Here Is Why Twitter Still Beats Facebook for Super Bowl Brands A sea of stats show how the huge platforms performed

So who won the Facebook-Twitter Bowl? Last night's game attracted a record number of viewers and became the most tweeted Super Bowl. It also was the most active on Facebook, where 65…

February 2, 2015, 12:02 PM EST

Which Brands Proved Their Social Skills on Twitter During Last Night's Super Bowl? Quick reactions and pre-packaged content defined the discussion

Without an equivalent of 2013's crazy Super Bowl blackout that sparked Oreo's iconic "dunk in the dark," last night's game was more about consistent creativity than unforgettable moments. But that's not…

February 2, 2015, 9:43 AM EST

Seattle Seahawks' Chris Matthews Is Turning Out to Be a Great Super Bowl Ad for Foot Locker Dominant wide receiver once sold sneakers

Foot Locker didn't have to buy an advertisement in this year's Super Bowl—it has one playing in the game. Seattle Seahawks wide receiver Chris Matthews worked at Foot Locker before…

February 1, 2015, 9:48 PM EST

45,000 Pieces of Branded Content Were Created on Whisper for The Americans Where advertising meets dark social

The Americans revolves around the lives of two Cold War-era KGB spies who are trying to keep their jobs a secret from their unsuspecting neighbors. In line with that secrecy…

January 30, 2015, 8:21 PM EST

How 5 Major Publishers Plan to Use Snapchat's New Channels 'Discover' service opens door to new audiences and sponsors

With Snapchat Discover launching earlier this week, publishers now have a new way to tease their content on social media and find backing from brands. The new offering allows marketers…

January 30, 2015, 4:47 PM EST

Lowe's Releases the First Instagram Video Ad Timed to the Super Bowl 'Pay attention' to top brands there on game day

Instagram video ads are new for Super Bowl marketers this year, and Lowe's is buying two spots focusing on how to play host for Sunday's Big Game. The 15-second clips were shot with…

January 30, 2015, 4:27 PM EST

You Don't Need to Buy a Super Bowl Spot to Advertise During the Big Game Digital media boosts brands on a budget

When it comes to advertising, New England-based Nutri Ninja, which makes professional blenders, is mostly known for its infomercials. But after finding out that New England Patriots wide receiver Julian…

January 30, 2015, 8:00 AM EST

What $4.5 Million Could Buy If Spent on Social Ads Instead of Super Bowl Spots Digital's premium placements look like a bargain compared to TV

With NBC charging a record-setting $4.5 million for 30-second ads, it's no wonder brands are using digital media to either complement or replace a Super Bowl spot this year.  But how…

January 30, 2015, 7:08 AM EST

Here Are the Week's Top Brands for Instagram Videos The NBA once again rules the sports category

The Golden State Warriors are currently basketball's best team with a record of 36-7. But ask any NBA fan, and they'll tell you that the Bay Area squad is also…

January 29, 2015, 3:46 PM EST

Oh, Snap! Burger King Tweets a Little Snark About Outgoing McDonald's CEO It's unusual to see references to executives in rivals' social streams

One day after McDonald's revealed that CEO Don Thompson was stepping down after a bad year for the fast-food chain, its chief competitor went there. We always welcome everyone. — Burger…

January 29, 2015, 2:17 PM EST