Weight Loss

Ad of the Day: Weight Watchers’ Remarkable Film Asks Why People Gain Pounds in the First Place

It's hard to make weight loss testimonials feel like anything other than hackneyed or seedy, preying upon the audience's insecurities to shame them into looking a certain way.

This Ingenious Dinner Plate, Invented by an Ad Agency, Can Lighten a Meal by 30 Calories

Some of the best food on Earth is pretty greasy, so one agency in Thailand has come up with a simple way to lighten things up. BBDO Bangkok partnered with the Thai Health Promotion Foundation to address Thailand's obesity problem, largely linked to the amount of oil used in the country's popular cuisine.  Instead of trying to change how the food is cooked, the client and agency chose instead to focus on how the food is served. They created the AbsorbPlate, which features 500 perforations that catch and hold some of the grease from your meal. They claim it will capture 7 mL of oil, which is about one and a half teaspoons. That's not much, but it does shave about 30 calories off the total. Check out the video case study and credits below:

11 Women Posed Naked for Weight Watchers Magazine to Celebrate Natural Beauty

Weight Watchers has changed a lot in the years since Queens housewife Jean Nidetch started the company after a neighbor assumed she was pregnant (she wasn't).

Ad of the Day: Weight Watchers Ad Is Unlike Any You’ve Seen Before

Weight loss can be one of the most deeply emotional subjects for people. Yet the category seems almost afraid of emotional advertising, preferring to go with bright, bubbly, breezy celebrity endorsements instead.

Could the FTC Go After Publishers for Carrying Deceptive Ads?

After the Federal Trade Commission’s hammer came down earlier this month on deceptive weight-loss aids, settling with Sensa and others for a record $34 million and updating its 10-year-old media “gut check” guide, broadcasters and publishers may need to be on their toes.

The Spot: Beside Themselves

IDEA: If you could speak to your past or future self—literally—what would you say? How would you feel if your future self had made changes you'd only dreamed of making? Or your past self was still trapped and miserable, unable—until now—to move forward?

Charles Barkley Shows Off His Curves in Drag for Weight Watchers

Now that Sir Charles Barkley isn't fat anymore, he's got way more time to dress in drag. Barkley put on a halter dress and wig for Weight Watchers' upcoming "Lose Like A Man" TV spot—apparently doing his best Jennifer Hudson impression. If Weight Watchers is trying to get men to sign up for the program, putting an athlete they still kind of respect in women's clothes might not be the best way to go about it. It's like they saw that Alicia Keys thing he did two years ago and half-assed a concept from there. Or else it's just punishment for him getting caught calling the Weight Watchers a scam on TNT. Gotta give Barkley his props for being a good sport, though, and this is still better than his other post-retirement habit—thoughtlessly blurting out whatever comes to mind. Full image after the jump. UPDATE: See the finished spot here.

Ad of the Day: Weight Watchers

While American viewers are being subjected to Charles Barkley in Weight Watchers commercials, the French are getting something even weirder—an artful yet off-putting campaign from Fred & Farid featuring colorful, almost threatening close-ups of women's mouths.

FDA Takes Aim at 1-800-GET-THIN’s Lap-Band Ads

"Let your new life begin" is one promise made in ads for 1-800-GET-THIN, a marketer of lap-band weight-loss surgery. Tragically, five California residents recently died following such procedures at 1-800-GET-THIN affiliated centers, which, along with the firm itself, now face wrongful-death and personal-injury lawsuits, as well as a class-action suit.

Ad of the Day: Jenny Craig

These days, every diet program worth its weight in frozen meals has to have at least one big-name celebrity willing to prance around in something tight to show off their newly pudge-free figures.