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These Poignant Ads Show Why You Should Be Doing Lunch With American Seniors

Who are the faces of Meals on Wheels? For its first national integrated campaign, created by Anomaly and supported by the Ad Council, Meals on Wheels is seeking volunteers to serve the elderly population in the U.S. The commitment isn't big, and they're not asking for money. What they want is your lunch hour. "America, Let's Do Lunch" puts a warm and upbeat spotlight on the people who benefit from Meals on Wheels. You'll meet a retired school psychologist with a contagious laugh, a woman who surrounds herself with flowers, a couple who've knitted their wedding photo onto a pillowcase, and more. 

Google Built an Escape Room, and Is Making People Use a Bunch of Its Apps to Get Out

Google France has built an escape room to seamlessly unite online and offline worlds.Created by We Are Social, Première Pièce will open at an undisclosed location in the heart of Paris. The campaign builds on the escape room trend, in which you and a bunch of friends pay to get locked in a room for an hour or two, left to solve puzzles and work in collaboration to find a way out. Last month, the Toronto Film Festival built an escape room that lives on Instagram. (Google's is a physical room, but uses virtual tools as a central conceit.) 

This Interactive Cartogram Shows How Countries Have Done at Cannes in the Last Decade

A bit of national pride will be at stake when advertisers from around the world converge at Cannes Lions in France this week. Sure, it will be every agency for itself, but folks will no doubt take notice if certain countries aren't represented when all the awards have been announced. 

SapientNitro Named British Airways’ Digital Lead Agency

This time SapientNitro won the prize. The Publicis Groupe agency has been named the digital lead for British Airways, business previously handled by OgilvyOne.

Designer Creates Delicious Résumé With the Winning Ingredient Baked Right In

It's not so strange for folks to bring cookies, cakes and candies to work and share them with colleagues. But for job applicants to prepare treats and serve them to prospective employers before even landing an interview? Not exactly business as usual.Still, that's how Crystal Nunn applied for a junior designer position at We Are Social in London last August.

3 Key Questions About Twitter’s Ads Before the IPO

Can Twitter's mobile ads explode and become a revenue bedrock like they have with Facebook?Will Twitter ever attract Facebook's herd of direct-response marketers and local businesses?

Jo-Wilfried Tsonga Prepares for the French Open by Practicing Against Twitter

French tennis star Jo-Wilfried Tsonga is preparing to play against a robot. Surprisingly, it's not Roger Federer, renowned for his robotically stiff commercial acting and machine-like winning ways (including those 17 Grand Slam singles titles). Today at 11 a.m.

Young Tumblr Marketers Have Strong Advice for Yahoo

"We promise not to screw it up," said Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer, posting on her brand-new Tumblr account this morning and effectively making official the $1.1 billio

Marketers Gush, Speculate Over Facebook’s Graph Search

Marketers have been awaiting a Facebook search product for a while, and on Tuesday Facebook finally delivered it with Graph Search. Like baseball prep star, agency execs considered the product unfinished but were quick to scout its potential.

Lenovo Picks We Are Social as Global Lead

Lenovo has selected We Are Social to be the computer giant's global lead for social media marketing and advertising. New York-based We Are Social said it beat out three competitors in the pitch, but didn't name the other agencies.