IBM Watson Is Now Offering AI-Powered Digital Ads That Answer Consumers’ Questions

We've seen Bob Dylan talking to IBM Watson about love and loss in TV spots for months, and Big Blue now wants us to connect with the same kind of artificial intelligence—but not to discuss humanity's deepest issue

Philly Police Channel Drake’s ‘Hotline Bling’ for Their Latest Bizarre PSA

Philadelphia police are quickly becoming the authorities on oddly compelling viral PSAs. First, they generated national attention with a bizarre revival of a Saved by the Bell drug PSA from 1991. Now, the department is getting traction for a snow-related request to report people who are blocking parking spots with "cones, lawn chairs, trash cans, uh, toilets, and any other household item." 

From Alerts to Apologies: Tracking a Meteorologist’s Tough Night on Twitter

For ages, when a dire weather prediction came up lacking, there was little the average person could do beyond shaking a fist at the TV. But now we have Twitter, an outlet not just for bitching, but also for atonement. Late last night, after New York City and nearby areas went into full disaster-prep mode in expectation of several feet of snow, National Weather Service meteorologist Gary Szatkowski took to Twitter to apologize when it became clear the region would receive only several inches. For most New Yorkers, the rather extreme weather warnings simply resulted in an early (if frustrating) dismissal from work and a bonus snow day. But there was also a tremendous economic and logistical impact on the communities involved. Recognizing this, Szatkowski, lead meteorologist for the NWS office in Mt. Holly, N.J., was effusive in his apologies. Here's a chronological recap of how Szatkowski's messaging and tone changed from Sunday night to early this morning:

Quirky Is Selling Air Conditioners Through Weather Alerts

East Coasters may have seen advertisements for air conditioners popping up in their daily weather reports recently, thanks to a new partnership between Quirky (a New York-based company that helps inventors flush out and develop ideas) and weather service Poncho.

Obnoxious Grandmother Gives Forecasts on World’s Most Insane Weather Site

If you find yourself with a few extra minutes each morning, you can now watch a man pretending to be a cranky, salty Jewish grandmother offer you online weather forecasts that are significantly more insane than those on the morning news.

Canadians Differ From Americans in How They Use Their Smartphones

They may be our neighbors to the north, but Canadians' smartphone habits show that they are different from Americans in more than just their abiding love of the French language, hockey and snow.

Brands and Agencies Are Starting to Experiment With Google Glass

Google Glass’ role in advertising and content may be a bit out of focus—but initial use of the nascent technology may change that perception, as agencies and brands prepare for a wearable ad tech future.

In Frozen Chicago, Giant Sunbathing Woman Lifts Spirits and Crushes Cars

Temperatures dropped dramatically in Chicago this week, and so did a pair of 16-foot-long, 400-pound flip-flops. They were kicked off, or at least looked to have been, by a bikini-clad vacationer soaking up the sun in a giant wallscape promoting Arizona tourism.

Weather Says Its Mobile Ad Business Is Growing Faster Than Google

Last week, Adweek wrote about a Dartmouth study on mobile advertising (Top 7 Reasons Why Mobile Ads Don't Work). Curt Hecht, chief global revenue at Weather, came back with a few reason why they do.

Brands Buy Real-Time Mobile Ads Based on the Weather

This past winter, Ace Hardware tested location-based mobile ads before and after snowstorms to pitch items like shovels and de-icers.