Ad of the Day: Xfinity Turns a Real Grandma’s House Into a Digital Paradise for the Holidays

Entering the gates of hell, where there's no wifi and no shows—aka, Grandma's.

What Will Kevin Hart Do Next? Well, for Starters, This Ad Campaign for Xfinity

Kevin Hart's upcoming stand-up concert film is called What Now? Which is the question he poses to his uninterested wife and son in this Xfinity ad by 72andSunny New York.

Comcast Has Combined Its Linear and Digital Olympic Feeds to Make Watching the Games Easier

As the Olympics unfold, NBCUniversal is offering so much linear and digital Rio Olympic programming—6,755 hours overall—that not even the people behind it are quite sure how viewers should try to consume it all. "I have no idea.

Amazon Now Wants to Sell You TV and Internet Packages

Amazon quietly launched an e-commerce channel in the last couple of days that's selling TV-and-Internet-bundles from Comcast Xfinity. Called Amazon Cable Store, the channel represents a partnership between the two companies.

Here’s a Look at All the Parts of Levi’s Stadium That Are Sponsored by Brands


How the Steady Stream of Creative Talent Moving From N.Y. to L.A. Became a Flood

A dyed-in-the-wool New York advertising professional, Patricia Korth-McDonnell had heard all the clichés about Los Angeles as an endless parking lot, a cultural wasteland and, perhaps most relevant, a professional dead end at best and career suicide at worst.

How USA’s Mr. Robot Hacked the Problem of Summer TV

In a summer stuffed with more TV options than ever, the most buzzed about show wasn't Orange Is the New Black or True Detective, but Mr. Robot, USA's acclaimed new hacker drama. An antithesis to USA's usual "blue skies" formula, Mr.

This Bites! Sharknado 3 Is Basically Just 2 Hours of Comcast-Branded Content

There have only been a handful of TV moments that became true social media phenomena, but the original Sharknado certainly qualifies.

Emmitt Smith Printed and Signed 400 Fan Tweets, Including a Marriage Proposal

Most tweets have a shelf life shorter than a fourth down on the goal line, but a few hundred Emmitt Smith fans will be keeping their tweets around for a good long time. To help promote Comcast Xfinity's live sports coverage by "re-imagining the sports autograph experience," Goodby, Silverstein & Partners arranged a Twitter event Monday night, when the legendary running back signed printed banners made from real tweets. The #SignMyTweet hashtag was used more than 3,100 times, according to Goodby reps, and about 400 were signed. The printouts will be mailed to the fans.  The highlight was definitely Smith's signing of a marriage proposal, which (thankfully for all involved) ended in a yes: @XFINITYSports @papasmurf2014 Oh there was no question! She definitely said yes! — Dawn Littke (@Mama_Smurf_85) November 25, 2014 (Sure, we could skeptically note that her account is brand new and therefore the whole thing could be fake, but it's not unreasonable to think she would have created a Twitter account after Emmitt signed his name across a tweet about her.) A few other highlights:

Venables Bell & Partners Hires New Head of Strategy

Venables Bell & Partners has hired veteran planner Michael Davidson to run its strategy department.