New York’s Stellar Coverage of the Craziest Election in History Makes It Magazine of the Year

The longest presidential campaign any of us can remember—with one of the most shocking outcomes, at least to the media—not only dominated our consciousness and conversation in 2016, it also […]

Want to Block Ads? Wired Will Start Charging You for It

Tech publisher Wired, which found that more than 20 percent of its daily readers use ad-blocking software, thinks it's found a way to recoup some of that lost advertising revenue: start charging users for blocking ads.

Wired Interviews Lex Luthor in Fiendishly Fun Escalation of Comic-Book Movie Marketing

Comic books are about world-building. The marketing for film adaptations of comics follows the same format: It cultivates an ever-expanding universe, one even populated with fictional advertising for key players.  But now that Hollywood is making more and more comic-book sequels, every movie's universe is increasingly related and intertwined. This is a big deal. As Wired put it in its last issue, "The shared universe represents something rare in Hollywood: a new idea." As a result, the fictional corporate worlds that accompany them—and their commercial interests—have also grown larger and more inclusive.  Case in point: a recent advertising "editorial" in which Wired interviewed Lex Luthor, the evil tech-corporation overlord we all deserve. Occupying two pages in its December edition, the interview—a creative punt for Warner Bros. Entertainment's upcoming Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice movie—comes complete with graphs about the influence of Lexcorp, a snazzy photoshoot and more dork bait than you can stuff into a chum bucket.

Everything Marketers Need to Know About Apple Music and New Mobile Software

At its Worldwide Developers Conference today, Apple launched its new Music service and new mobile software that takes on its top rival Google. But marketers interested in tapping Apple's potential treasure trove of music-related and mobile data should hold off on celebrating.

Jim Gaffigan Was an Adman and Has a LinkedIn Account to Prove It

It would probably be a totally buried, obscure footnote if his comedic peers like Marc Maron, Kristen Schaal or Todd Barry were products of the same career path. But there's Jim Gaffigan, posting his early to mid-1990s credentials as an Ogilvy & Mather copywriter on LinkedIn.

Wired Names Kelleher as New Publisher

As reported by The New York Post, Wired magazine is expected to offer its publisher job to former Say Media president Kim Kelleher. Condé Nast, owner of Wired, has not confirmed the offer, but sources say it’s forthcoming.

Agora Takes Top Spot in Online Black Market Trade

Agora is quickly gaining steam as the web's biggest black market, as reported by Wired.

Condé Nast Entertainment Debuts The Scene

Condé Nast Entertainment isn't just making a splash in the digital video space.

Netflix Looking To Pursue More Native Advertising

Online audiences are oohing and ahhing over Netflix's New York Times branded content on women inmates, tied to the hit series Orange Is the New Black.

Wired’s Keith Grossman Named Publisher of Bloomberg Digital

Wired and Ars Technica associate publisher Keith Grossman is headed over to Bloomberg, where he’ll take on the newly created title of publisher of Bloomberg Digital and digital products.