MTV's First Snapchat Series Dishes Out Sex Education in 10 Seconds or Less

Trojan signs on to sponsor 'Pants Off'

MTV is betting big on Snapchat as a way to remain relevant with teenagers, starting with its first series created specifically for the app. On Saturday, MTV will launch Pants Off,…

Hillary Clinton Laughs as Benghazi Burns in Donald Trump's Eerie Instagram Ad

It's the second time he's used the footage

Donald Trump has taken to Instagram to launch a new attack ad against Hillary Clinton, criticizing how the former secretary of state handed the 2012 attack against the U.S. consulate…

Taco Bell's Cinco de Mayo Snapchat Lens Was Viewed 224 Million Times

It's the top campaign in the app's history

Taco Bell has shattered a Snapchat record. Last week, the brand launched a sponsored lens campaign that turned consumers' heads into a giant taco shell to celebrate Cinco de Mayo—resulting…

The Economist Is Looking to Bolster Its Content With Virtual Reality and Mobile Video

British publisher stays on the cutting edge

The Economist says its reporting and visual storytelling can be just as smart in virtual reality as it is in print. At its Digital Content NewFronts presentation at The Standard High Line…

Why Items From Your Shopping Cart May Start Showing Up in Your Instagram Feed

The dynamic ads are highly effective

The subtly creepy, slyly effective Facebook ads everyone has gotten used to—the ones that show unpurchased items left in the online shopping cart—are now coming to Instagram. To capitalize on the app's…

Do You Accidentally Thumb Over Ads All the Time? Google's Working on That

Cutting back on all the extraneous mobile clicks

Everyone with a smartphone has accidentally thumbed over an ad they had absolutely no interest in seeing. Google wants to do something about it, while improving the user experience as…

Taco Bell and Snapchat Have Teamed Up to Turn You Into a Taco for Cinco de Mayo

With sauce hair and fire eyes

Ever wonder what it'd be like if your head turned into a taco, wobbling on your neck as pigeons pecked away at the shell? No? You're not alone. But for the few…

Even Without an Official Presence, Snapchat Is Everywhere at the NewFronts

Five publishers announce big initiatives

Snapchat may not be a presenter at the Digital Content NewFronts this week, but it's on the tip of the tongue of some of the biggest publishers pitching advertisers in…

Instagram Is Now Letting Marketers Use Videos in Its Swipeable Carousel Ads

Airbnb, Taco Bell and IBM among launch partners

Instagram is bringing videos to its Carousel ad format, allowing marketers to pick five videos—or a combination of videos and photos—for users to swipe through. Launch partners include Airbnb, Taco Bell, Hollister,…

BuzzFeed Is Now Getting 7 Billion Content Views a Month

'Tasty' network already up to 360 million

Despite a stage overloaded with emojis, BuzzFeed's NewFronts presentation was refreshingly simple and free of the bells and whistles buyers are likely to be inundated with over the next two weeks. BuzzFeed's…