6 Tips for Marketers Who Want to Connect in a Meaningful Way With Millennials

While brand experiences have grown in scope, scale, sophistication and effectiveness in recent years, there are a host of new issues and challenges marketers must understand and manage to take these experiences to the next level and to make them meaningful to—you guessed it—millennials.

Barneys sending wishes for a hippie holiday

Peace, love and … Barneys? The upscale Manhattan apparel retailer isn't the first brand you'd associate with the acid-tinged late '60s, but perhaps it's you who needs to get with […]

Adidas Finds Groove With Frankie Valli Song

Remy can cause same-sex necklace biting

A woman flips her head back, as though in the throes of ecstasy, while another looks on, lasciviously biting the first woman's necklace. The caption: "Things are getting interesting." I […]