10 Ads You Won’t Want to Miss During Super Bowl 50

Once again, the anticipation around ads in the Super Bowl rivals that of the game itself—and brands are looking to capitalize on that excitement by rolling out their spots, or at least teasers, early.

4 Social Platforms That Could Steal Big Super Bowl Bucks Away From Twitter

While Twitter will likely remain marketers' go-to platform to build Super Bowl social buzz, Snapchat, Facebook, Google and Instagram are all hustling this year to grab a greater share of ad dollars.

Google Hopes Super Bowl Advertisers Choose It Over Twitter for Real-Time Marketing

Brands are notorious for pulling out all the digital marketing bells and whistles during the Super Bowl, and Google hopes to take a bite out of Twitter's reputation as brands' go-to platform for real-time marketing this year.

Wix Is Returning to the Super Bowl With a Hollywood Studio as Its Creative Partner

After introducing itself to America in 2015 at the year's biggest advertising event, Tel Aviv-based website-development company Wix.com says it will return for Super Bowl 50.

Super Bowl Ads Low on Testosterone, High on Cultural Awareness

Can you hear that? That's the sound of the National Football League breathing a huge sigh of relief that advertisers still want to sidle up to the Super Bowl buffet, after a rocky year that gave "let's go to the videotape" entirely new meaning.

Only 46% of Super Bowl Advertisers Will Score Consumer Engagement

Less than half of the advertisers for Super Bowl XLIX should expect consumer brand engagement from their $4.5 million spots, according to Brand Keys 13 Annual Super Bowl Ad Engagement Survey. Out of 26 brands known to be advertising during the Big Game, just 12, or 46 percent, are expected to garner brand engagement, lower than the average of 50 percent. 

Retired NFL Stars Find Absurd New Callings in Super Bowl Ad for Wix.com

Wix.com is gearing up to make its Super Bowl advertising debut, and it has tapped five storied ex-NFL stars—Brett Favre, Terrell Owens, Emmitt Smith, Larry Allen and Franco Harris—to help introduce the Web company to mainstream America.

Israel’s Silicon Wadi

Avishai Abrahami sits on the rooftop patio of his five-year-old Web company, Wix.com, contemplating the scene below. The Mediterranean Sea gleams in the late afternoon sun, shedding rays on the wooden planks of the uber-popular Namal boardwalk at the Tel Aviv port on the city’s north end.