After Rocket Fuel, Criteo Carries on Ad Tech IPO Momentum

Criteo’s ambitious stock offering followed the successful ad tech path already blazed by Rocketfuel last month.

Tumblr Valued at $800 Million

Tumblr might not have figured out how it’s going to make money, but that isn’t stopping a number of investors from throwing capital at the blogging site.

Is Gilt Really Worth $1 Billion?

A group of VCs recently invested $138 million in Gilt Groupe, giving the company a valuation of $1 billion despite the fact that the site hasn’t made a profit since its launch in 2007.

Frothy Facebook Valuation Deters Investors

Apprehensive about Facebook’s impending IPO, some shareholders are now trying to cash out their shares of the social-networking company’s stock, the New York Post reports.