Web Traffic

LeBron James Give Sports Illustrated Its Best Day Ever Online

LeBron James' big decision turned into Sports Illustrated's biggest day online. The iconic sports magazine says James' story drew 6.1 million visitors Friday, the day the website broke the news that the hoopster was headed home to play for his native state's team in Cleveland.

The Toast Is Generating Heat Online

The Toast is singular among the ladyblogs. It is primarily a humor site with a heavy focus on the literary, pop culture and general nerdy content targeting young women.

Rap Genius Traffic Chart Shows Google’s Power

The power of Google is a wonder to behold—just see for yourself in the chart above.

The Number of Online Video Ads Is Up 205% in the Last Year

According to comScore, the audience for online video has grown 4 percent over the past year. The number of video ads? Up 205 percent. 

The Amount of Questionable Online Traffic Will Blow Your Mind

A few weeks ago, Lindsay Buescher, senior manager, analytics at Carat, read an article on Adweek.com about a company called FreeStreams.com that was pumping up its traffic by enticing Web users into accidentally visiting via hidden links on sites that h

SB Nation Sets Daily Traffic Record During the Super Bowl

Last Sunday, Web traffic took a 15 percent dive from normal patterns during the afternoon and evening as Americans across the country raided supermarkets, premptively loosened belt buckles and trudged to their respective parties to watch Super Bowl XLVII.