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Meet the Agency That Dreamed Up Life-Size Hot Wheels

It’s not often that advertisers get to break world records. But when Mistress Creative, a boutique agency based in Los Angeles, was tasked with helping Mattel’s Hot Wheels reach a new demographic, the team members minds went immediately to stunts. Big ones.

The NBA’s Instagram Team Doesn’t Need LeBron to Score

The National Basketball Association has held a Dr. J-like grip on the No.

Instagram Absolutely Loved This Young Woman’s Snowboarding Stunt

It's a great time of year for sports, with the NBA Finals, the French Open in its final stretch, the World Cup almost here and the MLB regular season in full swing.

Sports Brands Are Winning Big With Instagram Videos

Earlier this month, fashion brands were dominating the weekly VideoWatch/Shareablee top 10 chart for Instagram videos.

Mercedes’ Key to Instagram Success: Drive With the Doors Open

While the National Basketball Association sits atop the VideoWatch/Shareablee top 10 rankings for brands for the third week in a row, per usual, our list has a new entry that's

In Monopoly’s Battle of the Brands, Carnival Crushes Coke, Nestlé and More

Some of the world’s largest brands are squaring off today in a high-stakes game of ... Monopoly. Well, kinda. To promote its new, brand-centric game, Monopoly Empire, Hasbro is hosting a Facebook “Battle of the Brands” featuring several of the companies featured in the game. The goal is to see which brand can get 5,000 Likes on its #BattleoftheBrands Facebook post first. Participating are Carnival Cruise Lines, Transformers, Chevrolet, Fender Guitar, Nestlé, Beats by Dre, eBay, X Games, Nerf, Ducati, Electronic Arts, JetBlue, Coca-Cola and Yahoo. As of this writing, Carnival had already blown past the 5,000-Like mark in a mere two hours, despite having just 2.2 million fans, a mere fraction of Coca-Cola’s 73.6 million. A few brands, namely Beats by Dre, JetBlue and Chevrolet, were past 2,000 Likes, while poor eBay and EA apparently forgot to participate altogether—or at least hadn’t posted anything two hours into the competition. Perhaps even sadder, Nestlé and Yahoo did participate but hadn't broken 200 Likes yet. While it may not be a true test of brand potency, today's challenge sure is a telling reminder that there's a big difference between having a lot of fans and knowing how to put them to use. After the jump, check out a fun gallery of branded images Monopoly created to tease the contest.