This Chicken Chain Got an Actual Chicken to Write Its Tweets, and Look What She Posted

Deep thoughts from Betty

If you read some recent tweets from Australian barbecue chain Chicken Treat, you might conclude that a strange bird is running its feed. And you'd be right. Literally. The franchise put a…

Here Are 6 New Snapchat Stats That Show Why Marketers Want Inside That Walled Garden

4 billion daily video views has it tied with Facebook

It seems that there's a new Snapchat data point being disclosed nearly every day, and there have been a few doozies in recent weeks. We rounded up six eyebrow-raising numbers…

How GE Is Continuing Its Legacy of Innovation in the Digital Age

From lightbulbs to podcasts, CMO says being first matters

Fittingly, Linda Boff, General Electric's newly minted CMO, opened Thursday's Association of National Advertisers Master's Conference in Orlando by emphasizing the multinational conglomerate's storied history of being first, with experimentation…

GoPro Debuts an Awards Platform That Could Mean Serious Cash for Content Creators

$5,000 for best edited clip, for example

GoPro is announcing a weekly program today that awards cash to content creators, including $500 for best photo, $1,000 for top uncut video and $5,000 for best edited clip. All…

How a 147-Year-Old Brand Is 'Resurrecting' Its Founder on Instagram

J.R. Watkins is ghosting door-to-door via social

J.R. Watkins, a 147-year-old packaged-goods marketer, has had its branded items on shelves nationwide for decades thanks to distribution deals with retail chains such as Walmart and Target. But many…

Facebook and YouTube Stats Show the Buzz About 'Steve Jobs' Is Huge for a Biopic

20 million video views so far

If any CEO is known for creating buzz before a product launch, it's Steve Jobs. Apple's co-founder was the king of hype. Now, his legacy is being measured in a…

Will Brands Get Behind Peeple, an App Already Being Called a Cyberbully's Dream?

'Yelp for humans' could be problematic

There's been considerable buzz this week about the mobile app Peeple, which will let you rate other people's attributes—such as their romantic lives, personal integrity and professionalism—the same way you'd…

Doritos Is About to Try a 12-Hour-Long Periscope, and It Should Be Quite Smashing

Flavors collide in social stunt

Doritos on Thursday will introduce Canada to Doritos Collisions, featuring two types of chips in the same bag—at first, habanero and guacamole. To celebrate, BBDO Toronto has planned a mammoth,…

Fusion's #DearNextPresident Effort Shows Candidates Need a Wide Social Strategy

Take note, Trump, Clinton, et al

Fusion is launching an initiative today with the hashtag #DearNextPresident, asking Americans—with a sharp focus on young, diverse groups—what issues they want President Barack Obama's successor to focus on. And…

Here Is an Hour-By-Hour Breakdown of When People Post on Instagram

Why your brand should consider morning posts

Instagram on Tuesday revealed that it now has 400 million monthly users, up 100 million since the beginning of this year. And those users, many of who are millennials, post 80…