Whit Hiler

Your Agency Needs This Buzzword Jar You Pay Every Time You Spout Dumb Marketing Jargon

This is not a swear jar, dammit!It is, in fact, a "Marketing Buzzword Jar," the latest industry innovation (and silly self-promotion) from Whit Hiler and his goofy gang at Kentucky ad shop Cornett.Perfect for agencies, marketing departments and startups, the item launches next month and will cost $19.99. Employees put $1 in the jar each time one of them utters a hackneyed, overblown marketing word or phrase. You know, stuff like "big data," "influencer" and "scalability." Dropping the M-Bomb—"millennial"—will cost you $2.

Two Men, and One Cocaine Bear, Just Made Kentucky’s Strangest Local Ad Ever

Cocaine Bear wants you to visit the Kentucky for Kentucky Fun Mall. Lumber on down, y'all!Or at the very least, check out the 175-pound stuffed creature (aka, Pablo EscoBear)—which perished 31 years ago after ingesting 40 kilos of cocaine that fell from a plane in a botched smuggling operation—in the goofy TV commercial below.

Tiny Billboards for Dollar Shave Club Will Soon Appear in Bushy Beards Across America

It was probably just a matter of time before Whit Hiler and Michael Dubin worked together. Hiler—the ass-kicking Kentucky adman, flier-making crazy person and mastermind of Beardvertising—has lured Dubin's Dollar Shave Club right into his sneaky trap. Yes, Dollar Shave Club, known for its own wacky marketing, has signed up for a Beardvertising program, in which 25 hairy dudes across the country will soon have tiny Dollar Shave Club billboards clipped to their beards. "We're excited to be building our business of beardlessness with these badass, bushy Beardboards," Dubin says in a statement. Hiler tells AdFreak: "For brands interested in joining A&W Restaurants and Dollar Shave Club in some hot and hairy 'Beardvertising' action, we've got over 1,400 eager guys ready and willing to place little advertisements in their epic beards." More photos below.

Introducing Beardvertising: Tiny Billboards That Clip on to Your Beard

I'm not sure which is more disturbing—the hirsute images that adorn the Beardvertising site from Kentucky ad agency Cornett-IMS, or creative Whit Hiler's use of the work "mancessory" to describe such facial hair.

An Adman Conquers Reddit With the World’s Weirdest Fliers

You may have seen one of Whit Hiler's fliers. Perhaps it invited you to a meet-up that promised a re-creation of scenes from The Human Centipede. ("Just for fun. Guys only.") Maybe it offered masturbation lessons ("I don't want you to make the same mistakes I've made!") or the services of an "Asian impersonator." Or perhaps it made you aware of the Rainbow Bus Club, which meets in back of a Starbucks and is "strictly for straight men that wanna get together with other straight men and pretend to be gay for an hour or so."Hiler's fliers are fake, but people have been fooled by them. Many of them have also made Reddit's front page, which it turns out was pretty much Hiler's main goal.Hiler, who works at Cornett Integrated Marketing Solutions in Lexington, Ky., has been involved in other rogue projects, including the recent "Kentucky kicks ass" tourism effort. He spoke with AdFreak about the fliers, where he got his loony ideas, and what he wanted to accomplish with his creations.