topsy crunched Twitter data for recent examples

Ever since Oreo had its big Super Bowl blackout moment, netting nearly 7 million tweets, marketers have used social media to capitalize on just about every news and cultural moment,…

October 16 6:37AM

Brazil’s World Cup Is a Marketer's Dream, but Also a Potential Nightmare A global audience of 3.2 billion

The World Cup is the single greatest marketing tent pole on the planet. This year, 108 million people watched the Super Bowl, while 3.2 billion watched the last World Cup,…

October 7 10:14PM

Adweek's Top 10 Commercials of the Week: Sept. 20-27 Adobe clicks, Doritos crashes, and Burger King really Satisfries

Everyone seems pretty excited this week about Satisfries, the new lower-fat, lower-calorie french fry at Burger King—no one more so than the characters in the first commercial for the menu…

September 27 9:23AM

Ad of the Day: Suave, Ridiculous Man Explains Changes to Doritos Super Bowl Contest Paging Ron Burgundy

For the eighth year in a row, Doritos is giving aspiring Mad Men (and Mad Women) the chance to create an ad to air during the Super Bowl and win…

September 26 1:14PM

How San Francisco Landed the Super Bowl With Help From an Agency Woo and wow with technology

Here’s a Super Bowl brief most agencies haven’t encountered and one that has nothing to do with a 30-second spot. The mission: convincing NFL owners to choose a host city with…

June 25 12:16AM

Verizon's $1 Billion Deal Includes Streaming the Super Bowl Second-screen audiences continue to grow

As Americans continue to watch more TV on screens other than their televisions, Verizon Wireless has signed a multi-year $1 billion contract to expand its service giving customers access to…

June 5 10:50AM

Pepsi Re-Ups Protagonist, Keeps Getting Social Experts weigh in on the brand's direction

In recent years, Pepsi has basked in the glory of industry-lauded moves like sponsoring Beyoncé’s Super Bowl halftime show and the social-media-and-goodwill-focused Pepsi Refresh Project. For all the splash, though,…

May 27 9:57PM

USA Today Takes Its Ad Meter Beyond the Super Bowl Sees room to expand

Ad Meter: It’s not just for Super Bowl ads anymore. USA Today is expanding its Super Bowl ad-rating platform to other categories of sports media. Ad Meter: The Year in…

May 19 11:08PM

These Are the Biggest Hurdles Facing Social TV 2013 could be the breakthrough year

TV has a new love—that little blue Twitter bird. And like any new infatuation, the promise of what’s to come is almost too good to be true. Most recently, the Grammys…

May 13 10:25PM

YouTube Joins Facebook in Billion-User Club Google-owned video platform claims an audience equal to 10 Super Bowls

Everyone knows that YouTube has massive reach, and now the Google-owned video platform has put a number on its size. A big one. During an event Wednesday night for Los Angeles-based…

March 20 10:12PM

NFL Sidelines Talk of Expanded Playoff Roster Commissioner: extra wild card games aren’t in the cards next season

National Football League commissioner Roger Goodell this week acknowledged that the NFL would not implement an expanded playoff scheme in time for the 2013-14 campaign. Speaking at the annual NFL owners…

March 19 8:33PM

Show Me the Moneyball: March Madness Generates $1 Billion in Ad Sales Kantar Media study puts college hoops at the head of the class

Arguably the most spellbinding three weeks in sports, the NCAA Men’s Division I Basketball Championship now stands as the most lucrative postseason advertising juggernaut. According to a new report from Kantar…

March 6 2:12PM

Name the Event, and Some Marketer Will Be Ready to Exploit Social Media Marketing takes a big leap thanks to Oreo’s genius blackout Twitter ad

During the Oscars this Sunday night, nimbly crafted ads highlighting both golden moments and gaffes will stream into Twitter and Facebook feeds. And don’t be surprised next month if new-Pope-themed…

February 18 8:51AM

Is Mobile Phoning It In? The IAB's Anna Bager on the challenges facing the still-nascent advertising medium

Anna Bager is vp and gm for the Interactive Advertising Bureau’s Mobile Marketing Center of Excellence. In that role, she tackles fundamental tasks like developing core metrics and standard ad…

February 11 1:04AM

SB Nation Sets All-Time Daily Traffic Record During the Super Bowl Blog network draws 4.5 million unique visitors, nearly 50,000 comments during big game

Last Sunday, Web traffic took a 15 percent dive from normal patterns during the afternoon and evening as Americans across the country raided supermarkets, premptively loosened belt buckles and trudged…

February 8 10:59AM

Did the Super Bowl Ad Buzz Last? Fewer than half of advertisers had significant lifts in perception

Dozens of brands spent close to $4 million each to run 30-second spots in the Super Bowl. But did they get their money’s worth?  Budweiser, Doritos and Audi had the biggest improvements in…

February 6 6:01PM

Vote for Your Favorite Super Bowl Spot in YouTube's Ad Blitz Contest

RAM Trucks or Jeep? Taco Bell or Mercedes-Benz? Samsung or Oreo? There were plenty of hits and misses among the Super Bowl commercials, but only one spot can be crowned…

February 6 11:36AM

No Post-Super Bowl Lift for CBS Promo assault yields marginal ratings gains

CBS failed to capitalize on the promotional muscle of the Super Bowl, as Monday night’s prime-time lineup showed very little growth versus the most recent Monday roster of first-run episodes. According…

February 5 5:27PM

How Advertisers Can Stoke Super Bowl Buzz Year Round Look to radio for reach, receptivity and community

Football fans around the country geared up for weeks before last Sunday's Super Bowl between the Baltimore Ravens and the San Francisco 49ers and their opposing coaches—brothers Jim and John…

February 5 1:06PM

All Publicity Is Good for Go Daddy's New Star After years of solid acting, Jesse Heiman is an overnight sensation

For a commercial that showed a public display of affection, Go Daddy's "Perfect Match" ad on the Super Bowl drew more than its share of the opposite. The 30-second spot,…

February 5 1:38AM

Six Questions: Jesse Heiman Go Daddy's New Star and Adweek's Emma Bazilian talk kissing

Six Questions: Jesse Heiman

February 4 7:04PM

Time Warner’s Media Lab Knows What You Like to Watch Dodge’s ‘Farmer’ spot blew up Twitter, but Hyundai got your attention

Time Warner’s media lab got a chance to flex its brain on Super Sunday—along with Innerscope research, the neuromarketing nerve center brought in 40 people to its biometric lab and…

February 4 5:19PM

Taco Bell, Doritos Dominated Super Bowl Social Media Paul Rudd and Samsung buzzier than Beyoncé and Pepsi

From Beyoncé to the blackout to the 49ers last-minute comeback, Super Bowl XLVII gave social media users plenty to talk about. But it was reactions to the night’s ads that…

February 4 3:52PM

Despite Blackout, Super Bowl Scores Record Ratings Niners’ comeback keeps CBS, sponsors in the pink

Despite a 34-minute power outage that left CBS scrambling to impose order in New Orleans, the preliminary ratings suggest that last night’s Super Bowl may be the most-watched in history. According…

February 4 2:02PM

The 5 Worst Ads of Super Bowl XLVII

Everyone loves a good high-wire disaster, and the Super Bowl commercials always have a few. Most of the talk this year has been about the Bar Refaeli spot for Go…

February 4 1:03PM

Ravens' Flacco Drops the F-Bomb PTC says FCC needs to step up

There was (thankfully) no wardrobe malfunction during CBS' broadcast of the Super Bowl, but there was a fleeting expletive. Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco dropped the F-bomb. Celebrating the win while…

February 4 9:47AM

The 5 Best Ads of Super Bowl XLVII Humor and emotion won the night, as the big spectacles mostly fell short

The lights went out in the third quarter at the Louisiana Superdome on Sunday night, but the advertising waited until the fourth to get its power surge. That's when the Budweiser,…

February 4 9:08AM

The Spot: Oh, Baby E*Trade takes its talking tot around the world in a high-octane Super Bowl spot from Grey

IDEA: The E*Trade baby isn't known as a world traveler. All that changed Sunday in the company's high-energy Super Bowl spot, in which the talking toddler showed what you could…

February 4 5:05AM

Twitter and the Baby Clydesdale Budweiser gets more than 11,000 tweets from fans looking to name its Super Bowl foal

Buddy is dominating. Clyde is a distant second. Barley and Hops are trailing the pack. But there's still plenty of time to name that foal. The foal in this case is…

February 3 2:33PM

Pepsi Punks Coke With Fake Look Inside 'Coke Chase' Spot

As Chris Heine mentions over here, Pepsi is having a busy Super Bowl Sunday already. And part of it involves a humorous dig at Coca-Cola, as Pepsi has posted a…

February 3 11:00AM

Pepsi Kicks Off Super Bowl Sunday Early YouTube, BuzzFeed, Funny or Die ads for Pepsi Next

Pepsi Next is releasing a Super Bowl campaign video this morning and pushing it with YouTube and BuzzFeed ads to create buzz during a day when big-game chatter could seem…

February 3 10:00AM

Samsung Unveils Super Bowl Ad, as LeBron James Joins Seth Rogen and Paul Rudd Follows 60-second teaser

Samsung has some fun with the NFL's strict trademark rules around the Super Bowl (see Adweek's own banner above for evidence of that) in the 60-second spot below starring Seth…

February 3 3:14AM

Six Questions: Will the big Super Bowl spot ever die? Another game, another $4 million per spot. Will it ever end?

