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If You're Into Man-on-Man Suckling, You've Come to the Right B-to-B Ad

Nourishment from customer service teat

Here's an ad that might make you question the nature of the Internet, who you are and what makes you happy. OK, maybe not all that, but it does touch…

Speed Up Your Love Connection With 'Uber for Tinder,' an April Fools' Gag That Could Actually Exist

Swipe right, then call a car to meet

The best April Fools' Day gag products are the ones that leave you wondering why it's not already a real thing. That's definitely the case with Tinder for Uber (and its…

Take a Deep Dive Into Microsoft's Vision of a Digitally Seamless and Collaborative Future

Dreams of tomorrow's workflow

Microsoft is back with the latest installment in its "Productivity Future Vision" series—and this time, it's drifting through the story of a marine biologist, Kat, and a corporate executive, Lola,…

How Samsung VR Saved a Dad From Missing His Son's Birth—Sort Of

A beautiful moment or an intrusive ploy?

Would you let Samsung turn the birth of your child into an ad, if it meant the company would also set up a live-streaming virtual reality rig, so your partner…

These Photoshop Experts Are Good, but How Good Are They in Photoshop 1.0?

'Oh my God, there are no features'

Today's Photoshop sorcerers can do practically anything to an image, but do their powers extend all the way back to the software's original release? Clearly not, as you can see in…

14 People Who Are So Over SXSW Before It Even Starts

Are we at peak backlash yet?

Here we are, less than 24 hours from the spectacle that is SXSW. As the minions descend on Austin, and the rest of the world gawks from afar, there's a…

Chipotle Is Asking Fans to Write Haikus, and Some of Them Are Truly Impressive

Burritos obviously stir the soul

Chipotle has come up with a pretty clever way to get people to express their deep love for burritos. Today, Chipotle is running a social media campaign asking people to…

HTC's Absurd Rap Anthem Is So Joyously Bad, You Have to Love It

'Y'all know who we be? We HTC'

"We own the universe. Galaxy is overrated." If you enjoy that level of hyperbole from a scrappy smartphone underdog like HTC, you're going to love the brand's ridiculously self-indulgent new rap…

From Alerts to Apologies: Tracking a Meteorologist's Tough Night on Twitter

When NYC's blizzard fizzled, one man boldly owned up to it

For ages, when a dire weather prediction came up lacking, there was little the average person could do beyond shaking a fist at the TV. But now we have Twitter,…

Justin Bieber Claims Untouched Calvin Klein Photo Is Fake

Pop star causes quite a buzzy controversy

Justin Bieber sure made a lot of noise on the Internet this week. On Friday, the music website published what it claimed to be an untouched image from the pop…

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