More Preroll Ads Are Coming to Twitter Feeds With Expanded Video Program

Beta test lets any publisher make money off clips

Twitter is preparing to open up Twitter Amplify to any publisher who wants to make money on the videos it posts to the microblogging site.  More than 200 publishers, sports leagues and TV…

Gillette Shows Why a Legacy Brand Should Probably Never Troll an Underdog

Its Twitter ads go after Dollar Shave Club and backfire

Dollar Shave Club is known for its ads poking fun at competitors like Schick and Gillette, claiming last month to have become the No. 2 best-selling razor in the U.S. Now,…

Why Marketers Say Facebook's New Emoji Reaction Buttons Are 'Long Overdue'

Brand players and agency execs weigh in

Facebook today revealed a test in Ireland and Spain involving six emoji-based buttons that give users the option to express sentiments other than "like." The new possibilities—which appear alongside the…

Facebook's 'Dislike Button' Looks Like It'll Actually Be a Set of Reaction Emojis

Idea to expand beyond 'Like' now being tested in Ireland and Spain

Mark Zuckerberg sparked a lot of debate and consternation when he recently hinted that a Facebook "dislike button" might finally be on the way, but the likely reality seems much…

Facebook and YouTube Stats Show the Buzz About 'Steve Jobs' Is Huge for a Biopic

20 million video views in 19 days

If any CEO is known for creating buzz before a product launch, it's Steve Jobs. Apple's co-founder was the king of hype. Now, his legacy is being measured in a…

DraftKings and FanDuel Ban Staffers From Playing Fantasy Football for Money

Looming scandal brings policy changes

Within hours of each other on Wednesday, DraftKings and FanDuel banned their employees from playing fantasy football games for money. The moves come in response to the revelation earlier this week…

Google Is Making the Mobile Web Faster for Publishers and Their Readers

With its Accelerated Mobile Pages program

Every second counts with often impatient mobile users, so Google wants to help publishers reduce the time it takes their articles to load when viewed on smartphones. On Wednesday, Google launched…

How Campbell's Is Offering Recipes via Amazon's Voice-Control System

Say 'hello' to our Jetsons-like future

Amazon is trying to make our homes resemble the futuristic dwellings of The Jetsons, the late 20th-Century cartoon about a family in space. And brands are getting on board.  The latest…

How Facebook Is Making It Easier to Generate Sales Leads Among Mobile Phone Users

Land Rover gets results

Filling out forms is a cringe-worthy chore for most people. And that's why lead-generation marketing—the art and science of getting consumers to take five or 10 minutes to write up…

Here Is a Cool Data Visualization of Facebook's Hottest Topics Last Month

The pope and iPhone were this big

What have Facebook users in the U.S. been commenting on lately? Below, we have all the September data you need in the second edition of Hot Topics, a partnership between Facebook…

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