Snapchat Is Trying to Get Publishers to Cut Back on Racy and Misleading Content

Cleaning up Discover ahead of a spring IPO

Snapchat Discover is one of today's hottest sources of news, but it's possibly ... too hot? With an expected IPO just months away, Snapchat wants to start cleaning up Discover's often…

Yahoo Is Pushing Back Its Sale to Verizon Until the Second Quarter

Although the company did beat earnings estimates

Yahoo says its planned sale to Verizon is still happening, but it's going to take a little longer than expected. In its fourth quarters earnings report released today, the ailing tech company…

Time Inc. Acquires Ad-Tech Company Adelphic to Beef Up Programmatic Advertising

It's the latest in a string of digital deals

As Time Inc. continues to pivot from being seen as a print magazine publisher to a digital media player, the company has acquired programmatic ad-tech company Adelphic. Adelphic will join Viant,…

Someone Bought and Is Oddly Redirecting Traffic to NYT's Story

And it wasn't the Times

As the political climate gets stormier, the internet is becoming weirder. The New York Times published an article Sunday about "alternative facts" after Kellyanne Conway, senior advisor to President Donald Trump, hours…

This Site for Young Millennials 'Democratizes Content' by Showing a Full Spectrum of Viewpoints

Odyssey's readers get different takes on issues at every turn

On Odyssey, you might find heartwarming hometown heroes next to political- or issue-based essays about the fear that comes with Donald Trump's inauguration. Or, you might come across a critique of…

Yahoo Is Under Scrutiny for Delaying Disclosure of Its Massive Data Breach

The SEC is reportedly investigating

Just like consumers' data histories never fully disappear, the same goes for companies and their data woes. The Securities and Exchange Commission is reportedly investigating whether Yahoo's decision to delay disclosure…

Google Is Developing a Cloud-Based Measurement Service for Advertisers

Could help with cross-screen targeting

Google has begun developing a cloud-based measurement tool that it says could help advertisers gain more insights while protecting privacy across devices. In a blog post published today, Google said it's…

James Harden's Beard Has a Big Role in Trolli's 'Beardsketball' Game for Snapchat Spectacles

Periscope created the quirky campaign

Last year, Trolli, the sour gummy brand owned by Ferrara Candy, used James Harden's beard as the model for a new candy and featured it prominently in quirky TV spots. Now,…

President Trump Now Has a Snapchat Account as Part of His Social Media Switch Up

In addition to his 2 Twitter accounts

After being sworn in as the 45th president of the United States today, Donald J. Trump's social team is already at work setting up his social profiles and accounts. Meanwhile, the…

White House Website Scrubbed of LGBT, Climate Change, Healthcare and Civil Rights Mentions

Changes happened as Trump was sworn in

Immediately after Donald Trump was sworn in as the 45th president of the United States, some changes were made to the White House's official website and social media accounts. Though the…

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