Infographic: Marketers Are Spending 500% More on Millennials Than All Others Combined

Data from Turn breaks down Gen Y into 4 groups

There are 75 million millennials in the U.S., and everyone knows advertisers are infatuated with the idea of winning over the biggest buying bloc. But just how much more is…

This Data Visualization Shows You Facebook's Hottest Topics From October

Infographic bodes well for Star Wars

Below, you'll see the third edition of Facebook Hot Topics, a new partnership between Facebook IQ and Adweek to keep our readers up to speed every month on the latest…

8 Intriguing and Fun Digital Marketing Stats From the Past Week

From Facebook's huge traffic impact to clip-on man buns

The past week of digital marketing data involved everything from serious stats on Facebook's diminishing referrals for some publishers to the a goofy clip-on man bun going viral on Groupon. 1.…

Infographic: Consumers Want Holiday Content, and They Want It Now

Creators can hardly keep up

A new study from content discovery platform Outbrain highlights content consumption trends for the 2014 holiday season from November through New Year's Eve. These insights can mean big business for…

How Pandora Aims to Double Its Number of Relevant Ads With Cross-Device Data

Music service hones targeting with Krux

Pandora last week said its third-quarter ad revenues rose 31 percent year over year to $255 million, seemingly underscoring the narrative that the digital music service attracts brands because of…

Neustar Buys MarketShare Partners for $450 Million

Marrying ad data with predictive analytics

Advertising technology company Neustar announced today that it is acquiring marketing analytics company MarketShare Partners for $450 million.  MarketShare helps its clients—including Ford, Intel and CarMax—forecast and examine their ad spending…

Here Are 9 Fascinating Digital Marketing Stats From the Past Week

Facebook lurkers and wearables users are increasing

We've selected nine of the most interesting digital marketing stats from the past seven days. Enjoy them below: 1. Facebook users are becoming lurkers. A new GlobalWebIndex report said 34 percent of…

This New Viewability Tool Aims to Put Publishers and Marketers on the Same Page

Integral Ad Science tries to match up measurements

While the subject of viewability has gained plenty of steam among marketers over the past few years, brands and publishers often grade their ads on different metrics. Today, measurement firm Integral…

This New Program Aims to Stop Ad Bot Owners From Getting Paid

Google, AOL, WPP, Omnicom and Publicis support TAG

Trustworthy Accountability Group, an anti ad-fraud player, today is announcing a Verified by TAG program that costs $10,000 annually for digital ad sellers like publishers, ad exchanges and agencies to…

Why Dannon Is Betting Big on Programmatic Video

Pushing content to reach 'the right consumer'

Even yogurt is going programmatic. As part of a move to take roughly 15 percent to 20 percent of its video buying programmatic in the next year, Dannon recently became…