Six Questions: Will the big Super Bowl spot ever die?

February 1 5:51PM

Make That Idiotic Talking Animal Pay With Super Bowl Commercial Bingo

That guy who doubles over in pain after getting hit in the junk by a flying object in that Super Bowl commercial—what has he done for you lately? Sure, he…

February 1 5:12PM

AshleyMadison Crashes the Super Bowl Again With Sleazy Print Ad, the dating site for married people, always tries to leech a little attention at Super Bowl time. This year it did so by sliding a sleazy print ad into…

February 1 4:27PM

Old Spice Dances With Wolves in Super Bowl Ad Airing Only in Juneau, Alaska

Grrrrr! Caw! Caw! Caw! Snarling wolves crash a fancy formal party (riding the shoulders of a dapper dude in a tux) and screeching hawks invade a high-stakes poker game (a…

February 1 12:56PM

Gildan Apparel Releases One-Night-Stand Super Bowl Ad How far will he go to retrieve his favorite shirt?

The biggest night in Gildan's marketing history will be a one-night stand—at least when it comes to the theme of its ad. The apparel marketer just released the teaser below for…

February 1 10:52AM

E*Trade Baby Sees the World in Amped-Up Super Bowl Spot How to spend what you'd save on hidden fees

ETrade released its 2013 Super Bowl ad on Friday, showing the company's iconic talking baby boldly going where he's never gone before. The talking tot informs viewers that they could lose…

February 1 10:17AM

Bar Refaeli Swaps Spit With Jesse Heiman in Go Daddy Super Bowl Ad Model, actor require a reported 45 takes

Here's a commercial that might stop your Super Bowl party in its tracks. Go Daddy on Friday unveiled the second of its two 30-second commercials for Sunday's broadcast, this one featuring…

February 1 8:08AM

Information Diet: Greg Gumbel The sportscaster avoids trouble by sitting out of social media

Specs Age 66 Accomplishments Veteran sports announcer for ESPN, CBS and NBC; will lead CBS Sports Network's nightly coverage the week of Super Bowl XLVII Base Fort Lauderdale, Fla. What’s the first information you…

January 31 11:49PM

Dunder Mifflin's Super Bowl Spot Wages 'Paper War' Florida man gets $15,000 for creating ad

Dunder Mifflin released its Super Bowl spot called "Paper War" online Thursday night, ending a crowdsourcing contest and awarding Freddy Rabbath of Tallahassee, Fla., $15,000 for creating the winning ad. The…

January 31 11:45PM

GoPro Goes Small for the Super Bowl Regional ad goes extreme strolling with an 8-month-old

Camera brand GoPro has been on the rise lately thanks to a content marketing strategy built on the backs and bikes and boards of extreme sports athletes. But for the…

January 31 7:16PM

Losing Game: Super Bowl Ads and the Mute Button 28% of spot's impact lost without sound, per researcher

At first blush, it seems almost painfully unsurprising that a television ad is less effective without sound. And the heavens know that the majority of Super Bowl watchers are not…

January 31 3:14PM

Budweiser's Super Bowl Spot Reunites a Clydesdale With Its Breeder Tear-jerker set to Fleetwood Mac's 'Landslide'

As promised, Budweiser's 60-second Super Bowl spot from Anomaly, released online Thursday, includes footage of a 7-day-old Clydesdale foal. But that's just the beginning of the story. The spot, directed by…

January 31 2:34PM

Dean Winters Causes Historic Mayhem in Grand New Allstate Ad

In the beginning, there was Mayhem. Actually, Leo Burnett's latest spot for Allstate, starring Dean Winters as the iconic agent of chaos, will air at the end of the Super…

January 31 12:53PM

Calvin Klein, Speed Stick to Make Super Bowl Advertising Debuts Two :30s are all about the underwear

Two more brands are joining the Super Bowl advertising party for the first time—with a pair of ads that really get into underwear. Calvin Klein and Colgate-Palmolive deodorant brand Speed Stick…

January 31 8:55AM

Mercedes Revs Up High-Octane Super Bowl Appearance Automaker could reap as much as $16 million in media exposure

With a record eight automotive brands set to air spots in CBS’ broadcast of Super Bowl XLVII, the battle for hearts and minds will be more heated than ever. But…

January 30 2:48PM

Endorsement Train Starts Early for Super Bowl QB Ravens' Flacco inks 1-year deal with Haribo

The “HarBowl” just a got a little bit sweeter for Joe Flacco. Flacco is the latest pro quarterback to grab an endorsement deal after reaching the Super Bowl. The Ravens quarterback…

January 30 1:21PM

CNN's Bleacher Report Programming Launches Saturday Pre-Bowl coverage sold to BlackRock, Hampton Inn

Sports Illustrated who? Turner's $175 million acquisition of Bleacher Report happened way back in August after the company parted ways with SI; now, its partnership with CNN cemented earlier this month,…

January 30 1:03PM

Adweek, YouTube Partner on Super Bowl Ad Hub Companies to collaborate on Ad Blitz gallery, fan voting following big game Sunday

Adweek and YouTube are co-hosting a Super Bowl party—one that will last for a week. As part of YouTube's fifth-annual Ad Blitz program, fans will be able to watch all of…

January 30 12:19PM

Amy Poehler to Star in Best Buy's Super Bowl Commercial Bryan Buckley directs :30; teaser posted online

Amy Poehler is landing all the prime gigs this winter. The Parks and Recreation star, who co-hosted the Golden Globe Awards with Tina Fey earlier this month, will star in Best…

January 30 10:54AM

A Devilish Willem Dafoe Joins Kate Upton, Usher in Mercedes Super Bowl Ad Extended version released online

Willem Dafoe, his eyes twinkling with evil and his fingernails filed to sharp points, plays the devil himself in Mercedes-Benz's 2013 Super Bowl ad, an extended version of which was…

January 30 10:06AM

Kaley Cuoco Grants Wishes in Toyota's Super Bowl Spot Big Bang Theory actress to star in first-quarter :60

Kaley Cuoco is going from the Big Bang to the Big Game as Toyota's newest advertising star. The 27-year-old actress from the CBS sitcom The Big Bang Theory is seen walking…

January 29 10:16PM

Social Strategies Differ for Auto Brands in Super Bowl Toyota looks for sales with paid ads, Mercedes plays the long game

The difference between an earned-only strategy in social media versus paid-plus-earned can be like the difference between the Baltimore Ravens’ methodical, pro-style offense and the San Francisco 49ers’ quick-strike "pistol"…

January 29 2:12PM

Why Cries of Racism Won't Sink Volkswagen's Super Bowl Ad

For Volkswagen, one of the most celebrated Super Bowl advertisers of recent years, it's been a tough 24 hours. After the company released its 2013 Super Bowl spot (posted below)…

January 29 2:01PM

Old People Behaving Badly: It's Taco Bell's Super Bowl Spot Epic night out from the nursing home in Deutsch :60

Old people doing absurdly youthful things. It's a time-honored comedy staple that Taco Bell fully embraces in its 2013 Super Bowl spot—a 60-second salute to octogenarian debauchery driven by a…

January 29 12:45PM

Hyundai Gets Unstuck in First of Two Super Bowl :30s Sonata Turbo sidesteps trouble

Drivers of the Hyundai Sonata Turbo get stuck behind the strangest vehicles on the road. Luckily, they also have the power to get past them. The Korean automaker on Monday unveiled…

January 28 1:50PM

Astronaut Outsexys Lifeguard in Axe's First-Ever Super Bowl Ad :30 pitches Apollo line, offers trip to space

Not surprisingly, Axe's first-ever Super Bowl commercial features a woman in a skimpy bikini jogging rather bouncily along a beach. Also not surprisingly, she's running toward a geeky dude who…

January 28 12:11PM

Super Bowl Ad Asks: 'Is There a Century 21 Agent in the House?' Real-estate company unveils in-game :30

Century 21 agents are more helpful than doctors, at least when you're having a housing emergency. The real-estate company on Monday unveiled its 30-second commercial, titled "Wedding," that will air on…

January 28 11:01AM

Budweiser's First Tweet Asks Fans to Name Baby Clydesdale, Star of Its Super Bowl Ad Foal was seven days old at Anomaly shoot

Babies are always big at the Super Bowl. This year, Budweiser might have the cutest one. A new baby Clydesdale, born Jan. 16, will star in the Anheuser-Busch brand's traditional 60-second…

January 28 10:24AM

Volkswagen's Super Bowl Spot Turns Glum White Office Workers Into Happy Jamaicans Deutsch's :60 hits YouTube

Are you a typical white corporate American office drone with a case of the Mondays? It would help a whole lot if you were Jamaican—or at least talked like one. That's…

January 28 9:00AM

How to Win the Super Bowl Paul Venables, co-founder of Venables Bell & Partners, on the challenges of creating ads for the big game

Venables Bell & Partners, which has produced Super Bowl spots for clients like Audi, Vizio and Intel, is a big fan of advertising in America’s most-watched TV event. It’s no…

January 28 1:04AM

How to Score an Endorsement When You Have No Game Can the Tebow brand survive his scoreless drought?

