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The Washington Post Is Marketing Itself to Brands as a Testing Ground for Video Ads

One year ago, the Washington Post decided it was done working with third-party ad-tech partners and instead started building its own slick tools and ad formats to tackle industry problems like speed, fraud and viewability.

Pinterest Is Making a Play for Big-Brand Dollars With Its First Video Ads

Pinterest is ready to compete alongside Facebook, YouTube and others for video ad budgets, but it's going about it differently than its competitors.

Brands Can Now Create Interactive Video Campaigns on Facebook and Instagram

Online rollover ads that let consumers move their mouse over a video promo to access more information about a brand have been a boon for publishers looking to make their videos a bit more interactive for consumers. Now, those video formats are coming to Facebook and Instagram.

Snapchat Is Slowly but Surely Letting More Brands Run Long Video Ads

Brands are going long on Snapchat—at least with video.

This Ad-Tech Company Thinks Interactive Video Ads Can Bypass Blockers

With the rise of ad blocking and fraud concerns, publishers continu

How Jeep Got Tech Geeks and Lifestyle Enthusiasts to Watch Its Ads on Yahoo

Despite all the negative chatter about Marissa Mayer's leadership and increasing pressure from Wall Street, brands like Jeep are seeing success advertising on Yahoo.

Inside BBDO’s Rapid-Fire Quest to Find the Perfect Twix Spot

On a recent Monday morning, a handful of BBDO New York creatives huddled together at Google's YouTube Space in Chelsea to shoot a video for Twix's "Left Twix/Right Twix" rivalry campaign. As they chatted in the hall about how the spot would be filmed, two actors wearing Michael Bolton-style blonde wigs and button-down shirts walked by.

Why Dannon Is Betting Big on Programmatic Video

Even yogurt is going programmatic. As part of a move to take roughly 15 percent to 20 percent of its video buying programmatic in the next year, Dannon recently became one of the first brands to run a campaign using Facebook's LiveRail platform, which effectively helped it reach 90 percent of its target audience.

Facebook Brings 360-Degree Virtual Reality Videos to News Feeds

Stars Wars was first to post a 360-degree video. Photo: Facebook

Twitter Gives Promoted Tweets and Video Ads More Mobile Reach

In November 2014, then Twitter CEO Dick Costolo touted the idea that around 500 million people consume the microblogging platform's tweets even though they don't have an account on it.