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Wired Interviews Lex Luthor in Fiendishly Fun Escalation of Comic-Book Movie Marketing

Comic books are about world-building. The marketing for film adaptations of comics follows the same format: It cultivates an ever-expanding universe, one even populated with fictional advertising for key players. But now that Hollywood is making more and more comic-book sequels, every movie's universe is increasingly related and intertwined. This is a big deal. As Wired put it in its last issue, "The shared universe represents something rare in Hollywood: a new idea."As a result, the fictional corporate worlds that accompany them—and their commercial interests—have also grown larger and more inclusive. Case in point: a recent advertising "editorial" in which Wired interviewed Lex Luthor, the evil tech-corporation overlord we all deserve. Occupying two pages in its December edition, the interview—a creative punt for Warner Bros. Entertainment's upcoming Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice movie—comes complete with graphs about the influence of Lexcorp, a snazzy photoshoot and more dork bait than you can stuff into a chum bucket.

The CW Closes Out Its Upfront Deals

The CW is once again the first network to finish writing its upfront business, taking in approximately $400 million to $410 million in advance commitments for the 2013-14 TV season. Sources said that overall dollar volume was flat when compared to last year's bazaar.