Virgin America

Alaska Airlines Celebrates Merger With Virgin America by Showcasing Unexpected, Brilliant Pairings

In any great story, or with any great meal, opposites tend to attract. Salty and sweet, comedy and romance, chocolate and bacon, itsy-bitsy wiener dogs and massive lions. And now Alaska Airlines and Virgin America.

Virgin America’s Snazzy New Sneaker Has All the Amenities of Its First-Class Cabins

Virgin America's First Class Shoe isn't just some plain old sneaker.Hand crafted in Milan, Italy, this snazzy high-top was assembled to reflect the amenities of Virgin's first-class cabins. White leather. Wifi. Mood lighting. Video display. USB phone charger. Stainless-steel airline-style belt buckle. It's all there! (Too bad the shoes can't buckle themselves.)"We really wanted to give people the chance to experience what it's like to fly Virgin's first class cabin with both feet still on the ground," says Mike McKay, chief creative officer at ad agency Eleven. "We spent almost eight months with Virgin America designing and executing the First Class Shoe. First, we looked at what was currently going on with wearable technology, and there didn't seem to be a shoe that could deliver this level of technology."

Rock the Vote and Virgin America Want You to Register to Vote, In-Flight

Killing some time on a Virgin America flight? Rock the Vote wants you to put the airline's in-flight Wi-Fi to good use by registering to vote.

No, Virgin America Doesn’t Actually Have a New Logo That’s a Pair of Boobs

Is Virgin America making fun of Airbnb a year and a half after the latter's infamous logo redesign? It's quite possible. The airline's own apparently new design looks like, well, a pair of breasts. Airbnb's famously resembled a vagina.Per the company's release, the logo comes from creative shop N_Fuzion (which isn't real). "The two prominently displayed half circles," it says, "represent our tech-forward innovation on the one hand—and our supportive approach to guest care on the other."  Yeah, OK, whatever, they're boobs. 

This Agency Hires Improv Comedians to Brainstorm Your Campaign

Specs Who (l. to r.): Kenny White, head of product; Paul Charney, CEO; Craig Mangan, CCO What Creative agency Where San Francisco

Virgin America’s Bus-Shelter Ads Use Google Street View to Take You Inside Its Planes

Travel often? Use Google Street View? Hell, maybe you'll love Virgin America's Seat View.It's exactly what it sounds like: You use the campaign to "stroll" through the Airbus A320 that flies out of all 22 destinations Virgin America serves. Nervous about the leg room in coach? Check out Main Cabin Select. Or wander right past the partitions into First Class, though sadly you won't be able to try the built-in lumbar massagers.And it's not just online—you can try Seat View from bus shelters in six markets, too.

How Lyft’s CEO Plans to Overtake Uber in the Ride-Sharing Race

Hey, look. There's that Zimride dude, Logan Green, in the South by Southwest program. Remember him? How did he get there?

Ad of the Day: Virgin America’s 6-Hour Preroll Ad Is Creepy, Warholian and Sort of Brilliant

People have a hard time sitting through five seconds of pre-roll on YouTube. How will they react to almost six hours of it—much of which is intentionally, preposterously, stultifyingly boring?Virgin America is about to find out.

Virgin America, StubHub Hook Up for Flying Super Bowl Tailgate Party

Virgin America airline partnered with StubHub to pitch perhaps the only Cyber Monday deal having nothing to do with the holidays: a package for 40 well-heeled friends that includes tickets to the Super Bowl, a charter flight from California to Newark (the game will be played at MetLife Stadium in N.J.), and three nights in Manhattan. Cost: $250,000 (or about $6,400 a person).

YouTube’s 10 Most-Watched Ads in October

They say nothing kills a bad product faster than good advertising. And perhaps that's the problem with Samsung's Galaxy Gear. Outside of Oprah Winfrey, Samsung's Galaxy Gear smartwatch isn't getting […]