Montel Williams Catches Big Flak After Tweeting That Civil Rights Activist Is 'No MLK'

Mocked for being a pitchman

Montel Williams, the talk-show host turned pitchman, stepped in it during the wee hours of the morning on Twitter. Just after 2 a.m. today, Williams tweeted at civil rights activist Deray…

Wendy's Joins the Pinterest Movement With These Cool Cinematic Pins

Fast food wants piece of future, too

Pinterest is all about the future. People pinning their digital desires—dream weddings, homes, vacations, wardrobes—give marketers a glimpse into their purchasing plans. Adweek responsive video player used on /video. …

American Pharoah Reps Are in Talks to Put the Triple Crown Winner on a Wheaties Box

It would make plenty of horse sense

Since American Pharoah won horse racing's first Triple Crown in 37 years on Saturday evening, branded merchandise sales have predictably been through the roof, and seemingly everyone wants a piece…

Why American Pharoah May Be the Most Brand-Friendly Horse Ever

Several deals already inked

The last time a horse won the Triple Crown—1978, when Affirmed did it—the sports marketing world was a very different place. In those days, the height of sophistication in sports-centric advertising…

Coke's New Twitter Ads Call Out Viewers by Name

Social promos get personal

Fifteen or so years ago, email marketers started following in the footsteps of their direct mail predecessors by including the recipient's name at the top of the message—and often in…

Here’s Why Mobile Video Is Confusing and Scares Advertisers

Report finds opportunity, big concerns

There is a consensus in advertising that mobile video is the future, but that future is still hazy. Mobile video can run in apps like Facebook, Snapchat and YouTube or be…

Hey Retailers, Pinterest Just Got a Whole Lot More Shoppable

'Buy It' button unveiled

Instagrammers aren't the only social media users who are going to see new shopping options after Pinterest just showed off its Buyable Pins. Brands like Macy's, Kate Spade, Cole Haan, Nordstrom and…

Instagram Unleashes a Fully Operational Ad Business

With shopping links and Facebook-powered targeting

Instagram's ad business is growing up fast thanks to a boost of new technology from Facebook. Today, the popular photo-sharing app with more than 300 million users and counting is…

Instagram's Creative Mastermind Gives This Advice on How to Make a Good Carousel Ad

Many images, one story

Brands are playing around with Instagram's new Carousel Ads, and Instagram's creative team is working directly with advertisers to come up with ways to use the slideshows. A carousel is simply one…

Vilified World Cup Brands Should Wonder if FIFA Sponsorship Is Worth the Trouble

Companies attract vitriol amid indictments, abuses

It was not a good day to be a World Cup sponsor. The anti-FIFA sentiment is growing so vocal and the corruption so deep that brands are starting to have…