If $4.8 Billion Sale to Verizon Goes Through, Marissa Mayer Is Leaving Yahoo's Board

Internet giant also changes name to Altaba

According to a Securities and Exchange Commission filing, Yahoo chief Marissa Mayer will leave the company's board if the tech giant's $4.8 billion acquisition by Verizon goes through. Since Yahoo recently disclosed…

Facebook Is Testing Out Mid-Roll Ads to Further Boost Its Video Revenues

By borrowing YouTube's model

Look out, YouTube. Facebook is trialing mid-roll ads for videos that are viewed for at least 20 seconds, according to a report today by Recode, which cited unnamed industry sources.…

PayPal Is No Longer Utilizing the Bill Me Later Brand Online

It's the end of an era

Many people, no doubt, have fond memories of suddenly discovering a new credit option called Bill Me Later at the end of booking a plane ticket to Paris or Pittsburgh…

5 Internet of Things Products Marketers Should Keep an Eye on This Year

From smart mirrors to wearable emotion trackers

  brightcove.createExperiences(); LAS VEGAS—If you took a tour of the show floor at CES 2017, you know that among a few…

4 Robots From CES That You Might Want as Your Own Powered Pet

Kuri and others steal the show (and hearts)

LAS VEGAS—Will pint-sized, gender-neutral robots soon become our next pets?  While the world is still a long way from seeing the adult humanoids of WestWorld, miniature robots stole at least some…

Automakers Are Going All In With Integrating Voice Assistants Into Vehicle Dashboards

Amazon Alexa and Microsoft Cortana take over CES

While many say CES 2017 was somewhat of a lackluster year for any sort of major breakthrough in technology, one key theme has been the increasingly ubiquitous use of voice…

As Tech Trends Come and Go, Arc Innovation Leader Argues Bots and AI Are Here to Stay

Nick Jones on which innovations have staying power

  brightcove.createExperiences(); LAS VEGAS—Each year at CES, more new technologies and intriguing gadgets are unveiled to thousands of attendees. With so…

Deutsch CTO Explains Why Content Will Drive VR, and Where It Will Be in 5 Years

Trevor O'Brien gives us his takeaways from CES

  brightcove.createExperiences(); LAS VEGAS—It's no surprise to see virtual realty is yet again on the tops of marketers' minds at CES…

What Facebook's Head of Advertising Wants to See Happen in 2017

Andrew Bosworth is bullish on mobile and personalization

During his long tenure at Facebook, Andrew Bosworth has been tasked with creating both the company's newsfeed and its mobile advertising strategy. Now, Bosworth—Facebook's vp of ads and business—has his…

PopSugar CEO Says VR Is Overhyped, and Self-Driving Cars Will Scale

CES vet Brian Sugar shares thoughts from show floor

Brian Sugar, co-founder and CEO of PopSugar, has spent the past 16 years attending CES and has seen a lot of tech come and go. So when he feels the pace…

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