Google Ends Partnership With AdBlock Plus' Partner for 'Acceptable Ads' Marketplace

'Not a business that we want to be a part of'

COLOGNE, Germany—Only one day after AdBlock Plus launched an advertising marketplace claiming that Google would sell ads that would be served to people who have installed an ad blocker, Google's…

ESPN's Long-Form Storytelling Could Turn Sports Podcasting on Its Head

'30 for 30' originals aim to be antithesis of talk radio

It's the new golden age of audio. So it's not entirely surprising that there has been a wealth of new podcasts announced in recent weeks, especially last week during the Interactive Advertising…

Chevy Is Tapping Into IBM's Watson to Fuel People's Positivity, and Their Cars

Campaign meant to help travelers 'find new roads'

Chevrolet wants people to see life—and their gas tanks—as half full instead of half empty. Just in time for International Day of Positive Thinking, the Detroit-based automaker is launching a campaign…

This High-Tech Keyboard Responds to Touch and Lets You Physically Manipulate Sound

Plus, Michael Kors' new smartwatch and Bugaboo's luggage debut

This week, the Adweek staff is highlighting an innovative "keyboard," Michael Kors' first smartwatch, luggage from the stroller masterminds at Bugaboo and more. Take a look!

Apple's iOS 10 Update Is Incapacitating iPhones

You might want to hold off on that download

Hey, iPhone users, if you were excited to see Apple's iOS 10 makeovers for Apple Music, Maps, Health Kit, emoji sticker packs, etc., stop right there—don't even move another finger.  There appears…

Luke Wilson Made a 360° Video Tour of Shinola's HQ That's Actually Worth Watching

He ruins everything at Detroit's shrine to precision

If you were to break down the acting career of Luke Wilson in terms of camera types, he's now entered his fourth scene: First was 16-millimeter. Then came 35-millimeter. Later…

AdBlock Plus Is Launching a Marketplace for 'Acceptable' Ads, but Will It Just Infuriate Everyone?

An ad blocker wants to serve you ads

It's hard to know which crowd Adblock Plus will upset more with its announcement today—marketers, publishers or its users.  The ad-blocking software brand, owned by Eyeo GmbH, revealed in a blog…

Samsung Partners With Makeup Artist Charlotte Tilbury for VR Ad Starring Kate Moss

Fragrance spot debuts at New York Fashion Week

For this season's New York Fashion Week, Charlotte Tilbury decided to release her fragrance, Scent of a Dream, with a twist. On Saturday evening at the Samsung 837 space in lower…

Dmexco Conference Provides a 'Trail Map' for Marketers to Learn Ad-Tech

Twitter's Jack Dorsey among the keynote speakers

More than 50,000 ad-tech execs, companies and marketers are in the Rhine-Ruhr city of Cologne, Germany this week for the annual Dmexco conference to talk about global trends, new technology…

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Is Now a Complete Disaster: Can the Brand Recover?

Phablet fire incident could turn Android users to Apple

After news started circulating recently that dozens of Samsung's Galaxy Note 7s  were catching fire and exploding from overheated batteries, the South Korean company was already looking at a damaged-goods situation…

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