As Other GOP Candidates Join Vine, Donald Trump Ignores His Big Advantage on the App

He's been silent, despite 7.5 million views

Sometime after last night's Republican debate for the presidential nomination, Jeb Bush and John Kasich joined the mobile video app Vine. It's popular with young voters—and other candidates like Ben…

How Facebook Actually Helps You Look on the Bright Side of Life

It might change the way you approach social media

Social media can help you become more grateful. You wouldn't know that from recent headlines claiming Facebook causes depression and discontent. Some have suggested that looking at photos of other people…

ESPN Anchors Share Their Best Twitter Strategies and Favorite Accounts to Follow

Tips from an NFL analyst with 4 million fans

ESPN personalities discuss sports for a living and are expected to be up-to-the minute when it comes to their knowledge. And these days, social media is one of the best…

Why Facebook's New Button May Not Actually Say 'Dislike' After All

Marketers need to get ready anyway

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said today during a town hall-style event at his company's Menlo Park, Calif., headquarters that it's developing alternatives to the "like" button. Many observers immediately reported…

As Better Tech Emerges, Will Running Social Ads Simultaneously With TV Spots Pay Off?

One automaker's results show promise

If you are a marketer wondering if it pays to run social-media ads simultaneously with TV spots, 4C Insights is in the process of trying to find out for you.  The data science…

Here's How Social App Whisper Has Quietly Become a Marketing Force

CEO Michael Heyward defends his platform

When Secret—a much-hyped "dark social" platform—closed shop in April, media observers assumed websites and mobile apps that offer anonymity were just a fad. Since then, the similarly themed Whisper has…

Are Well-Intentioned 9/11 Tweets From Brands and Their Critics Becoming Equally Dubious?

It's getting harder to say

It's always potentially controversial when marketers tweet anything in reference to tragedy—especially when Americans are remembering, like they are today, those who died or were negatively affected on Sept. 11,…

A Tinder for Jobs? This App Helps You Find Work a Lot Like You Find Love

SelfieJobs wants your photo first

Tired of updating LinkedIn, or spending hours manicuring your résumé? Swedish startup SelfieJobs wants to make getting a new gig as easy as swiping right on Tinder. Slogans for the job…

Coke Tests Whisper's Advertising Potential in the Most Perfect Way

Is the anonymous Web here to stay?

Anonymous sites and apps have had their share of publicity problems in recent months, but should brands give up on them altogether? Coca-Cola doesn't seem to think so, based on the…

Ashley Madison Avenue Makes Hook-Ups Easy for the Creatively Unfulfilled

Careers are short. Have an affair

Is your relationship tired or unfulfilling? Do you feel ignored, taken for granted, misunderstood? Maybe it's time for a creative fling. If you're a creative type looking to stray outside a…