Tim Tebow was a godsend in 2010, an unbelievable stroke of luck for the Denver Broncos. After getting the starting nod, the mechanically unsound quarterback led his team to its…

January 28 1:04AM

It's Game On for Second Screen While CBS secures separate ad deals for Super Bowl live stream, NFL and Verizon intercepts with big smartphone play

There’s not a lot of common ground between digital media and television, but huge live events—especially the Super Bowl—are just as important for both media because they guarantee vast numbers…

January 28 1:03AM

First Mover: Tiki Barber The former Giants great on the Super Bowl, Manti Te'o and clowning around on talk radio

Specs Age 37 New gig Host, CBS Sports Radio Old gig Analyst, NBC’s Football Night in America After doing television for years, how do you find talk radio different?  It’s not just a sound bite.…

January 28 1:02AM

Where Do Babies Come From? In Kia's Super Bowl Ad, a Planet Called Babylandia David&Goliath preps otherworldly :60

A flustered father answers his son's pressing question "Where do babies come from?" with a Super Bowl-worthy blockbuster of a tall tale—set on a distant planet called Babylandia—in Kia's upcoming…

January 25 11:19AM

Go Daddy Unveils First of Two Super Bowl Spots, Pushing .CO Domains Deutsch :30 includes Danica cameo

Go Daddy on Friday posted one of its two Super Bowl ads online—a 30-second spot, due to run at the two-minute warning of the fourth quarter, urging people to register…

January 25 10:09AM

Ads Trump Football in Super Bowl Survey More consumers cite spots than sport as favorite part of the big game

American adults prefer watching Super Bowl commercials to the game itself, according to a survey released today by Chicago-based market research company Lab42. Perhaps take it with a grain of salt,…

January 24 7:21PM

Campaign Trails: Sports Rivals In honor of the Super Bowl, Tim Nudd looks at great sports rivalries in advertising

Campaign Trails: Sports Rivals

January 24 4:09PM

YouTube's Saddest Stars Get Happy in VW's Super Bowl Teaser Deutsch/LA has Jimmy Cliff lead them in song

Volkswagen turns some notorious frowns—those seen by millions on YouTube—upside down in Volkswagen's just-released teaser for its Super Bowl commercial. The eHarmony cat lady, politician Phil Davison and minor-league baseball manager…

January 24 12:40PM

Fast Chat: Hyundai's Shannon on Super Bowl Advertising Why this challenger brand keeps coming back

Hyundai is a true believer in the Super Bowl, having been on the last five games. This year, the brand returns with two comical 30-second ads from Innocean USA that…

January 24 1:00AM

Audi Asks Viewers to Choose the Ending of Its Super Bowl Spot Three versions of VB&P's prom-night ad

Audi is letting viewers choose its Super Bowl ad this year—or rather, the ending of it. Venables Bell & Partners in San Francisco has created three different endings to a 60-second…

January 23 2:28PM

Visa Predicted the Super Bowl Teams Before the Season Barely Began

The Harbaugh brothers may not have seen it coming, but Visa did. Back in the fall, the company broke two ads from TBWA\Chiat\Day advertising its Visa NFL Fan Offers program.…

January 23 1:38PM

Hyundai Mixes Music and Humor in Super Bowl Ads Automaker appears in sixth straight big game

Music plays a starring role in Innocean USA's Super Bowl Sunday push for Hyundai this year. A pre-game ad, "Epic Play Date," features an original song and cameo from The Flaming…

January 23 1:01AM

Coca-Cola's Super Bowl Game Plan Beverage brand pits viewers against each other in (online) desert race

Coca-Cola is hoping to up the ante on its past Super Bowl advertising with an ambitious 2013 campaign, created by Wieden + Kennedy, that invites consumers to play an online…

January 22 3:57PM

Tide's Super Bowl Spot Will Look at Stains Worth Keeping Saatchi teases Q4 :60 with mock infomercial

Tide will take a surprisingly forgiving attitude toward stains—admitting, probably comically, that some are worth keeping—in its 2013 Super Bowl commercial from Saatchi & Saatchi in New York. The Procter &…

January 22 3:12PM

Kate Upton Scrubs a Clean Path to Super Bowl for Mercedes-Benz Model washes CLA in one of two teasers

Kate Upton is everywhere and nowhere for Mercedes-Benz as it prepares to air its 60-second Super Bowl spot on Feb. 3. The automaker on Saturday released its official 40-second teaser for…

January 22 2:30PM

Puppy Bowl Now Mastiff-sized With ratings soaring, Animal Planet can leverage its dog-tastic counterprogramming event with new advertisers

Apparently there’s a lot of money in dog videos. In 2012, Animal Planet enjoyed a 17 percent uptick in its key demo ratings (adults 25-54) over the last year and, in…

January 22 6:36AM

Social to Play Second String on Game Day Marketers debate value of Twitter, Facebook in Super Bowl mix

While Facebook and Twitter are increasingly becoming an integral part of the Super Bowl marketing mix, there is a growing debate over their true value and effectiveness beyond generating buzz. After…

January 22 6:35AM

Twitter Hikes Promoted Trend for Super Bowl Looks to maximize revenues during biggest media days

Twitter's 24-hour Promoted Trend ad buy has sold for $120,000 per day during the last couple of years, allowing brands to occupy a prime slot on a popular site that…

January 22 1:34AM

Target 'Snacks' Around Super Bowl Spend Big-box retailer releases mobile game in lieu of big-game spot

Target isn't advertising in the Super Bowl, but the big-box retailer hopes to garner consumers' attention anyway, with a mobile game called Snack Bowl. The virtual game invites players to throw…

January 21 7:54PM

The New King of Super Bowl Ads With three more in this year's big game, Wieden + Kennedy becomes the shop for big spots

If there were an award for Super Bowl advertising, Wieden + Kennedy would probably win that one, too. The agency has been the belle of Cannes and the Emmys, winning 45…

January 21 1:04AM

It's Man vs. Cheetah in Super Bowl Ad Teaser for Skechers Mr. Quiggly's company switches species

A dog lover last year with its generally well-received "Mr. Quiggly" spot, Skechers is suddenly into cats for this year's Super Bowl. The spot, scheduled to air during the two-minute warning…

January 20 9:59AM

87-Year-Old Man Vandalizes Football Field in Taco Bell's Super Bowl Teaser This guy knows how to 'Live más'

The star of Taco Bell's upcoming Super Bowl spot certainly has "lived más"—for 87 years and counting. The fast-food chain on Friday released "Grandpa Goes Wild," a 54-second teaser for its…

January 18 4:22PM

Infographic: The Long Social Reach of Super Bowl Spots Unruly Media looks at the ads' impact beyond game day

It remains to be seen how many advertisers will release their Super Bowl ads early this year, in whole or in part. But last year—the Year of the Teaser when…

January 15 1:58PM

Dunder Mifflin to Air Super Bowl Spot in Scranton, Pa. (Yes, Really)

How times have changed for Dunder Mifflin. The paper brand from The Office, which was defictionalized in 2011 when NBC teamed up with Quill (part of Staples) to market real…

January 15 10:13AM

Super Bowl Buys: It All 'Ads' Up Kantar Media study suggests NFL showcase is a marketer's dream

The going rate for 30 seconds of airtime in Super Bowl XLVII was a little shy of $4 million, and if recent trends are any indication, this year’s broadcast also…

January 14 1:58PM

Game Day for Lincoln Reboot The automaker places its bet on a few amateurs in a socially driven Super Bowl spot

Lincoln Motor Co. today will wrap the shoot for its first Super Bowl spot, a 60-second, road trip-themed journey that wends its way through Southern California’s San Fernando Valley. The stars…

January 14 1:03AM

MilkPEP Joins Super Bowl Lineup, Preps Ad With Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson Peter Berg directs :30 from Deutsch

A broadcast known mostly for beer and soda is getting something different this year: a tall glass of milk. The Milk Processor Education Program, aka MilkPEP, is preparing its first Super…

January 11 4:46PM

A-B on Super Bowl: Time to Launch Products Two brand extensions follow Bud Light Platinum last year

For Anheuser-Busch, the Super Bowl has morphed into a day for new product launches. Last year, the brewer launched Bud Light Platinum on the big game, and this year, two other…

January 11 1:00AM

Gangnam Style's Psy to Star in Super Bowl Ad for Wonderful Pistachios Paramount Farms nut brand turns to South Korean rapper for a :30

It was probably inevitable that Wonderful Pistachios, a brand known for cartoony commercials with broad comedy and D-list celebrities, would eventually end up on the Super Bowl. And indeed, the Paramount…

