Wieden + Kennedy

Wieden + Kennedy Could Be the Perfect Match for Fox Sports After Spending 25 Years With ESPN

Fox Sports announced this week that Wieden + Kennedy would be its first ad agency of record. The agency's New York office will run the business, with the relationship beginning immediately.

Duracell Pushes the Idea of Trust in Its First Offbeat Ads From W+K

When you're hacking away at unsightly ear hair, the last thing you want is for the battery in your trimmer to conk out. That would leave you with bushy lobes and broken dreams.

TurboTax Unveils a Super Bowl Teaser With Its Biggest Celebrity Yet: Humpty Dumpty

TurboTax has been embracing celebrities in a big way this year, rolling out ads with everyone from Kathy Bates to DJ Khaled. But for the upcoming Super Bowl, the brand is really pulling out the big guns—Humpty Dumpty himself.

Bud Light Will Use Its Super Bowl Ad to Roll Out a New Tagline

Bud Light will have a 60-second spot during the Big Game, where it will debut a new friendship-focused campaign and tagline, "Famous among friends," from its creative shop, Wieden + Kennedy in New York.

ESPN Anchors Can’t Pull Off This NBA Star’s Signature Style in New SportsCenter Ad

ESPN takes note of the trend toward outlandish pre-game outfits in the NBA with the latest spot in its "This Is SportsCenter" series. 

Wieden + Kennedy, Builder of Famous Brand Voices, Seeks New Ways of Talking at CES


Samsung’s New Year’s Campaign Reminds Us That Working Out Is Actually Pretty Weird

Given the number of exercise-themed ads and well-toned models gracing our screens every day, it's quite easy to forget that voluntary exercise is a relatively new phenomenon.

Two Women Prep for a Pitch (and Some Casual Sexism) in Secret’s Newest ‘Stress Test’

It's a new year! And Secret's "Stress Test" is back, this time with a scenario that's all too familiar for agencies, marketers and entrepreneurs. Two ads, directed by Gia Coppola at The Directors Bureau, feature Ash and Emma, whom we meet as they step into an elevator, preparing for a pitch. This plays out in a rapid-fire Q&A, laced with tension, determination and a clear expectation of some sexist pushback:

Kevin Hart Goes Way Off the Grid in W+K’s Odd, Amusing Ads for the Apple Watch Nike+

Kevin Hart is a famous comedian who is busy at any given moment filming his latest buddy flick or starring in ad campaigns for H&M, Xfinity, Madden, etc.  But he's also a frequent runner who recently made the life-changing decision to start using an Apple Watch Nike+ to track his workouts—and it led to some very strange places, according to this amusing new Nike campaign by Wieden + Kennedy Portland. 

TurboTax Will Bring DJ Khaled and Other Big Names to 2017’s Super Bowl

Intuit's TurboTax will be returning to the Super Bowl in 2017, marking its fourth consecutive year in the Big Game. Past efforts from the company's agency of record Wieden + Kennedy have starred such disparate personalities as Inside the Actors Studio host James Lipton and the voices of character actors William H. Macy and John C. Reilly.