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To Solve Cross-Channel Attribution, Adometry Raises $8 Million

As marketers advertise in more and more digital channels, more and more marketers need ways to gauge the value of those channels and calibrate their media spend proportionately. To do that, they need cross-channel attribution technologies, which are sorely lacking (as anyone checking out an industry conference will be surely attest).

Analytics Startup Mixpanel Says Competitors Missing Metrics

Startups often take shots at big established players to position themselves as competition. It’s a way to get noticed. Analytics startup Mixpanel has taken a similar tact since launching in 2009 with backing from high-profile startup incubator/accelerator Y Combinator.

Tumblr Posts Analytics Platform With Union Metrics

Tumblr may be beloved by creative agencies, but good luck giving clients evidence how all those cat GIFs translate into raising brand awareness. Until now. On Thursday Tumblr named Union Metrics as its preferred third-party analytics tool, making it the first social analytics firm to receive the microblogging site’s blessing to track and analyze content across the platform.

Yahoo Readies Small Biz Analytics Tool

Google Analytics is arguably the Google of free site analytics dashboards, but that hasn’t stopped other companies from developing their own tools, including Yahoo, which today unveiled the Yahoo Marketing Dashboard for small businesses.

Adobe Buys Ad Platform Auditude

Adobe is buying Auditude, an online video ad platform. The deal lets Adobe monetize its video publishing tools, according to ZDNet, by integrating Auditude’s ad server with its digital marketing.