January 9 10:33AM

Budweiser Taps 'Born of Fire' Director for Black Crown Super Bowl Spot Samuel Bayer crafts :30 for amber lager

Anheuser-Busch InBev has revealed its first plans for Super Bowl XLVII, reserving one 30-second slot to introduce Budweiser Black Crown, a crowdsourced golden amber lager that hits store shelves Jan.…

January 8 12:09PM

Pros and Cons of 5 Doritos 'Crash the Super Bowl' Finalists

Two dogs, one bear, one blind man, two kids, five men in women's clothing, one blow to the crotch, one screaming goat. Those are the key figures for this year's…

January 7 4:29PM

NFL Caps Another Powerhouse Season While deliveries dip slightly, football remains the only game in town

While the National Football League remains the last great reach vehicle for advertisers, ratings for regular-season broadcasts were down slightly from 2011. According to Nielsen live-plus-same-day data, the 101 games televised…

January 4 5:25PM

Supermodel Bar Refaeli to Star in Go Daddy Super Bowl Spot Deutsch ad with Danica Patrick being shot today

Go Daddy has found a new girl for its biggest day of the year. The Internet domain-name marketer, a mainstay on the Super Bowl for eight years running, is bringing in…

January 4 12:57PM

Pepsi and Beyoncé's $50M Duet [Updated] Multi-year deal includes unusual brand-related creative control

Pepsi inked Beyoncé Knowles to a $50 million so-called "brand ambassador" deal that will feature multiple collaborations between the brand and singer-celebrity, including her likeness on the beverage giant's soda…

December 11 1:28PM

Moonves: C7 Switch Only a Matter of Time CBS boss predicts a currency shift will take place by mid-2014

Weeks after expressing his support for a switch to a new ratings currency that would include seven days of time-shifted deliveries, Les Moonves is now predicting that the change will…

December 5 4:41PM

The Humiliating True Story Behind Bridgestone's 'Reply All' Super Bowl Ad

Remember that 2011 Super Bowl ad for Bridgestone Tires with the guy running all over town to keep people from reading an errant "reply-all" email? Turns out it was inspired…

November 12 11:12AM

Iger: Lack of Blockbusters Is Putting the Hurt on TV Ratings Disney exec also cites time-shifting, Olympics disruption for ad market woes

While broadcasters have blamed everything from the DVR to the Olympics for a soft ad sales marketplace, Walt Disney Co. chairman and CEO Bob Iger on Thursday allowed that unspectacular…

November 8 10:35PM

Grey's Anatomy After five years at the helm, Tor Myhren has led the New York office to colorful acclaim

What should the E*Trade talking baby do next? Give financial advice to celebrities? Make pithy points about trading while reading articles in the Los Angeles Times? The Super Bowl is months away, but…

October 3 6:26AM

Michael Bay Crashing the Super Bowl With Doritos

Michael Bay, unquestionably the greatest cinematic genius of all time, is teaming up with Doritos, which makes a damn fine chip, for the seventh annual installment of the brand's "Crash…

September 24 9:18AM

TV Rules the Roost in Q1 Broadcast, cable control half of the $32.9 billion media market

Thanks in large part to a robust sports market, first-quarter TV ad expenditures rose 8 percent versus the year-ago period. According to a new report from Kantar Media, clients in Q1…

June 18 9:09AM

Go Daddy Actually Hires an Agency New campaign to break during the Olympics

Go figure. Go Daddy, the Internet domain name player known for producing its own salacious-yet-traffic-generating spots for the Super Bowl, has hired an agency to produce a campaign that will break…

June 13 7:37AM

Q&A: Audi's Social Chief Talks Hashtags and the Power of Twitter

Ten percent of Americans use Twitter, but a whopping 43 percent say they hear Twitter mentioned "almost every day," according to new data from Edison Research. A big reason for…

June 11 12:06PM

Idle Threat? GM’s stall tactics chill upfront, but history favors the networks

General Motors is driving a hard bargain, calling on broadcast networks to roll back pricing on their 2012-13 upfront inventory by as much as 20 percent—an opening gambit that has…

June 5 5:05PM

GM Punts on Super Bowl Buy Automaker says it cannot justify $4 million unit cost

General Motors has decided to punt on its annual Super Bowl investment, saying the price of admission to this year’s broadcast is simply too high. “We understand the reach the Super…

May 21 12:57PM

How Facebook's Open Graph Impacted 'USA Today’s Super Bowl Ad Meter Led to 200,000 more videos viewed

This year marked the first time USA Today digitized its 23-year-old Super Bowl Ad Meter by rolling it out to Facebook in app form. You know lots of love weigh…

May 21 9:00AM

Boning Up on the Upfront: A Cheat Sheet for the 2012-13 Bazaar An advance look at TV’s annual pitch to the ad world

On the eve of the annual spectacle known as Upfront Week, broadcasters can take comfort in the knowledge that the four-day dog and pony show will lead to some $9.2…

May 12 1:58PM

M&M's Wins YouTube's Super Bowl Ad Blitz Contest Chrysler finishes second in voting by site's users

In the end, it was a shell game. M&M's "Just My Shell" commercial from BBDO New York, introducing the new Ms. Brown character, was crowned the winner of YouTube's 2012 Ad…

February 20 1:48PM

Actress Apologizes for Faking Broken English in Political Ad

Turns out Pete Hoekstra's controversial Super Bowl spot is even more bizarre than you thought. The Republican Senate candidate in Michigan was roundly criticized for showing an Asian woman speaking…

February 16 5:31PM

CBS’ Moonves Eyes $4 Million Super Bowl Spot Bullish network boss sees record rates for NFL gem

CBS Corp. skipper Les Moonves on Wednesday made a bold prediction about the broadcaster’s Super Bowl prospects, telling investors that his sales team will set an all-time unit cost record…

February 15 7:29PM

The Spot: Freeing the Fanboys Samsung wraps its campaign poking fun at the cult of Apple with a circus-like Super Bowl spot by Bobby Farrelly

GENESIS: With Apple's position in the smartphone market strong and getting stronger, Samsung has been trying to siphon off share by humorously portraying its rival's fans as slaves to an…

February 14 7:18AM

Adweek's Super Bowl Rewind: 27 Spots Break 1 Million Mark on YouTube Acura leads the pack, followed by Honda and Volkswagen

Five days after Super Bowl XLVI, here's our (probably) last word on this year's commercials—a trove of data on how the spots are doing on YouTube. Partnering with Adweek for this…

February 10 11:37AM

Good Luck Finding Your Brand on Facebook Facebook search found fundamentally lacking, say experts

Met Life and Teleflora are among the brands whose Super Bowl spots either asked viewers to “find us on Facebook” or featured a Facebook icon rather than a website address.…

February 9 6:45PM

Ben Stein Is Pissed He Wasn't in Honda's Ferris Bueller Ad

Ben Stein would have enjoyed Honda's Ferris Bueller ad for the Super Bowl, if it hadn't disrespected him so badly. "They had a guy imitating my voice, they should've had…

February 9 1:34PM

Doritos Pays Double to 'Crash the Super Bowl' Winners

Doritos is getting used to shelling out money to the amateurs in its Crash the Super Bowl contest. Last year, J.R. Burningham won $1 million after his "Pug Attack" topped…

February 8 2:14PM

Super Bowl XLVI Mashup: All the Commercials in 2 Minutes Relive Sunday's spots in our annual epic montage

Now, this is how you fast-forward through commercials. It's an Adweek tradition—taking the dozens of ads from the Super Bowl and squashing them down into a two-minute speed recap. Our hectic…

February 8 1:20PM

Super Bowl Backlash: The Five Most Debated Commercials

No Super Bowl is complete without a few lingering controversies, and this year's game left us with plenty. While most of the mainstream media has been buzzing inanely about M.I.A.'s…

February 7 11:10AM

Players Who Boosted Their Marketing Value in Sunday's Super Bowl

By David Schwab, Octagon First Call The New York Giants won Sunday's Super Bowl, but which individual players scored in the marketing playbook? Let's look at five who did themselves proud. —Marketing…

February 7 10:29AM

OK Go Smacks 1,157 Instruments with a Chevy Sonic

You may have noticed OK Go briefly appeared in one of the Chevy commercials during the Super Bowl, and then showed up in an extended trailer for their new video…

February 6 12:42PM

The 5 Best Commercials of Super Bowl XLVI From comedy to drama, our favorite spots from Sunday night

Score another one for the automakers. Given the sheer number of car companies that advertised on Super Bowl XLVI, perhaps it's no surprise that a pair of auto spots finished tops…

February 6 11:03AM

Old Milwaukee Airs Will Ferrell Super Bowl Ad in North Platte, Neb.

