Your Kids Have the Same Media Habits as You Do

When it comes to technology, you don't stand a chance against your kids. Born into a digital world, tweens—those age 7-13—have unprecedented access to devices and gadgets.

Wii U Commercial Is a Spectacular Dubstep Disaster

Some readers felt we were being premature when we announced the death of dubstep at the hands of advertising earlier this year. But now you're going to wish we'd been right.

Fast Chat: IGN’s Executive Editor Richard George

Did Nintendo just sneak into the battle for the digital living room?

Nintendo Promises to Revolutionize TV, Somehow

Nintendo wants to steal some of Xbox’s—and maybe Apple’s—living room thunder before it’s too late. And today, during the company’s press event at E3, it boldly promised to do just that by revolutionizing the TV experience. It just won’t say how.

Netflix hypes Wii service with movie spoofs

Goodby, Silverstein & Partners parodies the four major movie genres—medieval epics, spy thrillers, musicals and films in which dogs reveal that children are trapped in wells—in four great-looking spots for […]

Finally, a Wii made just for women: the Shii

Probably NSFW. Ladies, pick up a Shii today. Unless you're completely sickened and offended by it. This clip is from a comedy show in Belgium, which explains a few things. […]

Real-life Little Mac coulda been a contender

Few old-school Nintendo games are as memorable as Mike Tyson's Punch-Out, which kept an entire generation of young males too busy pushing buttons to actually learn self-defense of any kind. […]

Amid downturn, WPP brass poke each other

We all deal with economic catastrophe in our own ways. For WPP's top echelon of executives, it means enjoying a little Wii and Facebook. A new BusinessWeek story recounts a […]

EA caught using Xbox gameplay in Wii spot

An Electronic Arts commercial for Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09 has been banned in the U.K. in its current form for using Xbox 360 footage to promote the Wii version […]