Here Are 4 Reservations Agencies Still Have About VR as a Viable Marketing Tool

Medium is growing, but doubts remain

From Oculus finally announcing its long-awaited price and shipping date to GoPro CEO Nick Woodman saying that "there's nothing gimmicky about VR," virtual reality was one of the biggest draws at…

Marketers Can Now Run Studies to See How People Respond to Their Mobile Ads

Pairing targeting technology with brand-lift surveys

Outside of juggernauts like Facebook, marketers have struggled for years to deem mobile advertising effective, largely because smartphone-size campaigns lack the same measurement and targeting capabilities desktop advertisers expect. "What marketers…

Q&A: Why This Former Agency Exec Is Betting on Augmented Reality

MediaCom's Mark Fortner joins Blippar

American psychologist Barry Schwartz wrote about the "Paradox of Choice" in 2004, wherin he argued that the abudance of choices for consumers was leading to increased anxiety. One could argue…

Google Calls Its New Ad Option for App Developers 'an Install-Seeking Machine'

A brand using 'universal' is saving up to 50%

Google says developers running "universal app campaigns" across its network are finding them to be more cost-effective than ads run than other digital platforms. The Adwords-based campaign option, which Google introduced in…

Infographic: How Voters Are Consuming Political News on Mobile Devices

1 in 3 follows a candidate on social media

Voters increasingly are turning to social media to stay informed about the 2016 presidential race. According to new data from programmatic advertising company RadiumOne, social channels are the second most…

How Jeep Got Tech Geeks and Lifestyle Enthusiasts to Watch Its Ads on Yahoo

Pinpointing specific mobile users shopping for cars

Despite all the negative chatter about Marissa Mayer's leadership and increasing pressure from Wall Street, brands like Jeep are seeing success advertising on Yahoo. The automaker recently ran a native video…

Google Says Search Intent Matters More for Marketers Than Users' Identity

It's all about the micro-moments

If anyone has a stake in keeping you searching, it's Google. So it make sense that the company's focusing at least as much on learning what users want as it…

4 Big Developments That Show Why Snapchat Was 2015's Buzziest Platform

From vertical video to sponsored selfies

When Snapchat's CEO Evan Spiegel took the main stage at this year's Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, the crème de la crème of advertising conferences, his company's prominent place…

Canon's Digital Billboards Help New Yorkers Take the Perfect Instagram Picture

200 customizable tips in key locations

Here's a fun way to step up your Instagram game. Starting today, Canon and 360i are setting up pop-up digital billboards around New York's most photographed locations to help people…

5 Things Brands Need to Know About WeChat, China's Mobile Giant

An explainer on the country's fascinating social landscape

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Snapchat are the platforms that get most of marketers' love in the U.S., but digital practitioners could learn a thing or two from WeChat, China's booming…