With These Products, Google Is Beefing Up Its Push Into TV

How the company is helping keep the medium alive

When you do a Google search for "TV is dead," you get 338 million results. Daniel Alegre, Google's president of global partnerships, says he's "not going to be person 338…

Gmail's April Fools' Joke Causes Many Users to Send Inappropriately Goofy Messages

'Mic Drop' may have cost one person a job

     Google's April Fools' Day joke went awry and may have cost someone a job.   Next to the "Reply" button in Gmail, the digital giant added a "Mic Drop" button, which…

Google's Swipeable Car Ads Are Turning Search Into a Mobile Showroom

Toyota's happy with early results

Google's Model Automotive Ads let users swipe through images of car interiors and exteriors. Google is continuing to drive home the idea of micromoments by turning auto ads into beautiful, swipeable,…

Infographic: As Social Platforms Grow Older, So Do Their Users

Women outnumber men on social media

By now it's a cliché to point out that Facebook's launch 12 years ago and all social platforms that followed have completely altered the way the world exchanges information. Media…

5 Things Google's Director of Self-Driving Cars Has Learned So Far About the Vehicles

Spoiler: no release date has been set

The director of Google's self-driving cars unit says the vehicles have come a long way since the program started eight years ago, but that there's still no release date. Speaking Friday, the…

Google Launched Faster-Loading Mobile Pages Today for a Bevy of News Sites

How AMP could help readers and advertisers

Google AMP officially launched today, and the search giant's new feature promises to help some mobile pages load more quickly and combat ad fraud. AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages,…

Google Search Leads the Way, as Alphabet Beats Earnings Expectations

Ad revenue soars while moonshot projects lose billions

Google still makes up most of the Alphabet. In its first report that separates the advertising business from special projects like self-driving cars and package-delivering drones, the Google parent company's fourth-quarter…

Here Are the 8 Most Annoying Types of Ads That Google Blocked in 2015

780 million bad promos got the boot

If you spent one second looking at every single bad ad that Google saved you from viewing last year, it'd take around 25 years to get through them all.  How many…

Google Hopes Super Bowl Advertisers Choose It Over Twitter for Real-Time Marketing

Wix will test out YouTube's instant ads

Brands are notorious for pulling out all the digital marketing bells and whistles during the Super Bowl, and Google hopes to take a bite out of Twitter's reputation as brands'…

Google Calls Its New Ad Option for App Developers 'an Install-Seeking Machine'

A brand using 'universal' is saving up to 50%

Google says developers running "universal app campaigns" across its network are finding them to be more cost-effective than ads run than other digital platforms. The Adwords-based campaign option, which Google introduced in…