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The Washington Post Is Marketing Itself to Brands as a Testing Ground for Video Ads

One year ago, the Washington Post decided it was done working with third-party ad-tech partners and instead started building its own slick tools and ad formats to tackle industry problems like speed, fraud and viewability.

How Jeff Bezos Is Turning the Washington Post Into a Digitally Driven Publisher

SAN FRANCISCO—When Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos took over the Washington Post in 2013, many wondered what a tech exec's leadership would look like at a 140-year-old newspaper.

The Today Show’s Willie Geist Shares His Not-So-Guilty Viewing Pleasures

Specs Age 40 Claim to fame Co-host of the third hour of NBC's Today and co-host of MSNBC's Morning Joe Base New York

Google Is Making the Mobile Web Faster for Publishers and Their Readers

Every second counts with often impatient mobile users, so Google wants to help publishers reduce the time it takes their articles to load when viewed on smartphones.

Publishers Ditch Swanky Offices for Savings and Subsidies

It’s the end of an era for publishers—at least as far as their iconic New York headquarters are concerned. Time Inc. and Condé Nast, stalwarts of the midtown media scene, are preparing to relocate to new offices downtown, where they will join other emigrants like Newsweek, The Daily News and American Media Inc.

Scandal’s Tony Goldwyn Is a Real-Life Political Junkie

Specs Who Tony Goldwyn Age 53

6 Hyperlocal Failures That Foreshadowed AOL Patch’s Woes

The digital hyperlocal news model took yet another hit today with AOL Patch laying off some 500 employees, nearly half of the business unit'

Old Media, New Tricks

"You’ll notice we’ve got lots of electronics around—most of which we’ve taken apart,” says New York Times R&D Lab creative technologist Alexis Lloyd, casually sidestepping two turquoise exercise balls.

Adweek’s Digital Guide to Election Apps and Sites

If the 2008 election cycle was dominated by the blog, then 2012 will most surely be the cycle defined by digital. Be it through apps, dashboards, social streams, livestream videos or interactive charts, publishers, candidates and media outlets are looking to make their mark in the digital space and cover the presidential race.

TV Advertising Boom Despite Economic Worries

The economy might be in a precarious state, but according to The New York Times, you wouldn’t know it from the way that advertisers are still dropping big bucks on TV.