2 More Ad-Tech Players Have Blacklisted Breitbart

TubeMogul and Rocket Fuel join growing list

Due to the uproar over President-elect Donald Trump's decision to appoint former Brietbart chairman Steve Bannon to his administration, a growing number of ad-tech companies are pulling the plug on…

After Trump's Win, Security Groups and Marketers Are Anxious About Digital Privacy

Some already are taking a stand

Is Big Brother about go to "bigly?" President-elect Donald Trump has many consumers and marketers concerned about online security. When Trump becomes president on Jan. 20, there is widespread belief that…

Despite Post-Election Depression, Social Chatter Around Black Friday Is Mostly Positive

Salesforce looked at past 30 days

Despite the negative nature of pre- and post-election social, Americans seem to at least be on the up and up when it comes to shopping. According to an analysis of social…

Infographic: 4 Predictions From Google About Black Friday Shopping This Year

The trends search data is picking up

While U.S. retailers are getting ready for the holiday shopping season to begin in earnest, shoppers are already turning to Google to research the latest trends and deals. Ahead of Black…

How the Election Hurt Ecommerce and 6 Other Interesting Digital Marketing Stats

Plus, plenty of retail data

With the presidential election behind us and the holidays ahead, there's been an interesting mix of digital marketing stats this week. Check out seven that caught our eye: 1. Voting at…

Facebook Is Winding Down Its Atlas Ad Serving Platform

Will shift its focus to measurement offerings

Facebook plans on winding down its Atlas ad serving platform to focus on improving the company's measurement capabilities. The news, announced today, comes just days after Facebook unveiled plans for increasing transparency with…

Sprinklr Acquires Startup to Help It Match Social Influencers With Brands

Little Bird will enhance audience insights and analytics

Sprinklr has acquired a company that could help brands better identify influencers by analyzing connections across social platforms. The New York-based company is bringing Portland-based Little Bird into its social nest. The…

Study Projects Addressable TV Advertising Will Double by 2018

Marketers can reach specific demographics

All of that data talk around this year's upfronts is paying off, to the tune of nearly $1 billion in addressable advertising spend this year—and that number is likely to…

How PopSugar's New Tool Will Help You Stay Ahead of Social Media Trends

Because 'your social page is the new homepage'

On Facebook, the Trending Topics section can sometimes lead you astray. Aside from potential fake news articles, the topics aren't so much "trending" as they are "trending three days ago." Enter…

Snapchat Signs Data Deal With Foursquare for Better Targeted Geofilters

Opens up more specific location-based advertising

Snapchat ads are getting a bit more targeted. The mobile app has inked a deal with Foursquare to power its location-based geofilters with more data that marketers can use to…