Apple Watch Sales Eclipsed the iPhone in Its First Year, but Agencies Have Already Moved On

Marketers haven't seen payoff yet

One year after making a splash as the next "it" device for marketers, Apple Watch has slipped noticeably in the estimation of many marketers. Earlier this week, Apple reported it has…

Snapchatters Are Now Watching 10 Billion Videos Every Day

War between red-hot app and Facebook heats up

Snapchat is officially part of the 10 billion club. Today, Bloomberg reported that 10 billion videos are now viewed each day on the ephemeral photo- and video-sharing app, up from…

This Agency's Summer Interns Imagined What Brands Will Look Like on Snapchat in 2020

Space150 got 230,000 views on its photo filters

Intern season is in full swing, and agencies are increasingly finding their newest summer hires on Tinder, Snapchat and Instagram. In March, digital shop Space150 ran a two-week campaign using Snapchat's…

Infographic: How Women Want to Interact With Brands Online

Websites and social accounts still trump apps

According to a new study conducted for Adweek by product review and discovery platform Influenster, brands need to move even further toward mobile if they want to make meaningful connections…

How a Chatbot Helped This Vinyl Records Startup Make $1 Million in 8 Months

The Edit is part algorithm, part human touch

Chatbots already have a little bit of a bad name. Early reviews for the ones on Facebook Messenger have been rough due to apparent malfunctions, and Microsoft's Tay has been an utter…

People Freaked Out When AMC Theaters Floated a Pro-Texting Policy for Movies, So It Reversed Course

A brief brouhaha

AMC Theaters floated the idea of changing its policy to allow texting during movies this week, and it lasted about as long as a Snapchat message.  Speaking with Variety on Wednesday, AMC…

Starbucks Turns Snapchat Selfies Into Playfully Fun Ads to Promote Its New Loyalty Program

Will it help ease recent backlash?

Starbucks pushes its loyalty program on Snapchat. Twitter: @SashaHalima Starbucks is the latest brand betting on Snapchat's 6-month-old Sponsored Lens ad format that overlays graphics on the app's ephemeral photos and videos.…

Will Facebook Messenger's Updated Platform Cause a Rise in Chatbots?

How brands can benefit from the change

Yesterday, Facebook unveiled a major update to its Messenger app, that allows developers to create chatbots for brands through its chatbot API. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg's announcement has major implications for…

New Research Finds That the Average Mobile Ad Takes 5 Seconds to Load

Media Rating Council shares its stats

A week after issuing its first set of guidelines about mobile viewability, George Ivie, CEO and executive director of the Media Rating Council, explained what the changes mean for marketers…

New Study Shows Millennials Prefer Short Mobile Videos, While Older Crowds Like Long-form

The difference between 10 and 30 seconds

A new study says millennials who view videos on their phones resonate more with brands that take a short-form approach to spots, while older audiences tend to agree more with…