YouTube Brandcast

Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat Could Soon Host NewFronts Shows of Their Own

Google will attempt to wow advertisers in New York tonight with its fifth annual YouTube Brandcast for the Digital Content NewFronts. Google is being tight-lipped about the entertainment, but it will likely be buzzy—whether trotting out celebrities like Jennifer Garner (2012),

YouTube’s ‘Google Preferred’ Has a 1% Ad Tier, Too

When YouTube rolled out its Google Preferred advertising platform last week at the Digital Content NewFronts, the video site's executives lauded the ability for brands to target pre-roll ads against the top 5 percent of the most popular content in areas like

At the YouTube Brandcast NewFront, Pharrell at Least Is Happy [Video]

Hubris to the power of 10 from Vice's Shane Smith, just one of the Internet personalities making online video for marketers to put their ads next to.