UPDATE: T-Mobile Appears to Pull Twitter Ad After Backlash

#NeverSettleForVerizon reaps negative tweets

T-Mobile walked into a hornet's nest on Twitter after buying today's Promoted Trend—which costs around $200,000—and employing the hashtag #NeverSettleForVerizon. Many former T-Mobile customers tweeted in protest to the ad,…

Percolate Raises $40 Million to Build the Ultimate Marketing Machine

Also plans San Fran expansion

This marketing company may be a CMO's secret weapon. It reportedly helped Unilever save millions of dollars in marketing costs, and GE uses it to get more social on places…

With Facebook's Instant Articles, Publishers Contemplate a Social-First World

New feature could alter the industry

Reports from the last few weeks hinted it was coming, but the debut of Facebook's Instant Articles made plenty of publishers' hair stand on end this morning anyway. And why…

This App Turns Mobile Shopping Into Clever Infomercials

'Minimercials' sell anything that costs $100 or less

Could shoppable, funny infomercials be the key to nailing mobile commerce? That's the proposition behind MikMak, a new app that puts a twist on gimmicky television commercials. Brooklyn-based MikMak has seven…

These New Facebook Ads Come With a Call Button to Ring Up Businesses

Going after mom and pop with new features

Facebook has built a "call" button people can tap to call businesses directly from an ad. More than 40 million businesses have Facebook pages, and now they can add the…

KitKat Changes Its Name to 'YouTube Break' on 600,000 Candy Wrappers

Builds on unusual relationship with Google

The love affair between a particular tech giant and chocolate-covered wafer continues. Nestlé candy bar KitKat is being temporarily rebranded as "YouTube Break," with the new name appearing on 600,000 wrappers…

Starbucks Whips Up 21 Branded GIFs Starring the Frappuccino

Narwhals and unicorns? Yassss

Millennials will share practically any strange GIF or meme online with their friends these days, opening up a new, weird marketing tactic for brands. For Starbucks, that means creating a…

At Times, L'Oréal Is Getting 90% Video Ad View Rates

Mediabong helps cosmetics brand while picking up funding

L'Oréal has evidently found a video advertising vendor in Mediabong it's very high on. Mediabong—which is announcing a $5 million Series B round of funding today—said it achieved a 90 percent…

Here's Why AOL Is Poised to Take On Facebook and Google

Industry welcomes the competition

What do you get when you combine the one-time champion of dial-up and the current wireless subscription leader? You get an advertising technology player that could compete more closely with…

Will It Be a Summer of Consolidation in Ad Tech?

AOL could just be the beginning as rumors fly

Could Verizon's $4.4 billion purchase of AOL spark a summer of acquisitions in the ad-tech space? It depends on whom you ask. Yahoo has reportedly considered making Foursquare a big offer…

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