Coca-Cola Just Remastered Its Famous ‘Hilltop’ Ad From 1971, and It Looks Fantastic

Fans of Coca-Cola—and the Mad Men finale—are getting a nice treat today. The soda company just announced that it has remastered and color-corrected its famous 1971 commercial "Hilltop" for 4K television.

10 Terribly Misguided Old Drug Ads Revised With Modern Medical Information

Imagine peppy 19th and early 20th century ads for over-the-counter drug products containing cocaine and heroin, rewritten with today's medical knowledge., a resource for addiction treatment, did just that, updating 10 vintage ads for casual use of narcotics to include less blind enthusiasm and more science.

This Mesmerizing 5-Minute Mashup of ’80s Ads Is Like a Time Machine

It's hard to listen to A Flock of Seagulls' "I Ran (So Far Away)" without feeling some hint of superiority. The song is arguably good, a perfect entry in the time period's myriad synth-pop hits. But because of the band's lead singer and his particularly styled coif, the band became an easy punch line, emblematic of the over-the-top 1980s culture.That may have been the thinking behind using the five-minute song as the soundtrack for the beautifully done mashup below of commercials from that time. 

The Untold Story of This Bald, Toothless Baby and Her Adorable 1993 Print Ad

If you were the baby girl in the 1993 print ad below—by The Martin Agency for Healthtex baby clothes—you might have had reason to be a little miffed. You just got called bald and toothless in the headline, and the copy dwelled insistently—almost insultingly!—on whether you were, in fact, not a girl but a boy. An auspicious start to a modeling career, this wasn't.Or was it?

Ads for Stereo Equipment Sure Got Weirdly Sexist and NSFW Back in the ’70s

Companies got away with some pretty racy advertising in the '70s—the cocaine paraphernalia ads uncovered earlier this month certainly showed that—and, as it turns out, selling stereo equipment could be just as ribald. Dangerous Minds dug up several ads (some of which are NSFW) that were likely featured in National Lampoon and men's magazines, and each one seems more sexual than the last. Apparently, selling stereo equipment meant you had to appreciate, and use, every breast pun or group-sex reference you could think of.Check out some of the ads below: 

These Shameless Cocaine Ads Prove the ’70s Were a Hell of a Time to Be Alive

Inspired by the hit Netflix series Narcos, about the exploits of Pablo Escobar, some fans decided to dig up some of the period's not-so-subtle ads for cocaine paraphernalia.They posted their finds, clipped from drug magazines ranging from 1976 to 1981, to art and culture site The World's Best Ever. From there, the ads, some of which you can browse below, have quickly traveled the world, being featured by London-based magazine Don't Panic and in an Imgur gallery that was near the top of today's front page on Reddit.While drug paraphernalia and merchandise ads have remained in circulation for decades, with marijuana-related items obviously being a hot industry today, it's fascinating to look back on the highly specific time when cocaine was king.(In case you're wondering, drug paraphernalia ads are generally legal in the U.S., though some states such as Ohio and Nebraska do have specific ads outlawing them.)You should definitely check out the full set at The World's Best Ever, but here are a few of our favorites:

The Kids From SunnyD’s Goofy ’90s Rollerblading Ad Are Back, and They Never Grew Up

If you watch the ad below and conclude there's nothing new under the sun, you're half right.

Wieden + Kennedy Turns Its Website Back 30 Years, but Not for April Fools’ Day

April 1 is known most places for pranks. But at Wieden + Kennedy it has a different meaning. The agency was founded on April 1, 1982, and celebrates Founder's Day on that date each year.This year it's done something fun with its website, which might be mistaken for a prank. The whole thing has been recast as a throwback to the agency's earliest years. Check it out here.

Whoa, This Weird Retro Ad Imagines Birdman as a Real Action Figure

Last fall, Fox Searchlight gave away limited-edition Birdman action figures as part of its marketing for the movie. Now, the Best Picture Oscar winner is reopening in cinemas—and getting a dose of new marketing, including a commercial for those toys.

Brands Turn Back the Clock and Show Us the World #IfThe80sNeverStopped

The 1980s were a special decade. Disco was experiencing its death rattle; Ronald Reagan was the president for almost the entire span; cellphones were as big as bricks; and fashion, oh the fashion was just—tubular.Earlier this week, in honor of Molly Ringwald and John Hughes's birthday, Comedy Central's late-night game show/Internetgasm @midnight challenged its viewers to play a fun hashtag game, imagining if that totally awesome decade never stopped.    Let's keep the 80's theme & play #IfThe80sNeverStopped! What if that party was STILL GOING?! (HBD @MollyRingwald & John Hughes!) — @midnight (@midnight) February 19, 2015Of course, brands caught wind—and showed us their take on how things might not have changed. And actually, they turned in some totally rad tweets.Check some of them out below.   #IfThe80sNeverStopped we'd still be baking in puffed sleeves. — Cinnabon (@Cinnabon) February 19, 2015