Forbes Expands Its Audio Reach by Bringing 4 Shows to PodcastOne

After testing its Women@Forbes podcast series on its own properties for the past few months, Forbes has decided to ramp up its efforts in the space. The business publication is announcing today a deal to join PodcastOne, which was launched three years ago by radio industry veteran and Westwood One founder

Motel 6 Apparently Aired the Greatest Radio Ad of the 2014 Super Bowl

All this talk about the TV commercials on the Super Bowl, but who could forget about the radio commercials? Well, almost everyone. But not WestwoodOne, which aired the game on Sunday and just released a list of the five best radio ads of the night.The big winner was Motel 6, which placed the top spot—an amusing ad from The Richards Group called "Autocorrect," narrated by Tom Bodett, the chain's spokesman for going on 30 years. The ads that placed second, third and fourth—for Tilted Kilt restaurants, Subway and Exergen—are honestly pretty wretched. Coming in at No. 5 is Taco Bell, whose ad will elicit some chuckles as well.Check out the Motel 6 and Taco Bell ads below.

Paul Caine Leaves WestwoodOne

Paul Caine is leaving WestwoodOne as CEO, four months after the radio content syndicator company he joined in March was bought by Cumulus Media and changed its name from Dial Global.

Dial Global Brings Back WestwoodOne Name

Radio syndicator Dial Global is better known for its programs from the NFL, Nascar and the Grammys and others, but like other radio broadcasters, it’s trying to raise its profile in the face of growing competition from satellite and Internet radio services. So today (ahead of its sale to Cumulus Media) Dial renamed itself WestwoodOne, the onetime radio giant it bought in 2011.