Will Ferrell's series of local Old Milwaukee ads—which were shot and aired only in Davenport, Iowa, Terre Haute, Ind., and Milwaukee—was one of the funnier and more peculiar campaigns of…

February 6 10:02AM

The Spot: Return of the Jedi Why Deutsch and Volkswagen went back to the well for their 'Star Wars' sequel in the Super Bowl

GENESIS: For months, Volkswagen and Deutsch debated whether—and then how—to do a sequel to "The Force," their runaway hit from the 2011 Super Bowl, for the 2012 game. "There's not…

February 6 1:14AM

The Young Guns of the Super Bowl A look at some of the filmmakers responsible for this years Super Bowl ads

Meet some of the rookie creatives that made it to the big game this year. Thanks to crowd-sourcing competitions from giant brands, a handful of young filmmakers achieved the honor of…

February 6 1:09AM

'Billboard' Covers the Music and Musicians of Super Bowl XLVI

As always, music will be a big part of Super Bowl XLVI. Madonna is doing the halftime show, of course, and musicians will appear in a number of ads—from Elton…

February 3 4:22PM

Chevy Guys Live, Ford Guys Die in Silverado's Super Bowl Ad

GM is airing three 60-second spots for Chevy on the Super Bowl. We had already seen two of them—"Stunt Anthem" for the Sonic, and the "Happy Grad" consumer-generated ad for…

February 3 12:08PM

Melanie Amaro Banishes King John in Pepsi's Super Bowl Spot

And here's your 60-second Pepsi spot that will air during the Super Bowl. It features The X Factor winner Melanie Amaro impressing, and then exiling, the evil king Elton John…

February 3 11:49AM

E*Trade and Century 21 Release Their Super Bowl :30s

It's been quite amazing how many finished Super Bowl spots, not just teasers, have been released online before this year's game. This morning we have two more 30-second spots—E*Trade's "Fatherhood"…

February 3 10:42AM

The Ads of Super Bowl XLVI: Adweek's Post-Mortem Read the transcript of our live blog, and see all the ads again

Adweek has post-mortem coverage of the commercials of Super Bowl XLVI at Check out all the commercials again, and read through the transcript of our live blog, featuring commentary…

February 3 9:35AM

More Adriana Lima: Here's Her Teleflora Super Bowl Spot

If you've watched her wave a flag for five hours and still need more Adriana Lima, here's her Telefora ad that's airing Sunday on the Super Bowl. Her advice to…

February 2 7:29PM

Vote for the Best Super Bowl Spot at YouTube's Ad Blitz

USA Today has long had a stranglehold on ranking the Super Bowl spots through its Ad Meter. But last year's total fail by the paper's 282 volunteers (Bud Light's "Dogsitter"…

February 2 6:22PM

Jack in the Box Super Bowl Campaign Weds TV, Digital Spot leaks tomorrow to select consumers

Jack in the Box thinks consumers will love its new BLT Cheeseburger so much they’ll want to marry it—at least that’s the premise of the quick-service restaurant chain’s regional Super…

February 2 5:06PM

Amateur Hockey Players Treated Like Pros by Budweiser Canada

We've been focusing on the U.S. Super Bowl ads this week, but here's a good one that will air on the Canadian broadcast. Filmmakers told two recreational hockey teams in…

February 2 3:46PM

Kia Posts a 5-Hour Video of Adriana Lima Waving a Flag

Kia's first Super Bowl teaser this year was a 15-second clip of supermodel Adriana Lima waving a checkered flag. Now, the automaker has unveiled a companion piece—a five-hour video of…

February 2 2:48PM

Watch All 61 Ads From Last Year's Super Bowl in 2 Minutes

Many of you have expressed frustration at seeing so many 2012 Super Bowl commercials released early. It does ruin a bit of the surprise. Perhaps a better way of getting…

February 2 12:41PM

Kia Throws Everything but the Kitchen Sink Into Super Bowl Ad

It's officially the year of the Super Bowl anti-teaser—with a load of advertisers releasing extended versions of their Super Bowl spots early, rather than the traditional 10- or 15-second teasers.…

February 2 11:53AM

General Electric Joins Super Bowl Lineup With Pair of :45s

General Electric is jumping into this year's Super Bowl lineup with the two :45s below, focusing on GE employees and how the company helps keep the economy moving and other…

February 1 7:32PM

Samsung Makes Fun of Apple Fans Again in Super Bowl Spot

Here's another Super Bowl ad teaser to add to the pile. (Companies who aren't revealing anything about their spots are the exception this year.) This one's for Samsung—a 45-second clip…

February 1 3:57PM

Best Buy's Super Bowl Ad Will Salute Innovators of Mobile

Crispin Porter + Bogusky has revealed some details of its upcoming Super Bowl spot for Best Buy—the electronics retailer's second straight appearance in the big game. Last year's spot, starring…

February 1 11:33AM

Volkswagen Unveils Much-Awaited Followup to 'The Force'

Here it is—the highly anticipated follow-up to Volkswagen's 2011 Super Bowl sensation, "The Force." And this year's installment is … kinda odd. (This is the 75-second extended version; the actual…

February 1 8:00AM

Matthew Broderick: Why I Agreed to Do the Ferris Bueller Ad

Matthew Broderick has spoken out about his decision to mimic his old Ferris Bueller character for Honda's upcoming Super Bowl commercial, admitting he wasn't sold on the idea at first.…

January 31 7:25PM

Hulu Set to Rot More Brains With Will Arnett Super Bowl Ad

Hulu is returning to the Super Bowl for the first time since 2009, but it's sticking with the theme that made its earlier spot, starring Alec Baldwin, such a success.…

January 31 5:15PM

Cadillac, Lexus, Hyundai Release Their Super Bowl :30s

In recent days, we've seen Honda and Acura unveil celebrity-heavy Super Bowl spots (well, extended versions of a pair of :60s) with Matthew Broderick, Jerry Seinfeld and Jay Leno. Now,…

January 31 4:04PM

Bobby Farrelly Directs :90 Super Bowl Ad for Samsung Galaxy Note

Samsung is going long in its first Super Bowl. In a lineup already packed with 60-second spots (mostly from auto brands), Samsung is prepping a :90 for the fourth quarter…

January 31 12:52PM

NFL to Address Player Safety in :60 Super Bowl Spot

The NFL placed one of the more entertaining commercials of the evening in last year's Super Bowl—a 60-second salute to the American football fan and the American family cobbled together…

January 31 9:43AM

Coke's Classic Super Bowl Ad Gets 'Stinky' Grey remakes 'Mean Joe Greene' for P&G's Downy

Procter & Gamble won’t be advertising in the Super Bowl this year, but the event has inspired an homage to a classic big game ad. Grey’s “Stinky” for P&G’s Downy Unstopables…

January 31 7:38AM

Bueller? Bueller? The Story Behind Honda's Matthew Broderick Ad

Honda's pitch-perfect homage to Ferris Bueller's Day Off has quickly become one of the most talked-about Super Bowl ads in recent history—and it hasn't even aired on TV yet. As…

January 30 9:39PM

Jerry Seinfeld, Jay Leno to Pitch Acura's NSX on the Super Bowl

Add two more celebrities to the Super Bowl XLVI mix. Jerry Seinfeld will star in a 60-second spot for the Acura NSX airing on this Sunday's game. This is Acura's…

January 30 6:53PM

Elton John, Regis Philbin Join Pepsi's Super Bowl Ad Lineup

We already knew Melanie Amaro, the 19-year-old winner of The X Factor, would be starring in a Pepsi spot from TBWA\Chiat\Day during the Super Bowl. Now comes word that Pepsi's…

January 30 12:41PM

Honda Unveils Ferris Bueller Ad, and It Is Awesome

This is going to be a huge crowd-pleaser on Sunday. After auto blog Jalopnik blew the lid off the teaser ad last Friday, Honda has released its Ferris Bueller spot…

January 30 10:47AM

Big Game Bon Appétit Super Bowl Sunday grows a new appetite

Sure, the Super Bowl is the “big game” for football fans and advertisers. But it’s also increasingly a bursting gastronomic event for Americans, so much so that the USDA classifies…

January 30 1:05AM

The Ads of Super Bowl XLVI: Adweek's Preview Auto brands will crowd the field again, but expect some fresh faces, too

The Super Bowl is fast becoming an auto show. And last year's record number of car-related spots have led to an even bigger haul this year. Expect close to 20…

January 30 1:04AM

FirstBank Urges You to Go Pee During Its Super Bowl Spot

FirstBank's regional Super Bowl debut (the ad will air only in Colorado) via agency TDA in Boulder, touting superior service, features a banker type who sits in a comfy chair…

January 27 11:49AM

Coke's Fan-Bears Will React to Super Bowl in Real-Time Ads

Coca-Cola rolled out the details of its Super Bowl advertising on Thursday, and compared to what else we've seen, it looks pretty good. At first blush, the campaign, by Wieden…

January 27 9:24AM

Ferris Bueller to Return in the Super Bowl, but for Whom?

