Facebook and Instagram Chatter Suggests Middle-Aged Men Are Getting Back Into Arcade Games

Reliving their Pac-Man days?

Understanding social chatter—particularly on Facebook with its roughly 1 billion daily users and Instagram, which Gen Y loves—is becoming increasingly important for marketers. Produced by Facebook IQ, the Hot Topics data…

New Research Finds That the Average Mobile Ad Takes 5 Seconds to Load

Media Rating Council shares its stats

A week after issuing its first set of guidelines about mobile viewability, George Ivie, CEO and executive director of the Media Rating Council, explained what the changes mean for marketers…

Ticketmaster Is About to Start Selling Tickets on Facebook

Concertgoing will become even more social

Concertgoers, if you want to see Savages in San Francisco next month or Justin Bieber in Berlin this fall, you may not have to leave Facebook to land tickets. Ticketmaster…

New Study Shows Millennials Prefer Short Mobile Videos, While Older Crowds Like Long-form

The difference between 10 and 30 seconds

A new study says millennials who view videos on their phones resonate more with brands that take a short-form approach to spots, while older audiences tend to agree more with…

Spotify's CMO on Using Data to Learn About Millennials

And what the streaming service now knows

Spotify, the Swedish service that's brought music streaming into the mainstream, has spent nearly a decade winning over millennials. Now, with 30 million subscribers and 75 million users, it's begun…

These 4 Multichannel Networks Plan to Capitalize on the Cord-Cutting Generation

A glimpse into NewFronts strategies

By now, it's a given that millennials—some of them having cut the cord, others never having had a cord to cut—are consuming an unprecedented crush of video content on a…

How Kylie Jenner Built a Sprawling Audience—and a Booming Brand—at Age 18

Social media celeb uses her image to cash in

There are few narratives in modern celebrity culture as unexpected as the ascent of the Kardashian-Jenner family. When they first appeared on America's televisions in 2007 as the stars of…

This Agency Is 30% More Productive Since It Started Using Chat Software to Connect With Clients

R/GA loves the 'Slack effect'

Chatbots are coming to digital marketing, and they're also shaking up the agency-brand relationship. Since it starting using Slack in April 2014, digital shop R/GA has gotten 1,500 of its 1,800 staffers…

Publishers Are Largely Not Following the FTC's Native Ad Guidelines

Popularity of branded content is soaring

If the Federal Trade Commission decided to audit publishers' native ads today, around 70 percent of websites wouldn't be compliant with the FTC's latest guidelines, according to a new report…

Email Scammers Aren't Just Targeting Consumers Anymore—They're Going After Your Business

Companies lose $2.3 billion

The FBI this week issued an alert warning businesses of email scams.  The bureau said the type of fraud it refers to as "business email compromise" has cost companies around $2.3 billion globally…

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