Why Electrolux Made This Dry Cleaning Business Look Exactly Like One Woman’s Home

Branded prank videos are still hanging around, as we saw earlier this week with Publicis' great Heineken stunt from Brazil. And here's a fun new one from Sweden, where Electrolux touted its UltraCare range of washing machines by turning the dry cleaning store that one Swedish woman uses into a replica of her own apartment.

Watch This Woman Become a Man to Protest Unequal Pay in Sweden

We've seen plenty of women get makeovers in advertising lately—either in pursuit of some market-driven ideal of beauty, or in critique of same. In this video, though, a woman is transformed for a different purpose.

@Sweden Twitter Campaign, Nike+ FuelBand Each Take a Cyber Grand Prix

CANNES, France—A risky tourism campaign that turned Sweden's official Twitter account over to its citizens, sometimes with questionable results, fought back a flood of bad press to win a Cyber Grand Prix here tonight for its creator, the agency Volontaire in Stockholm.