Snapchat's Latest Moves Are Making It Look More Like a TV Disrupter Than a Social App

Hispanic-focused Mitú is its newest Discover channel

The next-generation television company may be in your pocket. Snapchat, once pegged by the public as a social-messaging app and recently self-declared camera-based platform, is actually starting to look more…

Tinder Just Launched a Branded Podcast About Dating With Gimlet Creative

And there's only a hint of a brand behind it

How often has someone just sent you a message that said "hey"? Maybe you weren't even lucky enough to get punctuation or capitalization with it. Maybe you were the one…

How an Instagram Star With a Name Like FuckJerry Makes $30,000 Per Sponsored Post

Though not all brands may be sold on racy content

If you follow comedy or pop-culture accounts on Instagram, chances are you've come across one of FuckJerry's memes or funny jokes while scrolling through your feed. Since launching a Tumblr account…

Instagram Users Can Now Like (and Disable) Comments

Could boost engagement while curbing abuse

Everybody who's ever said something witty underneath a photo or video on Instagram will now have a way to get Insta-awarded. Today, Instagram announced users can now like user comments in…

How AT&T Benefited From Getting Out of the Way of Content Creators

AT&T's Hello Lab boosts brand awareness

AT&T has very sneakily, and very keenly, become a brand beloved by those vexing and hard to reach millennials. AT&T's Hello Lab was announced this year and partnered with its Fullscreen…

Pop Culture Site Movie Pilot Rebrands, Giving More Power to the Fans

With a new crop of community-driven verticals

Putting fans first has always been at the core of Movie Pilot's business. To date, the pop culture site (which features content created by both fans and journalists) regularly sees over…

3 Male Beauty Influencers Talk YouTube, Fans and Finally Getting Brand Recognition

With millions of subscribers, it's about time

Big beauty brands are finally recognizing the boys in the business. With the recent announcement of CoverGirl's first CoverBoy, it seems like major brands have finally come to accept these players…

Stoli Elit Is Using Google Trends Data to Create Holiday Instagram Posts

Brand already targeted Friendsgiving searches

After you search for martini recipes this year, try checking Stolichnaya Elit's Instagram page to see pictures of what the drinks look like. In June, the brand's premium Elit vodka line…

After Buying Penthouse Founder's Archives, Jerrick Media Launches a Blogging Platform

'Vocal' will pay writers with niche interests

Rick Schwartz believes you should be paid for your time and effort, and he realizes that's a novel idea in this start-up, free-content world. Jerrick Media, the company he founded with Jeremy…

Programmatic Ad-Buying Is Now Available for Social Influencers

The market is slowly becoming standardized

The trends, they are a-changin'. No longer will advertisers, brands or social influencers have to struggle for the greater good of sponsored content. ROI Influencer Media, in partnership with multiple programmatic platforms,…