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Infographic: How Millennials and Baby Boomers Consume User-Generated Content

From an A-list celebrity tagging his new designer duds on Instagram to your next-door neighbor raving about her favorite new meal-delivery service on Facebook, most everyone uses social media to talk about brands. But how different generations of people create, consume and share this type of user-generated content varies widely.

How Polaroid Is Using Affordable Content Creators to Boost Sales

Polaroid marketers nowadays do not get the kind of budget their forerunners did three decades ago when sales were in the billions of dollars, and it hasn't had an ad agency of record in years. Yet, tech is helping the legendary brand make creativity a winnable in-house game.

Twitter Opens ‘Moments,’ Its Once-Hidden Tweet Collection Feature, to All Users

Once upon a time, Twitter Moments was a closely guarded fortress surrounded by moats of publishers vying to get a spot on the throne. The feature, which aims to be "the best of Twitter in an instant," was only available to Twitter employees and certain publishing partners. 

Infographic: Millennials’ Surprising Game Plan for Black Friday Shopping

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, marketers and retailers are gearing up for the year's biggest shopping onslaught: Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Here’s the Amateur Snickers Ad That Just Won Its Creator $50,000

When Snickers announced a contest earlier this year urging random people on the Internet to make an ad for its "You're Not You When You're Hungry" campaign, many suspected they had no idea what they were getting themselves into. But now that we've seen the winning video, sent in by Lexington, Ky., resident Walter Arnett, it's clear they knew exactly what they were doing.

This New Ad Format Helps Brands Insert Your Social Media Photos Into Facebook Ads

Brands already incorporate social media photos from consumers into their next big advertising campaigns. Now, there's a new way for them to promote those images in Facebook campaigns too.

Food Porn Campaign Gives Applebee’s a Social Lift

User-generated content has already been embraced by social and mobile marketers as a go-to means for producing creative that’s fast and free. Now, exclusive data from Applebee’s latest Instagram campaign reveals that this strategy also is beginning to pay off.

Tim Howard Stumps for Marriott in One of His First Brand Deals Since the World Cup

After coming off of a high note during this summer's World Cup, soccer player Tim Howard has signed one of his first new brand partnerships—with Marriott International’s #LoveTravels campaign that launches today. 

Delta Faucet’s New Campaign Goes Heavy on Digital

The Delta Faucet Company has launched a new, cross-platform marketing campaign called HappiMess. 

Applebee’s Turns Its Instagram Over to Foodies for the Next Year

In case you haven’t been seeing enough pictures of food in your Instagram feed, expect to see a lot more of them for the next 12 months thanks to Applebee’s. The restaurant chain is forking over its account to diners who share pictures on the social-mobile app.