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Despite Promises to Advertisers, Microsoft Disbands Xbox TV Studio

Microsoft's digital TV strategy is toast, with its Los Angeles studio closing during this massive round of layoffs.

Microsoft Punishes Xbox Gamers Over Dirty Words

Watch your language while gaming with Microsoft. Today, the company had to admit to punishing Xbox One owners who cursed in videos posted on the platform.The new Xbox One went on sale last week, moving more than 1 million units, the first new video game console in almost a decade.

Twitch Lands $20 Million in Series C Funding

As Twitch (formerly continues its run as one of the most popular gaming sites on the Web, the company has raised another $20 million in series C funding to expand still further.

Twitch Announces PS4 Presence

Now you can easily share clips of yourself playing video games with all of your PlayStation friends.

Red Bull’s Xbox Videos Garner 14-Minute Engagement Rate

Red Bull has been averaging 14 minutes of consumer engagement via Xbox Live video banners as part of the brand's current "World of Red Bull" campaign.

Thrillist’s Shane Rahmani Moves to Electus

Shane Rahmani, formerly of Thrillist, has taken a new position with Electus, effective immediately.

OneBeat Launching Electronic Dance Music App on Xbox Live

OneBeat, a company that calls itself the "voice of electronic dance music" (EDM), is releasing an app on Tuesday for Xbox Live, which will house 11 new original shows focused on EDM culture, showcasing the DJS, festivals and party-goers that make up the scene.In addition to the shows, the app will eventually include live performances, an events calendar and ticket sales, according to the company. OneBeat also plans to incorporate second-screen features around the content in another iteration of the app.

First Mover: Nancy Tellem

Specs Age 58 New gig President, entertainment and digital media, Microsoft Old gig President, CBS Entertainment Group Tell me about the new gig.

Xbox Lands Top Programming Exec

The Xbox is more popular as an entertainment device than gaming console, and is looking to take its ballooning T

When It Comes to Ads in Games, These Guys Aren’t Playing Around

Team Detroit is late.Reps from the WPP agency were supposed to arrive for their meeting with Electronic Arts at 2 p.m. on June 5, but the client, Ford Motor Co., seems to have its time zones mixed up. But it’s no problem—this is L.A., after all.