Viral Factory

Baby Cop Chases Down Runaway Vacuum Cleaner in Samsung Ad

Officer Baby says, "Put your hands against the waaaah!"

Are Samsung Washing Machines Any Good? Does a Bear Launder His Pelt in the Woods?

After pulling an ad that likened laptop neglect to animal abuse (and made cruel sport of them both), Samsung Home Appliances is trying to atone with this Viral Factory spot for EcoBubble washing machines, in which a bear parades around in his boxers like he'

British Mall Presents 100 Years of East London Fashion in 100 Seconds

The Viral Factory produced this short film celebrating 100 years of fashion in East London in 100 seconds to announce the grand opening of retail shopping mecca Westfield Stratford City. In the spot, a guy and a gal start dancing like it's 1911, and by the time they reach 2011, they've tiptoed their way through 100 years' worth of costume changes. It was shot over four days.

Samsung memory card survives ride of hell

This two-minute-plus clip by the Viral Factory for Samsung memory cards works better as a piece of filmmaking than as a vehicle for marketing communications. A memory card is put […]

Diesel wants ’70s hard-core for its birthday

Diesel turns 30 this year, and is planning a big international birthday party, with events planned in 17 cities on Oct. 11. To advertise it, the company has released this […]