Grey London Wants to Change the WWF Logo From a Panda to a Disappearing Polar Bear

The World Wildlife Fund, dedicated to protecting the future of nature, has used the giant panda in its iconic black and white logo since 1961. But should the logo be updated, since the panda is no longer in danger of becoming extinct—but other wildlife is in critical danger due to global warming? In September, the International Union for Conservation of Nature announced that the giant panda is no longer an endangered species, but rather "vulnerable." But while giant pandas may be safe for the time being, polar bears aren't as lucky. Recently, Grey London saw a report that said with the rise of global warming polar bear numbers are likely to fall by one-third in the next 40 years. A major cause of that is human activity. With that in mind, a group of creatives from the agency came up with a new WWF logo, featuring the poster animal for climate change—the polar bear. 

The World Wildlife Fund Made These Creepy Halloween Masks of Environmental Horrors

On Halloween, our greatest fears become playthings, cheeky options for dress-up and candy. But who's seriously afraid of vampires, zombies and werewolves anymore? Our fears have changed. And the World Wildlife Fund of Canada thinks costumes should, too. With help from Sid Lee Toronto and the Sid Lee Collective, it's getting into the holiday spirit with a line of masks that depict—wait for it!—blood-curdling environmental issues. 

WWF Now Lets You Donate by Tweeting the Emojis of Endangered Animals

Among the gajillion emoji campaigns out there right now, here's a clever one.Wieden + Kennedy London creatives Jason Scott and Joris Philippart recently had an idea for how to use emojis to help endangered animals. So, the agency approached the WWF with a proposal. The result is the #EndangeredEmoji campaign, which launches just in time for Endangered Species Day this Friday.

WWF Snaps #Lastselfie of Endangered Animals

The Danish branch of the World Wildlife Fund is taking advantage of the fleeting nature of Snapchat to illustrate just how quickly it takes for an endangered species to be wiped off this planet.

Grand Prix for Good: Ants March With Leaf Billboards in BBDO’s WWF Stunt

CANNES, France—One of the biggest cheers at Saturday's award ceremony here at Cannes Lions was reserved for the Grand Prix for Good winner, which amusingly and ingeniously harnessed the power of leaf-cutter ants to make a political statement.The stunt, "The Ant Rally," created by BBDO Dusseldorf (and production company Parasol Island) for the World Wildlife Fund, involved laser-carving tiny messages about saving the rainforest into leaves and then having the ants march around with them. It's certainly the best bugvertising we've seen in a while—at least since Jung von Matt attached little aerial billboards to flies. (That was also in Germany.)"The Ant Rally" also won a silver in the Branded Content & Entertainment Lions category this year, and a bronze in the Direct Lions.Introduced in 2010, the Grand Prix for Good recognizes the work of the nonprofit organizations and charities, which are not eligible to win the Grand Prix in other categories. Droga5 won last year for packaging marrow-donor registrations with Help Remedies' adhesive bandage products.

Fast Chat: Angus Hyland on Penguins, Michelin Man

What makes a successful logo? A successful logo is one that endures. It’s got to eventually be honest to the product it describes. It’s got to be simple. It’s got to be functional. And it has to have that other thing: It’s got to have character. Is there any classic cautionary tale?

Flick of a switch controls this Earth Hour ad

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Latest WWF spot not terribly offensive at all

This animated clip by Bostock and Pollitt for World Wildlife Fund U.K. illustrates the domino theory of taking personal action to help improve Earth's climate. The cityscape at the start […]

What other WWF ads has DDB Brazil done?

In their joint apology for the now-infamous 9/11 ad, DDB Brazil and WWF Brazil mentioned their previous collaborations: "The two entities have worked together for three years to mobilize people, […]

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