Instagram Is Inspiring Marketers to Make Square-Shaped Videos for Facebook

Cropped clips increase completion rates by 67%

Last week, Wendy's and agency VML launched a campaign spoofing the explosion of food videos that have popped up in Facebook newsfeeds in the past year. Like the popular videos…

Amazon Prime Day Sales Were Up 60%, and Robot Vacuum Cleaners Sold Like Crazy

23,000 Roombas purchased

If you are tired of hearing about Amazon Prime Day, well, put your hands over your ears because there are more on the way. The e-retail giant's self-created holiday Tuesday generated 60…

If Facebook Chatter Is Any Indication, This Will Be the Next Big Beauty Trend

Plus, what men and foodies can't stop talking about

For the past couple months, Adweek has worked with Facebook to look at chatter about topics that are on the cusp of blowing up on the social network, giving marketers…

This Week's Must-Haves: Gear for Your Summer Getaway

Including a smart speaker that brings song lyrics to life

This week, the Adweek staff is highlighting a connected speaker that displays nearly any song lyrics, a picnic basket perfect for two and more summer must-haves. Take a look!

Pokémon Go Is Inspiring Small Retailers. So Has Augmented Reality Gone Mainstream?

Driving foot traffic via gamification

Pokémon Go, the mobile game that has millions of people running from location to location, isn't just a tech-bubble fascination on the part of the Twitterati—it's boosting local businesses in…

Google Launches Smarter, More Visual Ads Timed for Holiday Shopping

'Showcase Shopping' ads give retailers a boost in search

                 Showcase Shopping ads could help connect consumers' vague searches with retail products.  Ahead of the holiday shopping season, Google is working to create more visual products for…

Why Retro Subjects Like Bob Ross Are Making a Comeback on Instagram

Where nostalgia reigns supreme

Instagram has long been the go-to app for millennials to upload nostalgic, old photos (as well as hosting the popular #TBT hashtag) and it's also helping reboot retro franchises. When Netflix…

This Chinese Startup Set Up a Virtual Reality Store in Space to Sell Its Flagship Smartphone

OnePlus wants to compete with Apple and Samsung

When you're a smartphone startup competing in a world dominated by Apple and Samsung, how do you stand out? You go out of this world. For last month's launch of the OnePlus…

In Less Than a Week, Pokémon Go Has More Than 6 Million Mentions on Twitter

And brands are getting in on the chatter

Nintendo's surprise hit Pokémon Go mobile app is going gangbusters, increasing the gaming company's value by $7 billion. The location-based game, which came out Thursday, uses augmented reality to place Pokémon…

Twitter Will Livestream CBS News' Coverage of the Republican and Democratic Conventions

Advertising details are still being finalized

Twitter and CBS are planning to livestream the Republican and Democratic National Conventions later this month. The companies announced plans today to run "gavel-to-gavel" coverage of each party's four-day event. First…

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