More People Tweeted About Steve Harvey’s Miss Universe Flub Than Actually Watched It

Spectacular mistake instantly went viral

Sunday was a day for thrilling conclusions. The Carolina Panthers outlasted the New York Giants with a last-second field goal to preserve their perfect record. Showtime drama Homeland capped its strong…

How Mercedes-Benz Is Using Facebook and Instagram's Direct Messaging to Play Secret Santa

A social 'ho, ho, ho'

If you think direct-messaging features on social channels are marketing wastelands, guess again. Mercedes-Benz told Adweek that it gets roughly 100 direct messages daily from customers and prospects on social channels…

Infographic: How Voters Are Consuming Political News on Mobile Devices

1 in 3 follows a candidate on social media

Voters increasingly are turning to social media to stay informed about the 2016 presidential race. According to new data from programmatic advertising company RadiumOne, social channels are the second most…

Twitter Is Testing Promoted Tweets for the Guest Version of Its Site

Reaching out to people who don't log in

Twitter has begun beta testing promoted tweets and videos for the platform's logged-out experience, providing advertisers with a new way to scale campaigns for a larger audience outside the normal…

Facebook Unveils Tools to Help Businesses Keep Up With Customers' Comments

2.5 billion a month and counting

Facebook unveiled new features for Pages today that could help businesses better handle the flood of customer communication coming from mobile devices. The Menlo Park-based company announced that its total active…

Michael Kors Bet Big on Instagram Marquee Ads, and It's Paying Off

Longer-form videos had strong recall in several countries

It's been two months since Michael Kors became the first brand to test Instagram's new Marquee video ads, which it used to debut its Jet Set 6 Collection. And according to…

These 4 Celebrity Influencers Can Charge $230,000 for a Single Brand Post

Kendall Jenner is among the leaders

Kendall Jenner, Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift and Cara Delevigne are all worth $230,000 per social media post when the message appears across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, D'Marie told Adweek. The celebrities represent…

Hot List: The 24 Digital Brands, Startups and Games That Defined 2015

Your picks and ours, from Snapchat to Apple Watch

Technology historians will remember 2015 as the year when we first talked about robots and drones without a sense of irony. And they’ll note it was the year when the…

Infographic: Xbox and Amazon Drew Huge Social Buzz Going Into Black Friday

877,000 social conversations in last 7 days

This shopping season, Salesforce is using its live social tracker to better understand how, and how often, brands lead the Black Friday and Cyber Monday conversation online. The tool can be…

Twitter's Head of Retail Predicts 5 Holiday Trends You'll See on the Social Network

After year of product launches, it's all coming together

Black Friday is almost here, and as the holiday shopping season heats up, so does the advertising around it. Twitter, which now boasts more than 100,000 advertisers, should make its mark…