Esurance's Super Bowl Pregame Ad Helped Generate 9,000 Tweets a Minute

Cash giveaway garnered huge Twitter chatter

The first quarter of the Super Bowl wasn't even over yet, and Esurance already appeared to be miles ahead of competitors when it comes to social chatter. The insurance brand ran…

These Brands Have Won the Most TV Exposure Heading Into Super Bowl Weekend

Avocados From Mexico, Hyundai snagging free airtime

Brands paying the big bucks for Super Bowl ads this weekend might be pleased with how much free airtime they've received on local TV in the week leading up to…

LG Is Staffing a Social Media War Room With 30 to 40 People for the Super Bowl

Pumping out a hefty mix of paid and organic posts

Some brands are backing away from social media war rooms, but first-time Super Bowl advertiser LG is going all in on Sunday.  About 30 to 40 reps from LG, Mindshare, iCrossing, HG…

Here's How Brands Should Create Their Real-Time Super Bowl Strategy for Twitter

Plan for the unexpected moments

Brands have a number of new ways to interact with followers on Twitter this year, including event targeting, Promoted Moments, Periscope livestreams, Periscope video within promoted tweets and conversational ads.…

Twitter's Branded Emojis Come With a Million-Dollar Commitment

Super Bowl advertisers Pepsi and Budweiser fork over big bucks

Twitter is asking its biggest advertisers to speak emoji—for $1 million. Since October, Twitter has designed 17 custom emojis—three of which launch this week for Super Bowl campaigns with Pepsi and…

Periscope Is Now Livestreaming GoPro Footage

Just in time for the X Games

Action-oriented videographers now have a new venue for broadcasting their daring footage in real time: Periscope.  In a post this morning on Medium, the livestreaming app owned by Twitter announced the…

Twitter Needs a Product Renaissance to Get Out of Its Current Funk

Executive exodus raises questions around the ad industry

Twitter's had a rough go of things lately, capped off by a round of executive departures over the weekend. What does the San Francisco company need to regain momentum? "Until some more…

After a Series of Outages, Twitter's Stock Price Has Dropped in an Alarming Fashion

Not what real-time marketers want to hear

Twitter, a social media favorite among marketers, journalists, celebrities, news lovers and trolls, is having a rough time of things in recent days and weeks. Since Friday, it's suffered three…

Comcast Partners With Twitter-Owned Niche and 19 Influencers to Pitch Its Cable Box

Gives up the control clients get working with agencies

Niche and parent company Twitter have brought together a huge group of the most influential social media creators for a single campaign promoting a souped-up cable box. Partnering with Comcast to…

Twitter Looks to Harness Its Endless Gaming Tweets With a Dedicated Channel

Social net builds a focus on games

Twitter wants to collect the best tweets about games into a single place with a new channel devoted specifically to the subject.  A new handle, @TwitterGaming, will, in effect, organize "thousands…