World Series

The World Series and NFL Fuel a Fall Advertising Windfall for Fox Sports

Saying "be careful what you wish for, because you just might get it" is usually a warning, but it was more like a mantra for the Fox Sports ad sales team this year, after a Chicago Cubs-Cleveland Indians World Series that offered everything they could ever have dreamed of, and more.

The Cubs’ Game 7 Win Is the Most-Watched World Series Game in 25 Years

For one week, at least, baseball is once again bigger than football: 40 million people tuned in Wednesday night to watch the Chicago Cubs win its first World Series title in 108 years.

Apple Brings the iPhone 7 to Game 7, Springing for a Slot on the World Series Finale

We don't know whether the Chicago Cubs or the Cleveland Indians will emerge victorious in tonight's historic World Series Game 7. But we can predict one winner in advance—the bronzed bloke from Apple's latest iPhone 7 commercial, set to air on the telecast. He's a bit like the Southern Comfort guy—if he got himself together and took an interest in sports instead of just slumming on the beach. He has a similar tan and wordless swagger, as he sets up his iPhone 7 to play some epic trumpet music ("La Virgen de la Macarena") and ascends a diving platform for a display of manly (and a little goofy) performance.

Delta Will Get Some Mets Fans to the World Series, by Boat

The Fall Classic makes its return to Queens tonight, when the New York Mets play the first World Series game at Citi Field, which opened in 2009. And Delta is giving some ticket holders a unique way to get to the ballpark just south of Flushing Bay.

7 Totally Awesome TV Spots From the Last Time the Royals Were in the World Series

When Kansas City hosts San Francisco in Game 1 of the World Series tonight on Fox, expect the year 1985 to be referenced about 1,985 times during the broadcast.

Red Sox Drive Solid World Series Ratings

In clinching their third World Series title in 10 years, the Boston Red Sox helped Fox post solid, if unspectacular, ratings.

Boston Blowout Doesn’t Put a Damper on World Series Ratings

An unhittable Jon Lester and a bevvy of bearded batsmen may have turned Game 1 of the 2013 World Series into a blowout, but that didn’t seem to shake up Fox’s prime-time ratings.

USA Today Takes Its Ad Meter Beyond the Super Bowl

Ad Meter: It’s not just for Super Bowl ads anymore. USA Today is expanding its Super Bowl ad-rating platform to other categories of sports media.

Super Bowl Buys: It All ‘Ads’ Up

The going rate for 30 seconds of airtime in Super Bowl XLVII was a little shy of $4 million, and if recent trends are any indication, this year’s broadcast also could be more cluttered than ever.

Grin and (Panda) Bear It

While it may be a lot of fun to watch Kung Fu Panda swat dingers over the fence at AT&T Park in San Francisco, Pablo Sandoval’s historic performance in Game 1 of the 2012 World Series may have hampered Fox’s ratings.