Stoli Elit Is Using Google Trends Data to Create Holiday Instagram Posts

Brand already targeted Friendsgiving searches

After you search for martini recipes this year, try checking Stolichnaya Elit's Instagram page to see pictures of what the drinks look like. In June, the brand's premium Elit vodka line…

After Buying Penthouse Founder's Archives, Jerrick Media Launches a Blogging Platform

'Vocal' will pay writers with niche interests

Rick Schwartz believes you should be paid for your time and effort, and he realizes that's a novel idea in this start-up, free-content world. Jerrick Media, the company he founded with Jeremy…

Programmatic Ad-Buying Is Now Available for Social Influencers

The market is slowly becoming standardized

The trends, they are a-changin'. No longer will advertisers, brands or social influencers have to struggle for the greater good of sponsored content. ROI Influencer Media, in partnership with multiple programmatic platforms,…

Bill Nye Is Hosting a Facebook Live View-A-Thon to Raise Money for National Parks

Mashable's contribution to Giving Tuesday

Bill Nye—the quirky, energetic, bow-tied science guy from the hit educational show—spent the 1990s winning over the hearts and minds of students with the goal of helping them see that…

The Atlantic Hires BuzzFeed Senior Political Writer McKay Coppins

Post-election shake-ups between media companies

McKay Coppins wrote the book on modern-day Republicans, literally. After creating nearly 700 posts for BuzzFeed since joining the site in early 2012—where he focused on the conservative reaction to news…

How Gilmore Girls Superfans Reacted to the Show's Triumphant Return on Friday

They waited almost a decade for the Netflix revival

It's been nine long years since Gilmore Girls was last on television. The series finale aired on the CW network in 2007. Fans of the show were left somewhat unsatisfied, as…

Despite Post-Election Depression, Social Chatter Around Black Friday Is Mostly Positive

Salesforce looked at past 30 days

Despite the negative nature of pre- and post-election social, Americans seem to at least be on the up and up when it comes to shopping. According to an analysis of social…

Universal Partners With Wattpad to Take the Guesswork Out of TV Content Development

Storytelling platform provides cultural insights and data

With more than 300 million uploaded stories and the attention of 45 million people each month, Wattpad was already well-positioned to be a future leader in storytelling. Apparently, Universal Cable…

Here's Why Casey Neistat Is Ending His Wildly Popular Daily Vlog on YouTube

It's time for Casey 3.0

What do you do when you've climbed to the top of a digital mountain? If you're Casey Neistat, you find a bigger mountain. On Saturday morning, Neistat began his daily video with…

Instagram Debuts Disappearing Live Video and Messages

Taking a page from Snapchat

Instagram is finally launching its own form of live video, but with a twist.  Today, the Facebook-owned app announced it's begun rolling out live video for Instagram Stories. However, unlike on…