Snapchat's New Voice and Video Chatting Features Should Get Wireless Providers' Attention

App releases major update

In under two years, people have gone from asking what Snapchat is to asking what it can't do. The Venice, Calif.-based company today released an update that lets its 100 million daily users make…

Netflix's Clever YouTube Prerolls Use Your Searches to Cue Up Specific Scenes From 'Friends'

Ogilvy Paris tags thousands of top videos

How do you make a sitcom like Friends, which went off the air 12 years ago—a year before YouTube even existed—seem relevant to YouTube users today? If you're Netflix, which recently…

Snapchat Re-Ups With DIY-Minded Startup for More Holiday Content

Brit + Co parlays yuletide work into official partnership

Brit + Co will be the primary holidays channel going forward on Snapchat's Discover portal, which gives about two dozen media companies, such as Vice, CNN and Daily Mail, a…

6 Reactions by Marketers to the End of 'Free Social' as the Algorithm Era Unfolds

Instagram and Twitter's tweaks alter strategies

Instagram last week unveiled its updated algorithm, which will reorder the images and videos users see in their news feeds based on their interests instead of how the posts were published…

Pinterest's Scroll-Activated Video Ads Are Paying Off for L'Oréal and Hershey's

But can it compete with Facebook and Google?

L'Oréal promoted a new line of makeup on Pinterest last year. Pinterest One year after rolling out Cinematic Pins, Pinterest says its animated video ads are getting users' attention as they scroll…

Facebook's New Insights Will Help Marketers Win Auctions So More Users See Their Ads

Tool lets brands create more competitive campaigns

Facebook is giving advertisers a glimpse behind the curtain of its marketing platform in order to better understand how ads perform and how they can better compete. Today, Facebook is introducing…

Ad of the Day: Twitter Uses Exactly 140 Characters to Say Thanks on Its 10th Birthday

Brand celebrates across the globe like it's New Year's Eve

Twitter launched 10 years ago today with this 24-character Jack Dorsey tweet, but quickly became known for its 140-character message limit. And while it has flirted with the idea of expanding…

Infographic: As Social Platforms Grow Older, So Do Their Users

Women outnumber men on social media

By now it's a cliché to point out that Facebook's launch 12 years ago and all social platforms that followed have completely altered the way the world exchanges information. Media…

Fans Who Follow Bands on Instagram Spend More Money on Music and Live Shows

Nielsen study says they listen longer, too

Now that the music portion of South by Southwest is underway, the Instagrammers of the music world have plenty to post this weekend from Austin, Texas. According to a new Instagram-commissioned…

Allstate's March Madness Play Includes Snapchat Ads and Real-Time Tweets

Social campaign pits Buzz Aldrin against Dick Vitale

March Madness is in full swing, and with it comes a bevy of brands including Allstate, Coca-Cola and Kia that are already in on the action. While Twitter will likely dominate most…