So, this mysterious Super Bowl teaser popped up on YouTube today, with Matthew Broderick reprising his role as Ferris Bueller, 26 years after his fateful day off. Says the YouTube…

January 26 6:41PM

Headlights Meet 'Twilight' in Audi's Super Bowl Spot

Venables Bell & Partners half-embraces and half-spurns pop culture's obsession with vampires in its 60-second Super Bowl commercial, posted below. The spot, airing in the first ad break after the…

January 26 1:14PM's Super Bowl Ad Stars a Man and His Excitable Appendage

What can you really say about's 2012 Super Bowl commercial, posted in full below? Created by DDB Chicago, it features a man who has grown a second gleeful head—a…

January 26 10:50AM

PETA Wings It With Save-the-Chickens Super Bowl Billboards

Here is PETA's contribution to Super Bowl advertising—billboards asking you to pass on the chicken wings, and thus spare the chickens, on Super Bowl Sunday. Look at those cute little…

January 26 10:19AM

Two More Super Bowl Ad Teasers: Kia and Bridgestone

Super Bowl XLVI advertising teasers keep flowing in. Now we can add Kia and Bridgestone to the mix—and they're bringing a pile of celebrities with them.      First up is the…

January 25 3:58PM

H&M in Social-Media Scuffle Ahead of Its Super Bowl Spot

In the worst timing imaginable for H&M, the clothing store is trying to put out a fire in social media just days before it's set to air its first Super…

January 25 12:29PM

CareerBuilder Can't Quit the Chimps, Its Super Bowl Stars

The Ravens may have choked in the playoffs, but at least I have the CareerBuilder chimpanzees to make the Super Bowl at least mildly interesting for me. Below is a…

January 25 10:58AM

Skechers Trots Out Mr. Quiggly in Super Bowl Teaser

Here's your latest Super Bowl sneak peek—a teaser of the Skechers spot, which has already gotten some attention after it was reported that its French-bulldog star, Mr. Quiggly, replaced Kim…

January 24 5:53PM

$1.02 Billion on Snacks: What We'll Spend on Super Bowl Sunday

The Super Bowl is big business, and not just for advertisers. Check out this infographic from TurboTax (posted after the jump), which offers a fun overview of just how much…

January 24 4:07PM

7 Underrated Super Bowl Ads From the Past 7 Years

With more than 60 commercials airing during ever Super Bowl, it only makes sense that some good ones occasionally get lost in the shuffle. So, as we gear up for…

January 24 3:09PM

Stinging From SOPA, Go Daddy 'Leaks' First Super Bowl Spot

Go Daddy had an awful time around the holidays, with its support for SOPA angering its customers worldwide—and eventually prompting an about-face by the domain company. Now, as if nothing…

January 23 4:24PM

Apple Gets 'Samsunged' Yet Again in Latter's Super Bowl Teaser

Samsung will try hard to sell us a line about Apple in its upcoming Super Bowl commercial by 72andsunny, but I'm not buying. As in the client's similarly themed spot…

January 23 9:51AM

Long Island Man, 26, Wins Chevy's Super Bowl Ad Contest

Zach Borst, a 26-year-old aspiring filmmaker from Floral Park, N.Y., has won Chevrolet's contest to have a consumer create one of its Super Bowl spots for the Feb. 5 game.…

January 20 10:58AM

History Goes Long With Super Bowl Buy Cable net to promote 'Swamp People' in big game

History is placing a big wager on the Super Bowl, plunking down millions for a 30-second spot in the NFL’s showcase game. The high-flying cable network will air a promo for…

January 19 6:45PM

Dogs Bark the 'Imperial March' in Volkswagen's Super Bowl Teaser

No one must be feeling more pressure than Volkswagen as we head toward Super Bowl XLVI, given the intergalactic success of "The Force," its record-breaking spot by Deutsch from last…

January 19 10:28AM

It's Time Again for Those Ludicrous 'Banned' Super Bowl Ads

One time-honored Super Bowl tradition involves sketchy advertisers loudly protesting that their proposed Super Bowl commercials have been "banned" for being too risqué—never mind that they almost certainly couldn't afford…

January 18 1:51PM

The 20 Most-Shared Super Bowl Spots of All Time

The ability of Super Bowl commercials to spread far and wide online in the days and weeks following the game (or even sometimes before the game starts) is becoming an…

January 17 1:13PM

Focus on the Family Ad Celebrates Tim Tebow's Favorite Bible Verse

Is it wise to mix religion and football beyond the occasional Hail Mary pass? Focus on the Family has no problem combining the two, and did so again during Saturday's…

January 17 11:15AM

Adweek's Complete Coverage of the Ads of Super Bowl XLVI Pre-game, in-game and post-game news and analysis

Super Bowl XLVI is still three weeks away, but today we are launching the Adweek 2012 Super Bowl hub at, offering complete pre-game, in-game and post-game coverage of this…

January 16 8:58AM

Animal Activists Bark at Skechers Over Super Bowl Spot

Skechers' 2012 Super Bowl commercial is drawing fire and calls for brand boycotts, weeks before it airs in the Feb. 5 game. The ad features Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban,…

January 13 10:26AM

Shazam to Power Up to a Third of Super Bowl Ads Sound recognition app now directs viewers to more content, deals

Shazam, the novel app iPhone once used as a selling point for its App Store, is in monetization mode. And with 175 million downloads and $32 million in venture backing, the…

January 10 10:44AM

Fast Chat: Denny's CMO Frances Allen Discusses movie tie-ins, the economy, Super Bowl

Frances Allen, chief marketing officer at Denny’s, discusses why she’s picky when choosing movie sponsorships—such as the recent Arthur Christmas tie-in—how she feels about the economy and why her brand…

January 6 7:36AM

Here Are Your 5 Doritos 'Crash the Super Bowl' Finalists

Subtly clever, sublimely crafted storytelling that tenderly tickles the funny bone, delights the intellect and pokes gentle fun at our everyday follies and foibles. You'll find none of that among…

January 5 12:04PM

Auto Dollars Drive NBC Super Bowl Sellout Network fetches $3.5 million for each 30-second spot

Like the return of perennial AFC powers the Pittsburgh Steelers and the New England Patriots to the NFL postseason, there’s nothing inherently surprising about NBC selling out its available Super…

January 3 3:35PM

Gang-Tackling TV’s Ratings Roster Be it on broadcast or cable, football is the only game in town

Television is a football-delivery mechanism that occasionally transmits the odd episode of NCIS, so it should come as no surprise that National Football League and college games accounted for the…

December 29 7:53AM

'Rolling Stone' Makes Super Bowl Debut Music mag throws first tailgate party

Rolling Stone, which has a regular presence at music festivals like South by Southwest and Coachella, is now aligning itself with a much different kind of event: its first Super…

December 13 8:00AM Gasses Up for the Super Bowl Online service in for a third-quarter spot on Friday confirmed that it has signed on for NBC’s Super Bowl XLVI roster, purchasing a 30-second spot that will air in the third quarter. With its latest Super Bowl…

October 7 7:23AM

'USA Today' Opening Up Its Super Bowl Ad Meter to Facebook

USA Today is shifting the focus of its Super Bowl Ad Meter to Facebook, where users will be able to score the 2012 ads with a real-time app, according to…

September 30 2:27PM

Lonely Island Joins Doritos' Crash the Super Bowl Contest

Doritos is well known for its Crash the Super Bowl ad competition, which lets consumers square off against Madison Avenue. They're taking it a step further in 2012. A consumer-created…

September 28 11:53AM

NBC Nabs Record $3.5 Million for Super Bowl Spots Auto leads the charge as NFL showcase all but sold out

With a good five months before the Super Bowl kicks off in Indianapolis on Feb. 5, NBC has nearly sold out all of its most valuable football inventory. According to Seth…

September 6 12:03AM

Volkswagen "The Force"

Volkswagen "The Force"

June 25 9:47PM

NBC Super Bowl Ad Sales Red Hot Despite lockout scare, auto leads the way in fast-moving upfront

While it’s anyone’s guess when (or if) the 2011-12 National Football League season will kick off, NBC has already moved a significant chunk of its most valuable inventory. According to a…

May 20 6:26AM

Super Bowl 2011: Thor Trailer

April 16 3:24PM

Super Bowl 2011: Chatter Spot 2

April 16 3:24PM

Super Bowl 2011: Sony Ericsson "Play"

April 16 3:23PM

Superbowl 2011: Captain America Trailer

April 16 3:21PM

Be wary of thumb harvesters, phone ad says

During last month's Super Bowl, Sony Ericsson brought us the macabre story of a back-alley surgeon who was willing to stitch on extra body parts, no questions asked. Now we…

March 16 9:00AM

Priceline "Department of Negotiation"

Priceline "Department of Negotiation"

February 15 11:37AM

VW's Vader ad: bloopers and deleted scenes

Because this story will never die, here's a little video of bloopers and deleted scenes from Deutsch's "The Force" spot for Volkswagen. Sure, many of the bloopers may have been…

February 9 5:32PM

Oh yeah, that NFL spot was pretty good, too

Talk about the Super Bowl commercials has mostly been about babies getting chucked at windows and a tiny Darth Vader, leaving perfectly good ads like the NFL's "American Family" spot…

February 9 4:03PM

8 things to know about Groupon's 'Tibet' ad

Three days after the Super Bowl, Groupon's tone-deaf "Tibet" ad with Timothy Hutton continues to prove less palatable than salted Himalayan yak-butter tea. Our YouTube analysis found it to be…

February 9 12:11PM

All 61 ads from the Super Bowl in 2 minutes

Want to see all the 2011 Super Bowl ads again, but don't have a free half hour? We've condensed the 61 spots down to an easily digestible highlight reel…

February 9 10:00AM

HomeAway apologizes for thrown-baby spot

Having disturbed millions with his Super Bowl ad showing a baby getting thrown at a window, CEO Brian Sharples has issued a very long and quite conflicted semi-apology. The…

February 8 3:32PM

Super Bowl ads that YouTube liked the most

Yesterday, we looked at USA Today's take on the most-liked ads of the Super Bowl, which left us more than a little skeptical. Today, we bring you data from the…

February 8 1:50PM

Visa guy jinxed, misses his first Super Bowl

So much for "the streak." One of the four men lauded in Visa ads this fall for never having missed a single Super Bowl missed the Super Bowl on Sunday…

February 8 10:19AM

How did 'USA Today' get the ads so wrong?

