Google Search Leads the Way, as Alphabet Beats Earnings Expectations

Ad revenue soars while moonshot projects lose billions

Google still makes up most of the Alphabet. In its first report that separates the advertising business from special projects like self-driving cars and package-delivering drones, the Google parent company's fourth-quarter…

Here Are the 8 Most Annoying Types of Ads That Google Blocked in 2015

780 million bad promos got the boot

If you spent one second looking at every single bad ad that Google saved you from viewing last year, it'd take around 25 years to get through them all.  How many…

Google Hopes Super Bowl Advertisers Choose It Over Twitter for Real-Time Marketing

Wix will test out YouTube's instant ads

Brands are notorious for pulling out all the digital marketing bells and whistles during the Super Bowl, and Google hopes to take a bite out of Twitter's reputation as brands'…

Google Calls Its New Ad Option for App Developers 'an Install-Seeking Machine'

A brand using 'universal' is saving up to 50%

Google says developers running "universal app campaigns" across its network are finding them to be more cost-effective than ads run than other digital platforms. The Adwords-based campaign option, which Google introduced in…

Google Says Search Intent Matters More for Marketers Than Users' Identity

It's all about the micro-moments

If anyone has a stake in keeping you searching, it's Google. So it make sense that the company's focusing at least as much on learning what users want as it…

Google Is Testing Ads That Let Consumers Demo Mobile Apps Before Downloading

Could be a win for mobile marketers

Ever wished you could try a mobile app before wasting time, money and precious data on actually downloading it? Google wants to let would-be users test drive them. Today, Google is…

This Fashion Brand Just Released Its New Lookbook in Google Street View

Take a tour of OneMeth's latest streetwear

If you're a streetwear brand, what better way to show off your fashions than through Google Street View? Clothing label OneMeth has done just that with what it's calling Google Streetwear…

Infographic: When and Where Do Black Friday's Biggest Crowds Actually Hit?

Google's look at foot traffic finds a few surprises

More than ever before, Google wants to help shoppers navigate the wretched non-holiday known as Black Friday. Today, the online Santa of search is showing when and where people head…

Google Unveils New Programmatic Native and Full-Screen Mobile Video Ads

Continues to expand its offerings

Google is now offering programmatic ads for native content and mobile video publishers, working with its DoubleClick clients like eBay. Such publishers can make native ad units available for programmatic demand…

Google Is Now Publishing Holiday Store Hours for Maps and Search

The feature is available for shoppers worldwide

We've all been there: Drive all the way to a store to buy a last-minute gift...only to find your lifeline has already locked its doors. Google is trying to cut down…