How the Hyphen Is Shaping the Future of Advertising

Every month, some conference, roundtable, festival interview or trade column presents another thought leader offering a jargon-infested declaration stating that whatever you currently accept as normal is now dead.

Top 10 Web Video Series: Brutally Honest Look at the Latest X-Men Movie

If there's one thing that the folks at Honest Trailers do best, they know exactly how to skewer the basic truth out of movies—and they don't spare critically acclaimed ones such as X-Men:

Oculus Rift Takes Center Stage at Comic-Con

While you can read about how your favorite characters solved a crisis or watch a movie about a doomsday scenario, there's still something to be said about going through the heart-stopping action for yourself.

How ‘Honest Trailers’ Picks (and Profits From) the Movies It Skewers

Whether it's pointing out the litany of forgettable characters on Game of Thrones or how Queen Elsa of Frozen is really a manic-depressive with god-like powers,

X-Men Meet Mad Men in Quiznos’ Newest Pop Culture Sandwich

Quiznos' Toasty.tv, a branded content hub that got an early boost from a popular Game of Thrones-House of Cards mashup, is once again pounding together two pop culture icons.

Magneto Killed JFK, Says Creepy Campaign for the Next X-Men Movie

Here's an inspired (if morbid) bit of viral movie marketing: Marvel has created a site called TheBentBullet.com that chronicles supervillain Magneto's role in assassinating President John F. Kennedy.

Trask Industries Celebrates 50 Years of Mutant Annihilation on New X-Men Site

Twentieth Century Fox has ramped up its marketing machine in anticipation of the next X-Men movie, X-Men: Days of Future Past, out next May, by creating fictional advertising for Trask Industries. Trask is the evil corporation in X-Men, creators of the Sentinels—giant robots that kill mutants—and other fun anti-mutant devices. They also dabble in mutant containment and genetic research. Ignition Creative in Los Angeles made the commercial, which comes with a website and some delightful anti-mutant propaganda posters up on the movie's Tumblr. It's wonderful if already a bit formulaic fan service that's almost required for all good sci-fi movie openings these days. It's too bad the timing of the campaign release coincides with The Wolverine biting it at the box office.

‘Army Strong’ on Facebook and in Hollywood

The Army wants to be your friend, on Facebook. The latest phase of U.S. Army recruitment ads is working toward penetration of the social media sphere.