This just in: People in Bakersfield, Calif., and McLean, Va., wouldn't know a good ad if it hit them in the crotch like a can of PepsiMAX. Those two cities…

February 7 2:33PM

Battle of VW ads: 'The Force' vs. 'Milky Way'

The runaway success of Volkswagen's "The Force" spot from last night's Super Bowl got us thinking about the last truly phenomenal TV commercial from VW—the famed "Milky Way" spot from…

February 7 1:59PM

Volkswagen's kiddie Darth Vader unmasked

The first time we saw Darth Vader unmasked, it was kind of upsetting. This morning on Today, it was more palatable—as the 6-year-old star of Volkwagen's much-lauded "The Force" ad…

February 7 12:18PM

Groupon's Tibet spot pisses off the Chinese

Which is most surprising: that Timothy Hutton is an Oscar winner, that he's still alive, or that he appeared in the most controversial Super Bowl spot of the night? In…

February 7 12:01PM

5 car spots that sputtered at the Super Bowl

Before the nachos had even gone soggy at our Super Bowl party, AdFreak had declared 2011 "the Year of the Car." Volkswagen created the highest-ranked auto ad in Super Bowl…

February 7 11:30AM

Doritos 'Pug Attack' director wins $1 million

Doritos's "Pug Attack" and Bud Light's "Dogsitter" were named the two best commercials of Super Bowl XLV, according to USA Today's annual ad meter, having deadlocked with a score of…

February 7 10:00AM

Super Bowl post-mortem: ads and analysis

In the Super Bowl ad race, it was clearly the year of the car. Volkswagen, Audi, Chrysler and Chevrolet cranked out what were arguably the best spots of the night,…

February 7 8:08AM

Skechers "Kim Kardashian"

Shape Ups "Kim Kardashian"

February 6 11:31PM

Verizon "iPhone"

Verizon "iPhone"

February 6 11:26PM

Suzuki "Kizashi vs. Wicked Weather"

Suzuki "Kizashi vs. Wicked Weather"

February 6 11:22PM

Limitless "Superbowl Spot"

Limitless "Superbowl Spot"

February 6 11:06PM

Chevy "Miss Evelyn"

Chevy "Miss Evelyn"

February 6 11:02PM

Mercedes-Benz "Welcome"

Mercedes-Benz "Welcome"

February 6 10:53PM "The Contract" "The Contract"

February 6 10:51PM

VW "Black Beetle"

VW "Black Beetle"

February 6 10:50PM

Bridgestone "Carma"

Bridgestone "Carma"

February 6 10:48PM

Trailer for "Rio"

Rio "Super Bowl Ad"

February 6 10:47PM

Pepsi Max "First Date"

Pepsi Max "First Date"

February 6 10:46PM

Bud Light "Dogsitter"

Bud Light "Dogsitter"

February 6 10:44PM

Hyundai "Anachronistic City"

Hyundai "Anachronistic City"

February 6 10:43PM "The Reviews" "The Reviews"

February 6 10:38PM

Jack in the Box "I Love America"

Jack in the Box "I Love America"

February 6 10:31PM

NFL "American Family"

NFL "American Family"

February 6 10:30PM

CarMax "Gas Station"

CarMax "Gas Station"

February 6 10:06PM

Coca-Cola "Border"

Coca-Cola "Border"

February 6 10:06PM

Groupon "Tibet" (Timothy Hutton)

Groupon "Tibet"

February 6 10:01PM

Hyundai "Deprogramming"

Hyundai "Deprogramming"

February 6 10:00PM

Stella Artois "Crying Jean" (Adrien Brody)

Stella Artois "Crying Jean"

February 6 9:59PM

E*Trade "Tailor"

E*Trade "Tailor"

February 6 9:47PM Halftime Ad f/ Will.I.Am


February 6 9:16PM

Chevy "Discovery"


February 6 9:09PM

Motorola "Empower The People"


February 6 9:08PM

Chevy Cruze "Status"


February 6 8:53PM

CareerBuilder "Parking Lot"


February 6 8:47PM

Teleflora "Help me Faith"

February 6 8:38PM

Budweiser "Wild West"

February 6 8:37PM

Go Daddy "New Girl"

February 6 8:36PM

Pepsi Max "Torpedo Cooler"

February 6 8:30PM

Chevy "Tommy"


February 6 8:29PM

Bud Light "Product Placement"


February 6 8:26PM

Chevy "Misunderstanding"


February 6 8:22PM

Bud Light "Hack Job"

February 6 8:18PM

Our live Super Bowl blog: a feast of experts

On Sunday evening beginning at 6 p.m. ET, Adweek will be live-blogging the commercials of Super Bowl XLV at Please join us. Here is our expected lineup of pundits…

February 6 3:46PM

Bud Light's office goons now try to get fired

Having cursed their way through the infamous "Swear Jar" spot in 2008, and stripped down for the "Clothing Drive" sequel last year, Bud Light and DDB's misbehaved office workers go…

February 5 2:54PM

Kia dazzles everyone, human and otherwise

Volkswagen recruited Darth Vader for the Super Bowl. Kia apparently got stuck with Jar Jar Binks. Well, it's not actually Jar Jar, but the alien sequence in David&Goliath's 60-second "One…

February 4 11:46AM

Fox embedding code in 'Rio' Super Bowl ad

Lots of folks seem excited about the first-ever embedded-code spot running on the Super Bowl. The 30-second spot will air in the fourth quarter, hyping Fox's 3-D animated film Rio…

February 4 10:35AM

Kia "One Epic Ride"

Kia "One Epic Ride"

February 4 10:28AM

Groupon dredges up low-budget horror spot

Groupon has reportedly snagged a commercial slot for Sunday's Super Bowl. Hopefully they'll just air the spot below—which was the coupon's company first-ever commercial, from 2009, and was actually made…

February 3 5:54PM

Super Bowl preview: 21 teasers and full ads

Here's a preview (some teasers, some full spots) of what you'll enjoy (and/or have to suffer through) during the ad breaks of this Sunday's Super Bowl. Remember that we'll be…

February 3 5:22PM

HomeAway "Ministry of Detourism" (extended)

HomeAway "Ministry of Detourism" (extended version)

February 3 4:17PM

Darth Vader Set to Lord Over Super Bowl Ads

In the old days, advertisers guarded their Super Bowl ads like state secrets. Nowadays, many want pre-game Internet buzz to stretch their big investment. Forecasts are dangerous, but it looks…

February 3 9:45AM

Adweek hub offers Super Bowl ad coverage

Adweek has whipped up a brand new Super Bowl hub to offer complete pre-game, in-game and post-game coverage of this Sunday's Super Bowl commercials. Visit the site at 6 p.m.…

February 2 3:06PM

Unfinished ad for Doritos delays Super Bowl

Just how much bedding down takes place between the NFL and its Super Bowl sponsors? So much that the turf in Dallas will be colored Doritos orange, the game balls…

February 2 1:45PM

HomeAway to smush a baby for Super Bowl

In the spirit of throwing anything against the wall to see if it sticks, is anchoring its upcoming 30-second Super Bowl spot around a baby that gets thrown forcefully…

February 1 4:59PM

PETA composts 'Veggie Love' with outtakes

"Why don't you pick a vegetable and show us how much you love it." If I had a dime for every time I've heard that on line at the bank…

February 1 10:02AM

Even Joe Buck hates Joe Buck in Fox spots

Everyone hates Joe Buck. This is an established truth, one that we've remarked on for years. The Fox broadcaster is so universally maligned, you expect his mother to publicly criticize…

January 31 5:24PM

Visa lauds men who prefer football to family

With two weeks to go before Super Bowl XLV, expect Visa to ratchet up its "Go fans" campaign, in particular its celebration of those four awful men who have attended…

January 24 4:10PM

Super Bowl XLV: The Digital Experience

Adweek's Alan Frutkin talks about how this year's Super Bowl will be one of the most digitally advanced yet.

January 22 11:05AM

Hyundai Feeling Sheepish About Super Bowl

Hyundai and agency Innocean will be running two spots in Super Bowl XLV for the redesigned 2012 Elantra. And they'll be trying to pull the wool over your eyes. The…

January 21 4:25PM

Mercedes holds Twitter race for Super Bowl

Mercedes-Benz, which is advertising on the Super Bowl this year, is hoping to drive engagement with something called the "Tweet Race to the Big Game." Beginning four days before the…

January 20 4:21PM

Here come latest 'banned' Super Bowl spots

Like the swallows to Capistrano, sketchy businesses are once again flocking to the old strategy of rolling out "banned" Super Bowl ads. Notorious cheating-spouse site Ashley Madison is going…

January 19 5:39PM

Ladies first is new policy in Super Bowl ads

This year's Super Bowl ads will break from tradition in a few subtle but important ways. First off, the Black Eyed Peas will perform at halftime, instead of a classic…

January 12 10:56AM

'Crash the Super Bowl' ad just a bit ungodly

Doritos' 3rd Degree Burn habanero-flavored chips might cause flaming tongues, but they're far from a religious experience. Thus begins my discussion of a controversy involving this year's "Crash the Super…

January 4 10:07AM

Air Force defends (but pulls) Super Bowl ad

On Tuesday, one of the year's most obscure Super Bowl ads got a massive burst of attention when the White Stripes accused the U.S. Air Force Reserve of lifting one…

February 10 11:39AM

Spend that $2.6 million on something useful

Don't air that Super Bowl commercial. It's way too expensive! Check out AdFreak's ideas for 15 other things you could spend that money on. —Posted by Tim Nudd

February 5 2:12PM

Let the E*Trade talking babies speak for you

The E*Trade talking-baby spots have a constituency, considering they're back for a third year (in ads from Grey) in this Sunday's Super Bowl. To pump up interest ahead…

February 2 11:29AM

CBS does not want KGB's head-up-ass spot

Another day, another "banned" Super Bowl commercial (or two, or three). This one's from KGB, the mobile-phone service that charges to answer folks' questions. "In the Hole" is…

February 1 4:09PM

VW gets punchy with Sluggy Patterson work

Crispin's Volkswagen work wasn't for everyone, including the client, which parted ways with the shop last August. The sometimes-bizarre vibe of the "Das Auto" days is long gone in Deutsch's…

January 29 1:33PM

'Banned' Super Bowl spots are back in force

'Tis the season for Super Bowl ad controversies, real and contrived. I blame GoDaddy for this. Last year saw banned ads from the likes of PETA, married-people dating site…

January 29 8:40AM

Guess who had a Super Bowl spot banned?

CBS has banned a Super Bowl ad starring Danica Patrick and a huge, effeminate "ex-football player" named Lola? Gee, I wonder who the advertiser is. You think I'd…

January 28 2:20PM

Bridgestone's Super Bowl ad plan still fishy

Bridgestone is sponsoring the Super Bowl halftime show, starring those ancient mariners of rock, the Who. So, perhaps it's fitting that one of the tire maker's in-game spots from The…

January 27 5:35PM

Bud Light strips down for 'Swear Jar' sequel

Having done the bleeped-out-obscenities thing for its obscenely popular "Swear Jar" spot (recently voted the best commercial of the last decade by Adweek readers), DDB and Bud Light…

January 25 4:18PM

MacGruber disarms warheads with F-bombs

We're past the point of debating whether they should have made a movie out of Saturday Night Live's MacGruber. It's a done deal, as you can see in…

January 20 12:01PM

Movie night's explosive at Pop Secret house

Goodby, Silverstein & Partners has put together some animated spots for Pop Secret which, in the best tradition of suicide food, show kernels of corn acting out their favorite movies…

January 11 10:09AM

Doritos offers more for a Super Bowl winner

Who says ad contests involving user-generated content are dead? Well, OK, I have, repeatedly, but no one ever listens to me. Now, Frito-Lay is raising the stakes by upping…

September 10 7:53AM

Are the Super Bowl brands still on Twitter?

Last month, we wondered how long all those Super Bowl ad characters would last on Twitter. The answer was a bit surprising, if only because the personality with the…

March 19 9:12AM

PTC loathes, helps promote AshleyMadison

It's not just GoDaddy that's feeling some heat for its moral oblivion following the Super Bowl. Apparently, more than 90,000 members of the Parents Television Council have lashed out at…

February 6 11:40AM

Christians tired of immoral GoDaddy spots

Wired has the scoop on an aggravated Christian Internet entrepreneur who has moved 60 of his Christian clients off GoDaddy's Web-hosting services when they complained about the immoral nature of…

February 5 12:32PM

It might not be terrible if Jack didn't recover

In case you're lucky enough to live in a media market that doesn't have a Jack in the Box, here's the chain's local Super Bowl spot showing the freakish Jack…

February 4 9:00AM

Super Bowl was wild, particularly in Tucson

"We are mortified by the incident, and we apologize to our customers." That's Comcast's statement concerning the adult entertainment that briefly interrupted Sunday's Super Bowl telecast in the Tucson,…

February 3 12:38PM

Will the Super Bowl brands stay on Twitter?

Laptop keyboards nationwide are stained with wing sauce and nacho cheese following the intensive Twittering of Sunday's Super Bowl. But it wasn't just football and advertising fans doing the…

February 3 11:02AM

Nothing stays with you like a Denny's meal

For my money, the Denny's commercial stole the show at the Super Bowl. And I do mean for my money, because the diner chain is offering free Grand Slam Breakfasts…

February 2 10:01AM

AdFreak live Super Bowl chat: post-mortem

We held a live chat on Sunday night about the Super Bowl commercials, via Twitter, featuring these nine guests:• Jim Elliott, creative director, Goodby, Silverstein & Partners• Todd Grant,…

February 1 11:40PM

Yes, there's a football game on Sunday, too

Who will Americans be rooting for to win the big game on Sunday? The answer may depend on whether they're real football fans. Among the public in general, a…

January 30 2:50PM

Canada spurns infidelity ad for Super Bowl

ESPN isn't the only sports-related entity that has shunned infidelity-dating service Ashley Madison. CTV, the station that will beam the Super Bowl across Canada this Sunday, is barring this 30-second…

January 30 9:53AM

It's looking bleak for Super Bowl Single Girl

Oh good, more desperate singles pulling undignified advertising stunts! This time it's Amy Borkowski, a New York comedian who's been trying to raise $3 million to air her own…

January 30 9:21AM

McMahon, Hammer head to the Super Bowl

It's either a watershed moment for pop culture, or a sure sign that Western civilization has completely gone to pot: Ed McMahon and M.C. Hammer will appear together in a…

January 29 2:51PM

Who'll win the game of endorsement deals?

Which of Super Sunday's players are likely to end up sought after by marketers for endorsement deals? Noting that much depends on how the game itself goes, a bulletin…

January 29 10:33AM

NBC, won't you please take PETA's money?

Sure, companies have groused about their spots getting banned from the Super Bowl for years. But this year it's full-blown PR-stunt mania. I've gotten releases about a half-dozen such ads,…

January 28 9:35AM

The most awful Super Bowl video in history

It's hard to top Microsoft Songsmith for absolute grating terribleness, but the Southern Food Brokerage definitely holds its own. This retro Super Bowl-themed disaster, based on the Chicago Bears' infamous…

January 27 5:56PM

Crispin dips into the past for Coke Zero ad

The ubiquitous Crispin Porter + Bogusky has remade Coca-Cola's famous 1980 "Mean Joe Greene" commercial for the Super Bowl on behalf of Coke Zero. Pittsburgh Steeler Troy Polamalu takes…

January 27 11:02AM

E*Trade's talking baby is ready to rise again

Waaaa! That's not the sound of E*Trade's talking baby crying from hunger or diaper rash. (It's a talking baby, after all, so it could simply say, "Jeez, am I hungry!"…

January 27 9:15AM

AdFreak's live Super Bowl party on Twitter

Feel like totally nerding it up during the Super Bowl this Sunday? Then join us here on AdFreak, where we'll be streaming a live, condensed feed, featuring loads of…

January 27 8:25AM

CareerBuilder ad an extravaganza of misery

CareerBuilder is returning to the Super Bowl not with chimps but with cube monkeys—desperate office drones apparently not bright enough to see the signs that their work life sucks until…

January 23 11:35AM

High Life guy tries out one-second comedy

Even Windell Middlebrooks, the Miller High Life delivery guy, has trouble being funny in just one second. He's asked to do so in MillerCoors' new campaign from Saatchi &…

January 21 6:44PM

Heineken ads taste good all over the world

A couple of fun Heineken ads here. The one above is courtesy of Wieden + Kennedy and stars John Turturro, who delivers an ultra-cool, tongue-twisting, philosophical monologue about the fine…

January 21 4:36PM

You'll need 3-D glasses for Super Bowl XLIII

Exciting news in the perennially up-and-coming field of 3-D technology: Four marketers are teaming up to air two commercials in super-fabulous 3-D as part of a special "event" during…

January 6 11:54AM

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